All Hail Scorch


Hat tip to @HunterSteez for the inspiring image

Pundits are struggling to explain the Flames Cinderella season. Is it Bob Hartley? The kids? Jiri Hudler? Better goaltending? Ineffable team chemistry.

No. Those all seem plausible, but I think we can all agree that the unveiling of Scorch the mascot (the undisputed greatest mascot ever) and Calgary’s phoenix-like rise from the Western Conference basement cannot be a mere coincidence…

So today we give you a chance to celebrate Scorch in your own unique way. Send us your best Scorch images and animated GIF’s, giving praise to him in thanks for what he did for the team in the regular season (as well as the ruin he will rain upon the Vancouver Canucks in the first round). 

Email your submissions to Ryan Pike ( We’ll unveil the best entries next week. The top 3 vote-getters will receive a free Gaudfather shirt.


Scorch be praised!