Friedman: Flames Interested In College UFA Kyle Baun

Another weekly edition of Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts column over at the Sportsnet site has, as usual, resulted in some interesting Calgary Flames information.

Per Friedman, the Flames are reportedly looking to dip into the college free agent pool once again.

As of Monday night it was not 100 per cent certain Colgate forward Kyle Baun will forego his senior season to join an NHL roster, although teams would be surprised if he didn’t. He’s still sorting through offers, with a few Canadian clubs (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg) interested. We should have a better idea of his future Tuesday afternoon.

The Flames obviously have some familiarity with Baun, as his teammate is Flames 2013 seventh round pick Tim Harrison. The 22-year-old Baun checks a lot of boxes for the Flames.

  • He’s a 1992 birthday (as is recent signee Kenney Morrison), which fills some roster age gaps organizationally.
  • He’s a right-handed shot. Right now the only right-handed NHL forwards they have are Josh Jooris, Drew Shore and David Jones. And the only AHL rightees they’ve got under contract are Devin Setoguchi, Brian McGrattan, Bill Arnold and David Wolf. (This is also why I think Taylor Vause has a good shot at an NHL deal.)

Baun’s been an offensive leader for the Colgate Raiders, putting up 79 points in 113 games over three seasons in a conference not known for high-scoring affairs. He’s a big body (6’2″, 210 lbs) and takes more than a few penalties – he averages about a penalty per game – so he may need to reign in his physical play a bit. His grandfather is former NHL great Bobby Baun and he’s from Toronto.

As of now, the scuttlebutt is that Calgary is in talks. But there’s definitely a fit in this organization for a player like Kyle Baun.

  • FeyWest

    I like that we are pursuing some of these college UFA’s to try and fill some gaps, should go along well with the upcoming draft. No harm in signing these guys and if they turn into something at the NHL level they are just found money!

  • Parallex

    If the Flames can fill gaps with good college guys, they may be able to trade picks to move up in the draft without really worrying they are giving up to much in a deep draft. That would give them a shot draft for need with a high quality prospect. Not saying they would try to move all the way up, but half a dozen slots up from where they are now to pick up a Rantanen or one of the highly rated D prospects would be outstanding.

    • Discosis

      IMO they would need to move up more than 6 spots to pick up Hannifin/Povorov/Werenski. Kylington and Roy /Chabot /Meloche are most likely still available where they’re picking.

      Baun would sure remedy some of the poor drafting from the past.

      • Christian Roatis

        If they get Kylington, that’s a major coup. The kid has been touted has an elite prospect for years and has dropped in rankings simply because others have broken out. Discussed as a potential Top 5 guy just last summer. I’d be doing backflips if Calgary drafts him.

    • Parallex

      I think I’d rather they just keep the picks they have. The cost required to move up generally doesn’t match with the value gained…

      … Really, if you’re talking about moving up to grab a higher level of D-man you’re talking about one of Hanifin, Proverov, & Wereniski (Kylington, for reasons unknown to me seems to be falling into the area where Calgary might get him without having to move up). The slots where Hanifin and Proverov are probably going to be taken would be far to expensive for us to acquire and I’d rather take the next available guy and all the 2nd & 3rds then Wereniski.

      • piscera.infada

        Without a doubt. Moving up in the first round is generally wrought with issues.

        That said, I do generally think there is flexibility there in the second round, to the point that you can move a few spots up (provided a player you really like is there) for marginal cost. That’s what’s interesting about having the three 2nd round picks this year. If you were really interested in taking someone at the top of the second, you could conceivably do it.

        I’m with you all the way though. Stay where you are, hopefully get a sniff at Kylington, ensure you get a shot at Andersson in the second (if you need to move up, do it), retain one of the seconds (if not both), and don’t pick Hunter Smith.

          • mattyc

            @Parallax and Alt, maybe I’m just drinking too much of the Koolaid here. Let me have my moment. Maybe someone the Flames wants falls to the team anyway. There seem like there are some really good players outside the top two.

            I agree that moving up may be problematic in order to move high enough to pick a Hannifin or Werenski or whomever.

            But combine picks with cap space and the possibility that at least some of these college signings are more than just filler in the sports news cycle and the Flames have real flexibility at the draft to do something that is otherwise too costly.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Not the point but just for accuracy, David Wolf shoots left, for some reason they have him listed as a righty on the Adirondack website.

    As far as Kyle Baun goes, get him signed, it is all about acquiring assets. Baun seems like the type of player Calgary needs.

  • RKD

    I hope we get Baun and the Oilers don’t, just like when we among a lot of other teams were in on the Kenney Morrison sweepstakes and won out. Now that Gaudreau is here and having a ton of success Calgary has become an attractive place to play especially for the young players looking to get a shot.