Report: Flames “A Front-Runner” for Kyle Baun

As the Calgary Flames prepare for tonight’s big game with the Dallas Stars, a bit of information by way of Chris Nichols, who regularly tweets out quotes and tidbits from various NHL personalities on radio programs (and is a sports media personality in his own right):

The Flames have been previous mentioned by others, notably Elliotte Friedman and Bob McKenzie, as a team with interest in Baun, a junior from Colgate University. The club has become rather quietly a destination for good college players, with Johnny Gaudreau and Josh Jooris two of the most recent college products to make the leap to full-time NHL work with the organization.


  • ChinookArchYYC

    As a Flames fan it’s nice to see that the leadership has been able to attract guys like this. Despite being in the middle of a rebuild these guys still consider Calgary an appealing destination. Good work Trelliving!

    Next stop: follow Chris Nichols

    • Parallex

      An NCAA free agent. Good Bloodline (Grandson of Leafs Great Bobby Baun), Right-shooting RW, has size, probably limited upside at the NHL level but seems like the type that would be at home in a teams bottom six.

      He’d be an asset, I hope we get him.

    • beloch

      He’s a NCAA winger with NHLE of around 26, which would make him thoroughly redundant in the Flames prospect system if he weren’t a right-handed right-winger, which the Flames are pretty short on. He’d have a shot at cracking the Flames’ lineup next season if he works his butt off over the summer, but spending some time in the AHL seems more likely.

      The Flames are short on right wing and defensive prospects, so signing Kenney Morrison and possibly Baun too is a good head-start on the summer for Treliving.

      • Könniek

        Rob Vollman has since created separate NHLEs for each of the (former) NCAA conferences. The ECAC translation factor is only 0.25, putting Kyle Baun at a 15.64 NHLE this season. Quite poor.

        • beloch

          That’s certainly a step down, but not outside the range of a competent fourth liner. Really, if you can get a competent NHL’er of any sort for free, it’s a win.

  • RedMan

    About all that complaining in recents weeks with respect to Burke and Treliving. Whether we get this kid or not, it seems our beloved Flames have taken a step or two in the right direction.

    • beloch

      Undrafted college UFA’s want to sign with teams that they have a shot of playing on without spending years in the AHL, but also teams that are performing well. Those are usually mutually exclusive options. Any right-shooting forward or defender probably has the Flames on their short-list right now.

  • RKD

    Why wouldn’t Kyle Baun not want to sign here? Gaudreau and Monahan are studs, Bennett is going to be in the lineup next season. The Flames are playing well and have a lot of young players in the system. It’s a great city and organization and I’m sure Baun feels that Calgary is a great place for young players to develop and have a chance to crack the lineup. One look up north and the decision should be fairly obvious, hope we land him and continue to stick it to the Oilers. Morrison and Baun sound pretty good to me!

    • Könniek

      My concern is that he signs with the Leafs, his hometown team. You can bet Shanahan is wining and dining…Now the kid is smart enough to know that would be a very poor decision…..

    • RedMan

      Why not? Too many young studs in Calgary – may be difficult for him to crack this lineup!

      Morrison, Baun, last year Van Brabant; obviously Burkie who loves American college types and big ‘uns has put a bug in BT’s ears!

  • SmellOfVictory

    Morrison made a lot more sense to me than Baun does; I understand the Flames are a little light on right-shooting RW forwards, but Baun looks like a similar player to Jooris who is a similar player to Shore, and there are only so many bottom-six RW slots available (two, to be precise). If they do get Baun, Flames are going to have an absolute glut of young bottom-six guys with those three plus Colborne, Bouma, Arnold, Ferland, and so forth.

    • RedMan

      Hmmmm..Flames have not made the playoffs since hell froze over, they are in 2nd year of a rebuild, they are fighting for there lives this year in a playoff race and you think we have too much talent???….did you happen to notice the young talent currently on the Stars roster? It is exceptional!!

      Mr BT please disregard this posting and continue your relentless pursuit of young talent…continue to build your talent level which will open up endless opportunity to swap assets based on positional need…..

      • SmellOfVictory

        I didn’t say the Flames have too much talent; I said the Flames have a metric crapton of bottom six forwards (which, in the NHL, are “non-talent”, for the most part).

        Full list of young guys who are likely NHL bottom six players (or already are):
        Bill Arnold
        Kenny Agostino
        Lance Bouma (confirmed NHLer)
        Paul Byron (confirmed NHLer)
        Joe Colborne (confirmed NHLer)
        Josh Jooris (confirmed NHLer)
        Drew Shore

        So that’s seven guys for six (max) spots. One of those spots is also currently the property of Matt Stajan, who it seems is unlikely to move anytime soon, so that’s seven for five spots. Baun would make eight.

        I can get behind the argument that he might be joining the AHL for at least a year, though. But if he’s expected to push for a spot immediately, it clogs up the roster. And as much as free assets are nice, you don’t want to max out your 50 player list with bottom six players either.

    • RedMan

      You have to look at it as he’ll play at least 2 years in the minors. Helps create competition down there and in Calgary.

      Plus, a free asset is a free asset ($ aside).