Gaudreau Hits 50 Points – Let’s Put It In Context

Last night, wunderkind Johnny Gaudreau hit the 50-point mark by virtue of scoring a pair of goals in Calgary’s 6-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks.

Gaudreau, who once was thought to be too small to play pro hockey, is the first Flames freshman to hit the 50-point plateau since somebody named “Jarome Iginla” back in 1996-67.

Where does this put Gaudreau all-time among Flames rookies with 15 games remaining?

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I don’t think 60 points is out of the question for Gaudreau. He already has 50 points in 66 games, so it wouldn’t be radically difficult based on his past performance for him to get another 10 points in the remaining 15 games.

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  • prendrefeu

    This was…. a disappointingly short article. I thought you were going to write some actual comparisons with other Flames and NHL rookies from prior years who have also achieved similar marks and then comparing how their careers progressed since then.

    Anyway, I’ll start since it isn’t in the article:

    “The Dion” Phaneuf had 49pts in his rookie season. Gaudreau will surpass that with 16 games remaining. To the benefit of “The Dion” however, Phaneuf did that as a defensemen, which is remarkable.
    It also be noted that “The Dion” has gotten remarkably sadder since leaving Calgary, and his production has also gone downhill as well. Coincidence? Nah.

    Conclusion: Johnny Gaudreau should stay in Calgary in order to stay happy and productive.

  • RedMan

    I wonder where he sits on that list if you adjust the points to reflect era he plays in as some of those guys played when goalies were crap and every game had 5-10 goals or more

  • It’s awfully difficult finding the top rookie scorers of all time for the Flames. only goes as far back as 97-98. HockeyDB doesn’t sort by rookies. Neither does EliteProspects.

    I actually wouldn’t know where to begin to find out where Gaudreau is in terms of top Flames’ rookies of all time.

  • Additional asterisks should be placed beside Kent Nilsson (a WHA star prior to his NHL debut), Hakan Loob (a veteran of the Swedish Elite League prior to joining the Flames), and Sergei Makarov (began playing prior to the Original 6 era).

  • PrairieStew

    Johnny is easily top 3 material on that list. With 50 in 66 he’s on pace for 61 points.

    The average number of goals scored per game this year is 5.51, compared to 7.76 in Wilson rookie year, 7.36 in Makarov’s, 7.44 in Nieuwendyk’s and only (!) 7.05 in Nilsson’s. This represents a 28 to 40% premium that could be added to Gaudreau’s numbers. So comparing to those top 4 guys – 78 to 85 points.

    thanks for league wide historical numbers.

  • Christian Roatis

    Nilsson had 132 points in 35 Italian League games after his NHL career. I always wonder how many points NHL stars would get if they went to Tier II or III leagues for a year. Crosby in Japan would be hilarious.

      • icedawg_42

        My co-worker played with an ex-NHLer in a rec league game. He was by far the fastest guy on the ice (and he was considered very slow in the NHL), and got 9 goals before he stopped playing after about half an hour.

        • King Quong

          D.j. King (dwights big brother) plays for a team in my home town now that he’s done in the ahl/nhl and puts up about 4 points a game setting up kids I graduated with its kind of funny I thought he’d just goon it up but I have never saw him throw a check. Not what you’d expect from an ex NHL enforcer.

  • mk

    Most of those players played in the ‘live puck’ era where scoring was considerably higher.

    To get a rough idea of how good Gaudreau is for his time, let’s pro-rate the points value based on the scoring leader for that year and this (using Tavares’ 72 points so far for this year):

    Nilsson (vs. Dionne): 93 / 137 * 72 = 48
    Niewendyk (vs. Lemieux): 92 / 168 * 72 = 39
    Makarov (vs. Lemieux): 86 / 199 * 72 = 31
    Iginla (vs. Lemieux) 50 / 122 * 72 = 30

    So is Gadreau the best Flames rookie ever?

  • TheCalgaryJames

    What I think is stunning is just how accurate NHLE has been at predicting this level of success. Just look at how Monahan faired last year and Gaudreau this year. It makes me extremely excited for the rise of Sam Bennett.

    Life is good if you’re a flames fan

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      “What I think is stunning is just how accurate NHLE has been at predicting this level of success”

      Unless you are leon Draisaitl or any other unfortunate soul afflicted with Oil.

  • RedMan

    No question Johnny was going to be an elite player and he is certainly proving that.

    On an related note….Where are the many many Bolig / Engelland bashers today..I am missing you by your absence…go the the Flames website and listen to Hartley and the players acknowledging the contributions these players make….Yes they are not the most talented but the Flames did not have to give up the future to obtain them…when you attend a game rather than watch it on TV eating potato chips you can see these guys are bashing the opponents and protecting the younger smaller talented players.

    Engelland was a star last night..Bolig’s eyes are black…sorry bashers you can’t have your pretty boy 12 forwards trying to score goals..rather you have Bolig and Engelland sending messages, protecting our little talented players and making room for them to showcase their skills…..

          • RKD

            Jeff from Lethbridge a junk food addict?………..who would have thunk it?!

            (Please don’t use “we”…….you don’t have to be an advanced stats expert to figure out which one of you eats 99% of the bag….).

            Happy snacking Jeff!!!


          • RedMan

            your continued obsession with me is both fascinating and creepy. I sure hope i don’t find you lurking around the ranch.

            why are you always after me? is it because I call you out for running multiple user names and answering yourself with different profiles? that’s all I can figure as to why you have such an obsession with me.

            Your continual personal comments and attacks really highlight not only what an azzhat you you are, but also what a small person you are – typical internet troll.

            I just take your continued attention as a compliment – It would be hard to argue that your obsession with me doesn’t signify how important I am to you.

            too bad – you have demonstrated an ability to be funny and interesting.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Well, this is about Gaudreau, so why would we bring up those two? Since you did, however: Bollig and Engelland suck. It is possible to have tough players who don’t suck (e.g. Bouma), therefore the existence of Bollig/Engelland on the team is completely indefensible. End of story.

  • icedawg_42

    It is good to see so many original Atlanta Flames still on this list and acknowledged.

    The Downtown Connectors (Vail, Lysiak, Plett), Chouinard, Nilsson and Phillipoff. . .damn, that brings back memories.

    Thank you.

  • RKD

    Johnny hockey has brought an elite skill level the Flames had not seen out of a young rookie since Iggy. He’s lightning fast, even the broadcasters couldn’t keep up where he was on the ice. He’s got hands like Patrick Kane, he’s very shifty and crafty. 50 points in a rookie season and counting is great. This guy has a pretty high ceiling. Imagine what he will do in his prime. His size is not a factor, he’s taken some big hits this season and got right back up.

  • Burnward

    What a great season it has been for Johnny and Flames so far, excluding the injuries to key players. Looking at the scoring records, Monahan with his 48 points currently holds 25th spot among centres, tied with Bergeron and 3 points behind Carter. He leads all ’20 year old or under’ skaters in goal scoring, and is second in points. Future looks bright, and there’s more to come as Bennett joins the ranks soon!

  • Greg

    More important than potentially cracking 60 points is the likely event that he’ll crest 20 goals as a rookie.

    If Bennett does that also next year, that would be 3 straight years of having a 20 goal rookie on the roster. Kent did some good comparisons last year of what players hit 20 goals in their rookie seasons when Monahan did it, and it was a very nice list of players. The potential of having 3 in a row???

    Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades…