Flames Trade Deadline 2015: Five Likely On The Move

The trade deadline is tomorrow!

Who’s going out the door? Who’s coming back? What all shall happen? We will soon find out. For now, here’s our quick and dirty primer on the five current Calgary Flames organizational assets I anticipate could be donning another team’s colours by 1pm MT on Monday.


This one is a no-brainer. Glencross is a pending unrestricted free agent. He carries a $2.55 million cap hit, which is pretty easy to tuck under most salary cap structures. He’s 32, plays a physical style of game and can push puck possession. And given the crazy returns generated by other, similar players, the Flames could find themselves with an extra second round pick soon.


Ramo’s excellent week has elevated his stock, and lots of playoff teams could use a good back-up goalie down the stretch. Ramo isn’t the world’s greatest goalie, but he’s capable of hot stretches and he’s a pretty mellow personality, evidenced by him being pretty chill by sitting as the back-up for most of this season. He could garner Calgary a solid draft pick in return (a third or so), but the team would also need to add a goalie somewhere.

The Colorado Eagles added a full-time back-up goalie yesterday, indicating they don’t expect Doug Carr back. So if the organization lures Jeff Deslauriers over, then something is likely afoot.

These two were the players I feel probably WILL be moved. Now, we had into the possibilities.


Diaz is a power-play specialist. He’s a veteran, he’s inexpensive, and he can move the puck well. And he was seemingly only signed because the Flames weren’t sure if Tyler Wotherspoon was 100% ready after shoulder surgery. Guess what, he’s ready now. Diaz probably doesn’t have a spot in Calgary past July 1, and it makes sense to turn him into an asset before he goes UFA.


A pending restricted free agent, Reinhart is this year’s version of Roman Horak. He’s a good kid, a hard worker and a bit under-sized, but he’s also not quite great enough at anything to crack the NHL roster (like Johnny Gaudreau’s speed and offensive creativity and Josh Jooris’ insane work ethic and face-off skills have). And considering he’s moving up in age a bit, it may be time for the Flames to give him a shot in another organization.


Arguably the biggest name on this list, and the player I’d least want to part with given his talent, Baertschi is in a tough situation. He’s a left winger, but he’s definitely behind Johnny Gaudreau on the depth chart. The impending departure of Curtis Glencross should open up a spot in the NHL for him. But say a team comes to Calgary and offers to upgrade their defensive group for a price; if they ask for Gaudreau, Sam Bennett or Emile Poirier, you probably balk. But given that Baertschi’s had previous shots at the NHL, including a few with Calgary’s current coach, and hasn’t yet stuck, potentially he becomes a tempting asset to move if it solves other organizational problems.

  • supra steve

    I’m hoping they approach Ramo’s value this year, like they did with Berra last trade deadline. “If you want him, it will cost you your 2nd round pick, otherwise, we like him and we’ll keep him.” And I hope they DO get that 2nd, but in their current situation, they really can’t afford to move him for a lesser asset.

    • supra steve

      Just so I understand what you are saying…if you are offered a 3rd rounder for Kari (Beachball) Ramo you would would sit tight and keep him…so now Kari (Inconsistent)) Ramo decides to sign with one of 29 other teams who have promised him a starting gig….hmmm now you have nothing for your asset and I’m guessing you will be the first to post on FN what a loser BT is…….

      • supra steve

        I like the way you take what I said, and turn it into something completely different, then call me a hypocrite for that thing that I did not say. That’s just pure GOLD.

        Oh, and any “of 29 other teams who have promised him a starting gig”…are lying. And I’m sure Ramo and his agent know at least that much. Starting jobs in the NHL are earned, not given, with the possible exception in Edmonton.

    • RexLibris

      From what Burke said after the deadline last year, my understanding was the Berra thing went something like this:

      Craig Conroy walks into Burke’s office holding a phone receiver. He clears his throat.

      Conroy: Hey uh… Brian?

      Burke (boxing a Grizzly Bear): WHAT? WHAT IS IT? CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?!?

      Conroy: We’ve got Joe Sakic on the phone.

      Burke (KOs the bear): What in the name of Truculence does he want?

      Conroy hands the phone to Burke and leaves. Burke moderates his tone.

      Burke: Ah… hello there, Joe.

      Sakic: Hya Brian. How’s that Swiss goalie you’ve got doing? What’s his name, Bartley?

      Burke: Berra. He’s okay.

      Sakic: Yeah great well we were wondering if you’d be interested in a trade.

      Burke: … A trade.

      Sakic: We’ve got a second round pick with your name on it.

      Burke: …

      Sakic (sighs): Brian? Still there?

      Burke: Did you say a second round pick?

      Sakic: Sure did.

      Burke (covers the receiver with his hand): Craig, get in here.

      Conroy (peeks around the door): What is it?

      Burke: This idiot is offering a second rounder for Red Light Berra.

      Conroy: … You’re still on the phone with Joe, right? Joe Sakic?

    • RexLibris

      Agree on all counts and add the bottom two on defence. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flames worked Hiller into a deal. yes, he’s been more consistent than Ramo but he’s still had his moments in games and in stretches that make you wonder. With Ramo’s recent run, do the Flames risk moving their #1 if the return is right?

        • Rockmorton65

          That’s the catch. If they trade Hiller before they re-sign Ramo, they could be without a starter next year. If they have plans to trade Hiller, I’d expect to hear of a Ramo re-signing on the same day.

    • supra steve

      BT will be best judged when BB is long gone from Calgary…..we all know BB is pulling BT’s strings regardless of what he may say…BB is the bossman and holds full accountability and you can bet he is in on all trades….at least for now…

        • Rockmorton65

          The only game the Flames won on this road trip is the game that GlenX scored a goal! where are all our other offensive weapons? Just sayin… He needs to be traded but we need a veteran replacemnt too somewhere in the lineup.

          The cone of secrecy over the extent of Gio’s injury makes me think BT is desperately seeking a D-man and doesn’t want the price to go up, which I suggested on the first day after…

  • supra steve

    Swing that deal for a good young defenceman. Move Sven to make it happen or throw together a package with the afore mentioned names. I am fairly jaded on getting nothing but picks back.

    We are a young team and sure picks are all fine and dandy but I’d rather see some tangible assets that can step into the lineup instead of an 18 year old kid who is once again years away

  • supra steve

    Clearly any scenario involving trading Hiller also involves re-signing Ramo so no, you wouldn’t be left hanging. The one trade that scares me most: Stewart – we don’t want him and don’t need him but as long as he remains with Buffalo, there’s a possibility he’s coming here. I would take good look at Petry if that works and no, I don’t care that we are trading with Edmonton. Speaking of which, wonder when MacT is going to start making those “bold” moves he spoke of. Hasn’t made one yet so start anytime Craig. Finally, unlike Walter, I like BT’s approach and will judge him on his work, not Walter’s guess as to “what might” happen.

  • RexLibris

    Was pretty nice to see Ramo play as good as I can remember. 2 teams are going to be in the market for a #1 goalie & 1 in particular BT happens to know really well & they are starting from scratch. Arizona would probably covet a Ramo & Sven package. I am not foolish enough to think they would get Yandle but they do now have an extra 1st & they have a few nice young Dmen. To put another spin on it, Mike Smith has just sucked this year & he still has 4 more years at 5.6 mill. Arizona doesn’t like spending money similar to the Columbus/Toronto Clarkson deal. Could Yandle be had if we gave them Ramo/Sven & Reinhart or Agostino & take that Mike Smith ugly contract off them. They were prepared to give us a 1st for eating Ribero’s contract, so we know $$$ talks with that team. They would get a goalie they hop for the future & a couple decent forward prospects. Would mean we could sell Hiller at the draft & run with Smith & Ortio next year. Love this time of year & putting out all these retarded scenarios.

    • T&A4Flames

      If this was possible’ I’d be all over it, even though I’ve always believed Smith to be highly over rated. But this is a creative way to get the asses we need. But I still think ARZ likes Smith, maybe I’m wrong. Sean Burke is a master in the goalie coach world. Look at what he did for Dubnyk and Smith for at least a short period. He could make a real good goalie out of Ramo.

      I will add that I’ve read a lot over the last week + that CGY and ARZ have scouted each other practically at every game.

      • RexLibris

        It’s an interesting scenario, Smith turns 33 this year with 4 more years at 5.6mill per. They are going rebuild but the difference with Arizona is that they have a truly huge head start with 3 young developed Dmen to build around OEL. Probably the thinking is they can turn this rebuild around relatively quick, they have Domi & they are about to get another big time blue chip forward this year. I would even throw in Granlund & Sven with Ramo to make a deal like this for Yandle & Smith. 2 young NHL forwards with a potential #1 goalie that has been playing lights out, how perfect would that be for Arizona. If Smith has another bad year next year, that contract is going to be a very expensive albatross on a stingy $$$ spending team that always seem to have 2 feet on a financial banana peel.
        Hope BT can sell it to Maloney.

        Huge price to pay but I think we would get a pretty good asset back for Hiller & Yandle would be a nice #3 behind Brodano. Would certainly help our playoff push.

  • Rockmorton65

    The Fourth Period is posting some pretty serious interest in GlenX from 5 or 6 teams Detroit, Rangers, Bruins, Nashville & Caps. Return reported is for either a young dman or a high draft pick & prospect (maybe similar to Vermette return) We get a Vermette type of return, I would pee my pants.

  • RexLibris

    “Diaz is a power-play specialist. ”

    I don’t see it. He’s a decent puck mover from the backend, but to me his offensive skills are nowhere near a true PP specialist like ‘ol MA Bergeron or Mathieu Schneider. Diaz has just 48 points in 185 career games. He has 1 goal and 2 assists this year through 40 games. His on-ice shooting % is a little low @ 7.69, but its not too far below league average (which if I remember correct is roughly 8 percent).

    I’d rather give PP time to Gio, Brodie, Wideman, and Russell than Diaz. Probably even Wotherspoon at this point.

  • RexLibris

    Washington holds their own and Buffalo’s 2nd round pick this year.

    Presumably the Flames would get the Washington 2nd rounder, but if not then it would essentially be a late 1st for Glencross.

  • RexLibris

    Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago

    The 2nd and 3rd round picks CGY gets from WSH in Glencross deal are 2015 draft. Trade call hasn’t happened yet, though.