Flames Recall Tyler Wotherspoon, Use Last Regular Recall

The Flames have made a roster move, but it’s not the one you may have expected.

The team announced this morning that they have summoned defender Tyler Wotherspoon from the American Hockey League’s Adirondack Flames, using up the team’s fourth and final non-emergency recall. (We think.)

This means that Sam Bennett likely won’t be joining the NHL club, at least for the time being.

It’s Wotherspoon’s fourth recall of the season. His summons was likely due to an injury to Raphael Diaz, who played just 56 seconds in the third period of a game last night the Flames were trailing – despite Diaz being arguably the second or third-best Flames blueliner at creating offense.

And Corey Potter was not particularly great in his pair of games.

I hate to say this, but Wotherspoon’s recall is probably the death knell for Adirondack’s playoff hopes. The remainder of the AHL blueline is a mixture of injured guys, inexperienced guys and Nolan Yonkman.

In terms of recalls, it’s unclear whether or not Sam Bennett would count as a regular recall or not, because the CBA is wonderfully unclear about recalls from junior leagues once the junior season is over. If Bennett goes straight to the AHL, then the recall counts against the four, but if he is recalled from the OHL directly, it’s not immediately clear.


Per Darren Haynes, who generally knows these things:

    • RedMan

      I do believe Bennett can play with the Flames if he comes directly from OHL, then again that just may be my wishful thinking :-{

      It sure shows how this organization is lacking blue line depth & puts things in perspective of how far we need to go after games like last night.

      • Brent G.

        Having Bennett around would be cool, one thing that would concern me a little is if the kid produces unsustainable results on the score board. Remember how quickly things went off the rails with Sven?

        • Burnward

          Situation is quite a bit different from Sven. Different management, fanbase is in a different mindset in regard to young talent, and Sam seems to have a different mindset then Sven.

          1) Management: I highly doubt Treliving, Burke etc will hype up Bennett the way Feaster hyped Sven, and along with Hartley they won’t gift wrap or promise him a roster spot. He will have to earn it (and he will, whenever that time is).

          2) Fanbase: When Sven had his first short recall stint with the Flames it had been a long while since we had an exciting prospect in the nhl. Now with Monahan and Gaudreau we have seen some amazing rookie seasons, so their will be less attention and hype on Bennett.

  • RKD

    If Diaz can’t go I think Wotherspoon should get a chance to make his debut against the Oiler or ‘Yotes or maybe both depending on how he plays. Heck, he should be paired with Brodie instead of Engelland. Give him a chance to play instead of recalling him and then sitting him. That hurts him more he doesn’t get to play for the Flames or the baby squad. The only way to tell what he’s got is to play him, they’ve had plenty of chances to insert him into the lineup.

  • Avalain

    If it’s true that Bennett can still come to the NHL, and in fact is the only one who can come up, well, you gotta do it. Moving him to the AHL would therefore lock him out short of an emergency call up.