The Playoff Chase – March 30 2015

The playoff race is heating up! Calgary more or less kept pace with a win last night against Nashville!

Here’s a look at the week to come and the teams still in it. Go banana!


Ducks 78 41 105 4 113 No N/A
Predators 77 41 102 5 112 No N/A
Blues 75 37 99 7 113 Yes N/A
Blackhawks 75 36 96 7 110 Yes N/A
Wild 76 40 95 6 107 Yes N/A
Canucks 75 39 91 7 105 Yes N/A
Jets 76 32 90 6 102 Yes N/A
Flames 76 37 89 6 101 N/A N/A
Kings 75 35 88 7 102 N/A Yes
Stars 76 33 84 6 96 N/A Yes
Sharks 76 33 83 6 95 N/A Yes
Avalanche 75 26 82 7 96 N/A Yes
Oilers 75 17 57 7 71 N/A No
Coyotes 76 18 54 6 66 N/A No

The teams in cyan are the teams that we can ignore completely. The Flames either mathematically cannot catch them, or they cannot catch Calgary. The yellow teams are those that are mathematically still relevant, but only just. (Sorry Sharks and Avalanche; you’re six or more back with six to go. You’re probably toast.)

So that leaves us…with five teams to gander at.


The Canucks face St. Louis on Monday, Nashville on Tuesday, Chicago on Thursday and Winnipeg on Saturday. All four games are on the road. They have their work cut out for them, and their strength of schedule is why I think they may fall off a bit.


After their heartbreaker against the Blackhawks last night, the Jets have a slack week. Well, in terms of frequency of games, not toughness. They have the Rangers on Tuesday night and the Canucks on Saturday. Otherwise, they’re idle.


The Flames have three games this week. They visit Dallas on Monday night, visit St. Louis on Thursday, and then finish off their road trip in Edmonton on Saturday. So that’s a tough game, an easier game, and one that’s somewhere in the middle.


The Kings kick off this week against Chicago on Monday night. Then they face Edmonton on Thursday and the Avalanche on Saturday. Edmonton’s out of it, Chicago’s on a roll and Colorado will be desperately trying to stay mathematically alive by the weekend.


The Stars play Calgary on Monday night. Then they’re off until the weekend, when they have a really tough pair of games against St. Louis (Friday) and Nashville (Saturday).


Like I’ve been saying repeatedly, this will probably go down to the final weekend of the season.

  • RedMan

    what more can we ask for, except for a cold beverage and a good vantage point to enjoy this all from?

    Flames continue to impress and perform above expectations.

    it’s been awesome being a Flames fan this year.

  • RedMan

    Nice chart.

    As the Flames were saying yesterday, hopefully it gets down to the last weekend. Another tough game today. GFG

    Simplistic thinking, but whoever is going to be able to string together the most wins is in. Lots of tough games all around. Who is going to rise and and grab the prize?

    Also an interesting, and I think valid comment from Darryl Sutter a couple of days ago, along the lines of: “It’s easier winning the Stanley Cup than it is making the playoffs”.

  • Avalain

    Man, that 25 point gap between the Oilers and the Avalanche is simply incredible. I mean, there’s a bigger gap between 12th and 13th than there is between 1st and 12th.

    I guess that just shows both how bad the Oilers and Coyotes are this year, plus how tight the race is for everyone else in the West.