Flames Trade Deadline 2015: Five Things The Flames Need

We’re just shy of 24 hours prior to the NHL’s trade deadline. There will be a lot of chatter on the ol’ interwebs about who is moving where and why.

Here are five things that make complete sense for the Calgary Flames to be pursuing tomorrow.


Calgary is 28th in Corsi and Corsi Close, meaning they are the third-worst team in the NHL in moving play the right way. This season’s been fun, but they need to continue building a team for long-term success. That means acquiring players that can hold onto the puck and move play consistently up the ice.


The Flames went out last off-season and accumulated right-handed defensemen. After that spending spree, here’s the right-handed defender inventory:

  • Deryk Engelland
  • Dennis Wideman
  • Raphael Diaz
  • Ladislav Smid
  • Sena Acolatse
  • John Ramage
  • Nolan Yonkman

None of these guys are high-end, top-four defenders. The Flames need good right-handed defensemen so that they have roster balance.


Similar to the previous entry, the Flames have three right-handed centers in the entire organization, and only one in Calgary: Josh Jooris. The other two are AHLers Drew Shore and Bill Arnold. Right-handed centers give a coach flexibility in deploying his players, particularly in terms of winning key face-offs. Jooris has been very valuable this season, but the team needs more righties who can take draws (and ideally win them).


At this time of year, every team has prospects they suddenly realize don’t fit into their organizational plans. Heck, we mentioned a few earlier today that don’t seem to be in Calgary’s. And Brad Treliving made a savvy “my unwanted toy for yours” trade when he flipped Corban Knight for Drew Shore. Similar deals could be coming.


Finally, it’s a rebuild. Rebuilds need assets. Assets are gotten through the draft, typically. Particularly given that this year’s draft is said to be deep, the Flames would be wise to grab as many picks as they realistically can before the deadline.

  • RKD

    Mark Giordano is now flying back to Calgary to be re-examined. Yikes. Schlemko will shave off some minutes but if the Flames can turn a pick into Coburn he would be a better option than a lot of the defenders listed above. Would love to add a high end top 4 defender but it may have to wait until the offseason.

  • T&A4Flames

    Katie Strang of ESPN: Players who are said to be on the trade block that are likely not going to be dealt. 1. Joe Thornton 2. Phil Kessel 3. Patrick Sharp 4. James Wisniewski 5. Oliver Ekman-Larsson

    The last name is extremely interesting. Thoughts on a package we could and would be willing to offer in the off season?

  • RKD

    Flames should see what they could get for taking on Semins contract.

    High risk move, but they could potentially land one of Carolina’s first round picks, and Semin can add depth on the RW, a big forward with a great shot.

    His attitude could potentially be bad for the dressing room, but maybe all he needs is a change.

  • everton fc

    Maloney has stated Ekmann-Larsson won’t be moved. Wisniewski screwed the Jackets by giving a lit of destinations that in now way would be interested in him. Why – who knows?? Kessel, Sharp and Thornton may be too important to their teams, though I think Thornton isn’t. Kessel and Sharp may be retained somehow. Sharp would be the next likely after Thornton to be moved.

    I actually think the Leafs should keep Kessel, as part of the rebuild.

  • JumpJet

    I don’t think the need for right-handed centers is a particularly bad one, especially if Jooris, Shore, and Arnold can be converted to wing to fit onto the roster. You can have the right handed guy take face-offs on the right side of the rink and then shift back to wing after the draw. I believe this is what San Jose does with Joe Pavelski on Thornton’s line.

    I can see Jooris and Shore being deployed as off and on centers, but I think Arnold’s two-way game is too good to shuffle him over.