Is Sean Monahan Playing Hurt?

After his absence at two days of practice and his performance in Game 1, a common question has emerged among the Calgary Flames fan-base.

Is Sean Monahan playing hurt?

Both Flames coach Bob Hartley and Monahan himself tried to throw cold water on the suggestion after Thursday’s optional practice.

Let’s be honest here. Monahan didn’t look great against the Canucks in Game 1. He was just 25% in the face-off circle (well below his typical performance), only had two shots on net, was credited with zero hits and generally played a perimeter game. Typically, Monahan’s line is the one that kick-starts comebacks.

They didn’t do that in Game 1.

Now, Monahan playing a flat, quiet game doesn’t necessarily mean he’s hurt. He could still be getting over a bug. But let’s face facts: if he was hurt, they wouldn’t say he was regardless.

Until Monahan has a strong performance in this series, everyone will continue to speculate or suspect an injury. Words will do nothing to calm things down.

  • The Fall

    his candour during the interview leads me to trust him… either that or he’s great liar. He’s young: had a bad game. The rest may have rattled him – got him out of his normal patterns. We’ll see.

  • prendrefeu

    I think (based on hope) that he’ll be fine in Game 2 and onwards. Maybe he was sick, maybe feeling under the weather, or maybe getting through the 1st Playoff Game jitters. Remember that other young guys have had playoff experience via their NCAA years.

    Should be a great game tonight! Go Flames Go!

  • prendrefeu

    I think he might have been banged up pretty good, but I wouldn’t suspect a serious injury.

    Either way, the Flames aren’t going to say anything and run the risk of one of the Canucks hammering him.

      • The GREAT Walter White

        The days of impersonating the GREAT Walter White are over loser…….try and focus on something else for a while, like:

        Talking to a girl…… person!

        Moving out of your parents basement.

        Getting a life.


  • RKD

    Everyone is playing with some sort of injury at this time. He didn’t play the Winnipeg game, so I can only assume he was injured in the game against the Kings. Tonight will be really telling, either he was just under the weather or it is his shoulder. Let’s see how he does in the face-off circle and watch how he shoots the puck. A less than 100% Monahan still beats their other options. Still would like to see Raymond and Bryon in the series, but maybe they will be deployed later when needed.

  • Howie Meeker

    Boys, remember that he was up against the Sedins and there top D pairing. We will start to see things open up tonight and then here in Calgary enjoy the show when our team hits another gear….Cheers.

  • Soupy19

    I happen to be at the same restaurant as the Flames last night. They had a team dinner. I sat about 20 feet from them which was a huge thrill for me as I’m a huge Flames fan. I didn’t bother them but when they all got up to leave, I saw Monahan put his dress blazer on. He didn’t grimace or struggle at all and you know how awkward it can be to put suit coat on.

    Take that for what it’s worth. It’s just what I saw. I’m no doctor. Oh, and they sang happy birthday to Markus Granlund.

  • Burnward

    I suppose people are free to call Hartley a liar, but I’ll believe him.

    And that is an awesome story about the team dinner. These guys are as awesome as they look, eh?

        • Burnward

          Here’s his full remarks…

          “I’d like to clarify once and for all: We didn’t ask the B.C. Lions for Travis Lulay’s shoulder pads. Sean Monahan has no shoulder injuries,” Hartley said. “I’ve had so many texts and emails from fans from Calgary because they got this somewhere that Monahan has a shoulder injury. We had a plan with him. This kid has played 22, 23 minutes the last month of the season. We were making a push to make the playoffs and I felt that in many games, he was our best player. When you want to win the big games, your best players need to be on the ice.

          “I sat with him and he wanted to keep playing, but I shut him down. I shut him down because we want to be in this for the long haul and obviously we’re going to need all of our injuries. Sean Monahan is not injured.”

  • Danomitee

    Okay, the last game Mony played prior to this series was against LA and from my memory that line had an outstanding game. Mony was all over the ice had an assist and four shots, if he got hurt anywhere it would have been in that game and I didn’t see anything. It seems to me that its pretty likely he was just sick because I highly doubt him getting a shoulder injury when he wasn’t even in practice.

  • cgyokgn

    It sounds very much like he was sick… which is a relief. Let’s hope he is feeling much better and the top line plays like they are capable of… I’m sure they will. Go Flames!!