Report: Flames hope to complete Curtis Glencross trade before Monday

The Calgary Flames are hoping to trade Curtis Glencross long before the 11th hour of Monday’s NHL trade deadline, according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman.

“It’s believed the Calgary Flames are shortening the list of teams they’re considering to trade (Curtis Glencross) to,” Friedman reported during the Headlines segment of Sportsnet’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast on Saturday. “The hope, from what I understand, they want to get it done before Monday – but there’s no guarantee that will happen.”

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The Flames have been working, with some reported success, to get the aging, but still useful middle-six winger to expand his list of teams he’s willing to accept a trade to. The original list, which reportedly included only the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning), didn’t include teams that are believed to have some level of interest, like the St. Louis Blues and the Washington Capitals.

Glencross, 32, has been very useful in a difficult second-line role for the Flames this season. His loss will be felt, even if Sven Baertschi seems like a decent bet to replace some of what Glencross brings to the table. One is left to wonder if Mark Giordano’s recent injury made the prospect of the Flames keeping Glencross past the deadline as an ‘own rental’ somewhat less appealing than it might’ve been otherwise.

  • Robear

    Just as long as Treliving gets something for GlenX. Burke decided he’d hang onto Cammi last year because he didn’t want teams to give him crap offers believing that the Flames HAD to trade pending UFA’s. Hopefully that pays off this year.

    It’ll be interesting to see the return on GlenX. I was surprised how much Jagr managed to fetch (2nd and 4th I think) for New Jersey.

  • Robear

    So they hope to get it done before Monday which leaves Sunday, or Monday if they haven’t got it done yet. Not sure the purpose of this column as they now have two days to finalize a trade. At any rate, we can only hope that BT is sifting through the offers for Glencross and working to get the very best possible deal. With the number of forwards allegedly available, Glencross is likely near the top of the list. Make it happen BT.

    • supra steve


      In related news…Flames hope to get presents for Birthday, and this just in… Flames hope for Peace on Earth for Christmas. Our thanks to Reporter, Captain Obvious. 🙂

      Sorry, not intending this to be mean-spirited, just having some fun.

      Also, just checked game stats for Kingston. As I’m sure most of us know, Bennett (who was probably running on pure adrenaline) had 3 points in his first game back on Wednesday and was +3 in a lop-sided win over Sudbury, who are the last place team in the entire OHA. He followed up on Friday with an assist and +1 in a 3-0 win vs. Bellville (who sit just above Kingston in the season standings). Not so good on Saturday, no points and -4 (ouch) in a 4-1 loss to Peterborough, who sit just below the Fronts in the OHL East standings. Unfortunately, it seems that Kingston is not a very good team. And, as is always the case, adding one GREAT player cannot make a bad team into a good team.

    • Megamind

      Chicago could afford Vermette as a straight replacement for Patrick Kane being on LTIR, meaning they can still afford to add Glenx if they want. Having traded their 1st means they would have to trade us a player instead of a pick. Maybe RW Mark McNeill or Ville Pokka?

  • Burnward

    Glencross and his “I got stiffed on my last contract and don’t like my utilization on the 2nd line (you signed it and really, that’s not enough?)” attitude are more than welcome to leave sooner rather than later.

    • First Name Unidentified

      Gelncross looks completely unmotivated out there. Every time he steps on the ice he either coughs up the puck or just doesn’t care. Sad to see him taper down this way

    • SmellOfVictory

      Let’s not get it twisted. Glencross never complained about his previous contract; he just stated that he clearly took a hometown discount (he did) and that he didn’t intend on taking one again this time. Honestly, we should be happy he took one the first time around, because it did add wiggle room.

  • Franko J

    With Chicago trading for Vermette, it appears that Glencross is destined to go elsewhere now. Too bad I was hoping for a 3rd or 4th round pick along with Stephen Johns.
    Another possibility being Glencross to St.Louis for a third or fourth round pick and prospect Tommy Vannelli.

  • Toofun

    The Vermette deal was perfect. He was expensive and it clears the deck for GlenX.

    One part of the reason why we couldn’t get anything decent for Cammi last year was that things were so slow moving the GMs were focusing on the other players. This year there is still lots of time to get a bidding war going.

    I’d say Treveling and Burke have done everything right with the Glencross situation so far. Agree or disagree with weather or not they should be signing or moving him, at least they decided early and then were open and honest about their intentions. They’ve been nothing but respectful to the player, the fans and the team throughout.

  • RedMan

    Ah comon, everyone tries to make it out to be totally altruistic, Glencross taking a hometown discount. He wanted to stay close to home, saw the flames coudlnt pay him what he could get on the market so he lowered his price. Enough with this hometown discount bull. He still makes more in one season then I will see in my whole life.