Report: Sam Bennett to Calgary (Or Maybe Not)

Sam Bennett’s Kingston Frontenacs were finally swept by the North Bay Battalion last night, ending their first round Ontario Hockey League series and, potentially, Bennett’s junior career.

Mark Edwards of tweeted this post-game:

The majority of the media folks from Calgary – and around the NHL, mind you – were indicating that Bennett was heading to the AHL, or weren’t entirely sure.

Because of Edwards’ lack of connection with the Flames, and the fact that he’s just one source saying this in a sea of people saying nothing right now, I’m urging some caution. But I wouldn’t be shocked if this report was correct.

Bennett had 24 points in 11 regular season games and 3 points in 4 playoff games for Kingston this season.

UPDATE: John Shannon of Sportsnet seems to corroborate the report.


  • RedMan

    better if he joins the Adirondack team, not so much for the ELC rules but because it is a distraction to the team.

    Best option – Ferland in for Bollig for the rest of this decade, and Bennett to the AHL.

  • Burnward

    Adirondack needs a center. Badly. Shore and Granlund are both in Calgary right now. If Bennett comes up, one of them (Granlund) has to go down. Might as well keep Granlund up and park Bennett where he’ll do the most good–and where he’ll definitely play. Don’t need another Poirier situation where Hartley sits him for two weeks for no reason.

  • Burnward

    Bennett would instantly be better than half of the current forward roster.

    Time to find out if he can handle it.

    Edmonton and Phoenix are the perfect teams to do that against.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Also… T-spoon has been recalled. I think he plays. They wouldn’t do it this late in the season with Addy pushing for the playoffs to have him sit… would they?

    Unless there’s an injury?

  • Burnward

    I have been 50/50 on where Sam Bennett plays once his junior season is over…this morning I read Darren Haynes article on “Flames from 80 Feet above” and am now more than convinced he should play for the Flames as early as Saturday night……great article…

      • Burnward

        Totally agree with you…Ryan, Kent and the rest of the FN team are outstanding. Haynes journalism provides a different perspective that I can personally relate with given that we are about the same age and Calgarians. His research is in the elite status and provides a great read!

  • RKD

    The Flames have two weapons they could unleash: Bennett and Wotherspoon. They don’t need to play either. If the Flames can’t beat Arizona or Edmonton then they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. However, I’m pretty sure we can and will beat those teams. These weapons sure would look nice in the playoffs. If they do bring Bennett in, it’s best to shelter his minutes. Some suggested he play wing and not take face-offs just yet.

  • Former Calgarian

    As an Oiler fan, yes I said Oiler fan.

    Hold on, don’t throw me under the bus yet.

    I lived in Calgary for many years and attended many games, both regular season and play-offs. I actually have an autographed game stick from Al McInnis in my man cave from the 89 Cup season.

    I wanted the Oilers to draft Sam instead of Leon. Idiots!

    Please keep him in the AHL for the balance of the season as he will get to play a more major role with key ice time.

    Don’t delay his progress like the Oilers do constantly.

    Disenchanted with my team? You bet. I am hoping for major changes in management (Ya Right). Trust me, the emberrassment level is through the roof for Oilers fans.

    I sincerely hope you make the play-offs and Johnny Hockey wins the Calder.

    Go Flames, yes even on Saturday

      • Former Calgarian

        From Canucks Blog:

        Since being acquired by the Canucks at the 2015 NHL Trade Deadline for a 2015 second-round draft pick, Baertschi has been on fire in Utica. The diminutive, skilled Swiss-born forward has scored seven goals while contributing 13 points in 12 games with the Comets. For the year he’s managed 15 goals and 23 assists in 48 AHL games – a solid scoring clip for a 22-year-old.

        • RedMan

          Baertschi was equally to blame as Brian Burke.

          Burke was not wise to come in and call out the prospect before he was even acclimated to Calgary, but then Baertschi got his feelings hurt and was not able to get over it. His dad leaked info quite a while ago that Sven wasn’t happy and wanted out. Sven denied it at the time but it was obviously true.

          Burke did the wrong thing in opening his mouth, but Flames did the right thing (Treliving) in moving him when it was clear Sven didn’t have the ability to recover his mood and attitude for Calgary.

          I have no ill will and wish him luck against everyone but the Flames.

          If this is Burke’s biggest blunder with the Flames over his entire tenure, I think we will all consider ourselves extremely lucky. I’m keeping my finger crossed, because even though I consider Burke to be very intelligent, I also see him making rash decisions and focusing on big too much. (i.e. Kessel trade, defending Kessel trade years later when it was obviously a bad move, and Baertschi)

          • Burnward

            Looking back in ten years, it’ll be the best thing that happened to the kid if he succeeds, I bet.

            Child star in Europe, elite all his life through the WHL where his skill could carry him, but needed a wake-up call to what it takes to play at the highest level. You don’t have to look further than Edmonton to see what happens when you don’t have that grit in your game.

          • Derzie

            Sven is all on Burke & Hartley. They did not understand what made Sven tick and pushed the wrong buttons. I will forever despise Burke for this. I am a little more forgiving of Hartley as almost every player under him is over achieving. Go Sven. And Go Burke…Away.

          • Derzie

            So you place no accountability on the player himself for his own performance and results?? How about credit to the Flames organization for drafting young prospects that have shown greater potential/results and have surpassed Sven?


  • Burnward

    “Players who’ve scored 30 goals at age 20 in the 21st century: Alexander Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos, Ilya Kovalchuk, Jonathan Toews, Evgeni Malkin, Anze Kopitar, Patrice Bergeron, Marian Gaborik, Evander Kane… and Sean Monahan.”

    From Friedman.

  • @Jeff: “Baertschi was equally to blame as Brian Burke.”
    @Derzie: “So you place no accountability on the player himself for his own performance and results??”

    It’s a little bit hard to provide consistent results when coaches don’t have the trust and faith in you to put you in consistent situations.
    Prior to Burke coming to Calgary under Feaster and Wisebrod Hartley was using Sven ont he top 2 lines. He was scoring at pace with Monahan his first season in Calgary. Buke comes in and he gets sent back to Adirondak, meanwhile Sean stays in Calgary and the team rides out his slump in scoring.

    That says it all right there.

    After Sven returned from the AHL the team never used him the same agian.. playing him ont he 4th line and not giving him any popwerplay time. Yet Sven at the time was instantly our second best young forward next to Monahan.

    Given a chance and the role to shine versus not being given a chance and the role to shien makes all the difference.

    It’s hard to score or provide offence on 7min nights being anchored by McGratten, Bolig, or Westgarth and even Colborne. Stick Johnny down there and see how he does…It’s not condusive to a skilled players talent. No one would suggest that for Johnny. So why suggest that for Sven and blame it on the 22 year old kid? It makes no sense.
    The blame is entirely on Treliving, Burke and Hartley.

    • RedMan

      I understand where you are coming from, but I respectfully see it different.

      comparing Svens treatment to Monahan isn’t appropriate – everyone said that monahan was so mature that it was remarkable… whereas Sven was obviously not. Yes, Burke was an idiot for calling him out so publicly, but obviously he wasn’t making the crap up about him needing to be a 200 foot, 3 zone player.

      Look back to Giordano – he got passed over as well, and ended up leaving the system to play in the KHL, and instead of coming back and moping like Sven did, he came back strong and went on become the Flames heart and soul.

      Sven might have been set up to fail by Feaster’s comments with Burke delivering the final kick, but Sven did nothing to help himself.

      I think back to where it really turned sour – after Burke’s comments – when Sven showed up to training camp and the young stars tournament rumored to be out of shape and sporting a bad attitude. Thought he was too good to play in the young-stars tourny, bad attitude, his dad leaking info on how bad he felt… Sven did zero to help himself and instead pouted and sulked and let his production suffer so much that he essentially assured that he would not get a recall.

      Yes, Feaster and Burke could have/should have kept their mouth’s shut publicly – but Burke was obviously right.

      It’s too bad, but ultimately, this is, in my opinion, where the “character” thing comes into play.

      I don’t blames Sven entirely, but he could have taken a different route if he had the character to do so.