Flames Recall Many On Emergency Basis

A bit of news dropped today as the Calgary Flames basked in the afterglow of clinching a playoff spot and prepared for the Winnipeg Jets.

They’ve called up four players from Adirondack on an emergency basis: defensemen John Ramage and Brett Kulak, and forwards David Wolf and Emile Poirier.

Under the terms of the CBA, emergency recalls can only be made if a team falls below 2 goalies, 6 defensemen and/or 12 forwards by reasons of injury or illness. Note that nobody’s been placed on the injured reserve, so these injuries likely are short-term.

And a probable consequence of playing the Flames’ playing style of facing many shots and trying to block a bunch of them.

So what does this mean in terms of line-ups versus the Jets?

In terms of who plays, by virtue of the CBA regulations, this means that we’ll see Sam Bennett, John Ramage and Brett Kulak make their NHL debuts, while Tyler Wotherspoon, Drew Shore, David Wolf and Emile Poirier slot back into the big-league line-up for the first time in awhile. I don’t think goalies will be impacted, though you may see Joni Ortio start.

In terms of logistics, Brett Kulak is a lefty and John Ramage is a righty, while Tyler Wotherspoon is also a left-hander for the blueline. That means I’d venture to guess that Dennis Wideman (righty), T.J. Brodie (lefty) and Kris Russell (lefty) sit. Wotherspoon and Ramage were a pairing on the farm, so that works nicely.

Up-front, Shore is a right-hander, while Bennett, Wolf and Poirier are all left-handers. Shore and Bennett are also listed as centers. I would guess that Jiri Hudler, Sean Monahan, Matt Stajan, and David Jones sit out, but that’s entirely guesswork. (Bennett for Monahan, Poirier for Hudler, Wolf for Stajan and Shore for Jones is my thought process.)

I’m far more confident on my guess-work on the blueline than with the forward group, but the entire notion is that the Flames had a bunch of guys playing through injuries so the team could make the playoffs, and now they get to rest while seven kids get a chance to play.

For the curious, Bennett wears #63, Kulak wears #61 and Ramage wears his dad’s old #55. If I’m not mistaken, John and Rob Ramage will be the second father-son combination in Flames history, following in the footsteps of Paul and Max Reinhart. And because of these transactions, there are presently 13 Flames picks on the roster (Ortio, Kulak, Ramage, Wotherspoon, Brodie, Bouma, Ferland, Granlund, Poirier, Backlund, Monahan, Gaudreau and Bennett).

  • beloch

    In order to get home-ice advantage over the Canucks, the Flames need to beat the Jets and the Canucks need to lose… to the oilers. The Oilers did defeat the reigning cup champions (thanks!), but the odds are still pretty slim that they’ll beat the Canucks too!

    Since home-ice advantage is probably not going to go to the Flames, and also since the Flames seem not to need it (their road record is as good as their home record), tomorrow’s game against the Jets truly does not matter. As such, it’s wise to let the more banged-up veterans rest and see who, amongst the new blood, might actually be an upgrade over the current lineup.

    Players like Bennett and Wotherspoon are very likely to be superior to the likes of Bollig and Potter. Tomorrow will be their chance to prove it. Here’s hoping the new guys beat the pants off the Jets and secure themsevles positions agains the ‘nucks!

    • piscera.infada

      I would imagine the Jets and Canucks do something very similar. You definitely don’t want Monahan, Gaudreau, Hudler, Wideman, Russell, or Brodie getting injured in a game that amounts to no more than a possibility of home-ice in the first round.

        • piscera.infada

          It’s definitely something, but you’re not guaranteed home-ice with a win. Moreover, I’d take a healthy Monahan or Hudler (or whomever) over home-ice any day.

          Plus, Wotherspoon, Bennett, et al. get a chance to show what they’ve got. It’s just smart roster utilization all around.

          • Burnward

            Well, I don’t want to see them get hurt either!

            But, if they’re healthy, I bet they go. Nice little cherry on the sundae for the whole team. Can you imagine if Johnny and Mony lead the team of kids to home ice advantage while the vets rest up their wounds? Awesome.

          • piscera.infada

            I mean, short of waxing poetic about the Flames’ playoff chances, I doubt they really care about home-ice. Frankly, they’ve been good on the road this year (apparently they’ve tied a franchise record for road wins in a season).

            I mean, if they controlled their own fates (ie. win and you’re in), I could see the logic a little bit better, but when you’re essentially banking on a Canucks loss, you might as well safeguard yourself against injury–if you lose any of those “big-six” in a nothing game, you’ve effective hurt your chances that much more.

            Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re only clinching home ice for the first round. Short of Winnipeg beating Anaheim or meeting Minnesota in the conference championship, every other team would have home ice seeding against the Flames anyway.

            Personally, I’d like home-ice so I can see a few more games at the ‘dome in the first round, but I completely understand why they wouldn’t see it as do or die.

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        I think Johnny B God plays to stay ahead in rookie scoring, he could really use another Goal, GWG, and couple +/- points to stay ahead in conventional stats used by most media.

  • prendrefeu

    Glad hartley and treliving see the bigger picture and aren’t trying to squeeze in home advantage for the sake of the health of the team. I’m assuming Winnipeg is gonna shut down all their core players as well so we still have a chance even with so many ahlers/prospects in the line up

  • FinFlamesFan

    Really looking forward to see all the young guns get some ice-time!
    Gonna be interesting game to watch I bet šŸ™‚ Guys must be pretty excited!

    ps. No, not Ville Nieminen here šŸ™

  • Burnward

    Oh Capgeek. We could of been having a lot of fun this morning.

    This game is going to be great!!!

    The kids are going to come out flying and Bennett arrives!!!!!

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    I hope edmonton beats up on the canucks…home ice advantage for the canucks only means one more chance to riot..flames will win this in six or less is my prediction

  • The Fall

    Given how few minutes the third pair are getting in Calgary, I see no downside to playing Wotherspoon and Ramage as third pair moving forward.

    Ferland – Bennett could be huge as a pair in the future for the Flames. Just find them another Hudler style mentor and we’ve got a genuine second line.

    I feel as though the rebuild will be over when Bouma and Backs make the core of the third line and Jooris controls the fourth. That type of depth will destroy shallower teams and allow full four line hockey.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      I would love a Ferland/Bennett combo. I agree a solid mentor would be good (Frolik?), but in the future… that line with Poirer would be one hell of a pesty, petulant, pugnacious second line that would score. Makes me drool a little.

      • The Fall

        Poirer needs to be a little more aggressive and learn two way hockey: fantastic talent though.

        Lets let Ferland train with Bouma in the off season. Lance’s had a new skills coach over the summer, taught him how to score in front of the net. The way Ferland drives to the front is incredible. Just has to learn how to finish the play. He’s going to turn out to be a steal.

      • Burnward

        Per your comment about next year I could easily see a starting line-up look something like:



        Obviously with Hartley he will continue to move the pieces in and out of the line-up but the bottom two lines have lots of flexibility for skill, speed and size/grit.

  • The Fall

    Even money TJ plays tonight and they test every rookie defender with him. He’s lost all confidence since his Gio went down. He and Moneyhands are also the only players with 81 GP this year. Let’s give them a full season to look back on.

    Johnny is in a Calder race so they’ll feed him the puck all afternoon to pad the stats.

    Gotta think Jooris, Hudler, Russell, and Backs are a little banged up. 5-6 days off will be huge.

    The Canucks D are not going to be able to handle the pace. Flames in 5.

    I live in Van. This is going to be fun. There will be C’s of Red in the crowd. Last game in January was about 25% Flames fans. This city sucks for hockey fans.

  • Burnward

    Super stoked about playoffs. That game at the Dome on Thursday was something else, lost my voice screaming so much. These young guys now get 1st hand what playoffs means & does to the games & the crowd. They will consume it & crave it. Looking a little forward, you can just see Hudler loving playing hockey with the young guys. I could see him giving us a nice hometown discount for an extension to stay. If we can get another 3-4 year deal at similar $$$’s, I say do it. Did Stajan get any playoffs in Toronto? Is this his first playoffs? New baby, playoffs, I’m pretty happy for Matt. Everyone has trashed the signing & trade all year but this is where the experience of Bollig & Engellend pays off.Mark my words, when guys like Burrows, Dorsett, Kassian & Bieska start taking cheap shots these guys will be sticking their noses into the fray. Good times & this is different than 04. 04 was a bunch of older players finding that magic chemistry at the right time. It was magical. This time around is also magic but we know next year & the year after we will be even better. Not so much lightning in a bottle so to speak like 04. No matter what, this is huge for our team & am so proud of these guys & coaches.