The Playoff Table – March 31 2015

The race for the West’s eight spots in the Stanley Cup playoffs is heating up. The regular season ends in less than two weeks. The teams in the race have roughly 5 or 6 games left.

Here’s a quick update on where the Flames sit right now, who they should worry about, and what’s next.


Remaining Opponents
Ducks 78 41 105 4 113 No N/A EDM, COL, DAL, ARI
Predators 77 41 102 5 112 No N/A VAN, DAL, COL, MIN, DAL
Blues 76 37 99 6 111 Yes N/A CGY, DAL, CHI, WPG, CHI, MIN
Blackhawks 76 37 98 6 110 Yes N/A VAN, BUF, STL, MIN, STL, COL
Wild 76 40 95 6 107 Yes N/A NYR, DET, WPG, CHI, NSH, STL
Canucks 76 40 93 6 105 Yes N/A NSH, CHI, WPG, LA, ARI, EDM
Flames 77 38 91 5 101 N/A N/A STL, EDM, ARI, LA, WPG
Jets 76 32 90 6 102 N/A Yes NYR, VAN, MIN, STL, COL, CGY
Kings 76 35 88 6 100 N/A Yes EDM, COL, VAN, EDM, CGY, SJ
Stars 77 33 84 5 94 N/A Yes STL, NSH, SJ, ANA, NSH
Sharks 76 33 83 6 95 N/A Yes COL, ARI, ARI, DAL, EDM, LA
Avalanche 76 26 82 6 94 N/A Yes SJ, ANA, LA, NSH, WPG, CHI
Oilers 76 18 59 6 71 N/A No ANA, LA, CGY, LA, SJ, VAN
Coyotes 77 18 54 5 64 N/A No SJ, SJ, CGY, VAN, ANA

By virtue of last night’s loss to Calgary, the Stars are functionally dead. St. Louis hasn’t clinched yet, but is all-but-clinched.


Tonight, two games with playoff implications in the Western Conference.

  • At 6pm MT, on Sportsnet Pacific, the Vancouver Canucks head to Music City to face the Nashville Predators. Nashville’s smarting after losing to Calgary and snapping their winning streak. Vancouver’s probably happy after beating the Blues, but likely still feeling vulnerable with Calgary, Los Angeles and Winnipeg on their heels. This should be a barn-burner, particularly with the Canucks on the back-half of a back-to-back. And it burns off Vancouver’s game-in-hand, as well.
  • Also at 6pm MT, on TSN3, the New York Rangers visit the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets are still in a playoff spot, but definitely vulnerable with the Kings on their heels. They’re burning off their game-in-hand on Calgary, and they do so against the Rangers, who are rounding into playoff form. Like Canucks/Predators, this should be a really fun game.

Best case scenario for the Flames: Nashville and the Rangers win.

  • Zarny

    Predict the following:

    Canucks go 4-2 end with 101 points

    Jets go 3-3 end with 96 points

    Kings go 5-1 end with 98 points

    Flames go 3-2 end with 97 points

    Flames make the playoffs with the #8 seed and face the Ducks in the first round and are out in five games.

  • I know Calgary can catch Vancouver and ultimately end up with home ice, but I find myself not too concerned with that in the meantime.

    Of course it would be nice, but at this point, obviously the plan is just to clinch. So I guess I’m far more interested as what goes on with LA/Winnipeg than I am with Vancouver.

    That said, the Canucks are the scourge of the hockey world, and if awful things happen to them (on it’s own, always a source of joy) that happen to benefit Calgary in wonderful ways, I will always, always cheer for it, so let’s go #Perds

  • RedMan

    Kings seem to have the easiest schedule remaining, while Winnipeg and Vancouver have the more difficult schedule. Flames is only slightly easier with 1 Arizona game – but I don’t count the Edmonton game as a gimme at all, in fact just the opposite.

    I expect the Oilers to try their best to stick it to the Flames and play spoiler, and the two games they play against the Kings being far less important to them.

    Oilers don’t want to win too many games, but I a sure they want to beat the Flames.

    • prendrefeu

      I expect the Oilers to try their best to stick it to the Flames and play spoiler, and the two games they play against the Kings being far less important to them.

      Oilers don’t want to win too many games, but I a sure they want to beat the Flames.

      The irony then would be:
      Oilers do their best to stick it to the Flames >> Flames miss the playoffs and enter the lottery >> Flames win lottery … or even if they don’t win the lottery, they get the “cream of the crop” talent in the deep draft on top of their stockpile of 2nd round picks >> Flames continue to a bright future with massive strength much to the chagrin of the Oilers

      Honestly I think the Oilers are hilarious. Every year they go on a run to finish off the season, giving their fan base a false sense of hope for their future while simultaneously ruining their lottery position. Then they draft, and fail.

      But on the plus side, they *have* been looking like a better team since the coaching change, so perhaps they’ll make a game of it against the Kings. If they can pull off a regulation win it would be really great. If they can pull off an OT or SO win that would also be fine, too.

    • everton fc

      I think the Kings goaltending and defence will let them down. Our win/their loss last night was a real blow to the Kings.

      If we can get a point vs. the Blues and beat the Oilers and Coyotes, we are in very good shape.

      • MonsterPod

        We need to take a deep breath. Kings are 3 back with a game in hand.

        If they win the next one, it’s one point back with 5 to go. That’s scary.

        Uh… go Rangers.

          • MonsterPod

            I think what that win last night & LA loss allowed us to control our destiny. But Kings schedule sure does look the best of all the teams duking it out. If we can get wins out of Edmonton & Arizona, it will guarantee meaningful games with LA & Winnipeg. Right down to the wire. Unreal.

  • MonsterPod

    Flames focus is on the Kings; 3rd place in the Pac Division is much better than the last wild card.

    We need a win over LA on April 9th and that would clinch 3rd place in the Pacific. A loss to Jets on the final game would give Jets second wild card spot!

    • MonsterPod

      Also 3rd place in the West means we play the Canucks in the first round, opening in Vancouver….more pressure on Canucks to win at home than the Flames to win on the road – Flames have an excellent road record!

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        Here’s hoping they both at least a game suspension for that BS. Burrows would miss game against Chicago and then be back for the following game against Wpg which would potentially be Buff’s one game…Perfect!

        I know this is not apples to apples but Deveaux has a warrant out for his arrest – Byfuglien could’ve broken that guys neck.