Sabres Start Memorial Scholarship for Ex-Flame Steve Montador

Folks, we all recall that former Calgary Flames defender Steve Montador passed away back in February. It was sad, and his loss is obviously still felt around the hockey world.

But the Buffalo Sabres have done something pretty cool, setting up a scholarship fund in Montador’s memory.

From the press release:

The Steve Montador “Dream Big” Scholarship Fund has been formed with an initial $10,000 donation furnished by the Sabres, the Buffalo Sabres Foundation, the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association, current Sabres players and former Sabres managing partner/minority owner Larry Quinn.

The “Dream Big” moniker stems from a favorite phrase of Montador’s, one that he used when signing autographs for fans. The phrase’s message will be used as a guide in shaping the direction of the scholarship fund, which will be overseen by a board that includes Montador’s father, Paul.

The scholarship fund is also accepting donations, so head on over to to check it out and to contribute.