Playoff Post-Game: Killer Bs Win Game 3

The Calgary Flames waited in anticipation for this, their first playoff home game in just shy of six full years.

They didn’t disappoint, producing perhaps their most complete 60 minutes of hockey in weeks – aside from that game versus the Los Angeles Kings that sent them to the post-season. They beat the visiting Vancouver Canucks 4-2 to take a 2-1 series lead in their Western Conference quarter-final.

Three of the team’s four goals were scored by players with last names beginning with B: Bollig, Brodie and Bennett (who had the eventual game-winner).

Sean Monahan scored the final goal, and his name doesn’t begin with the letter B.


The Flames got off to a good start. They didn’t get a lot of shots early, but they did a good job of laying the body and creating turnovers. Finally, they opened the scoring mid-way through the period when Josh Jooris created a turnover with a hit, then it led to an exchange that led to a Brandon Bollig goal. T.J. Brodie shot the puck, it glanced off a defender and landed right in front of Bollig, who knocked it in. The Canucks tied it up a couple minutes later off a scrambley play out front of Jonas Hiller: the Flames’ defenders were caught off-guard and Shawn Matthias put in a bouncing puck. However, the Flames re-took the lead with 5 minutes left in the period. Joe Colborne and Sam Bennett won a series of board battles with the Canucks defenders, then fed the puck to Brodie, who scored from the point with Bennett screening to make it 2-1. Shots were 11-9 Vancouver in the opening frame.

Nobody scored in the second period, but man, was it a fun period of hockey. Shots were “just” 6-4 for Vancouver, but it was a tight-checking game with lots of smart defensive play, hits and checking of all kinds.

The Flames polished the night off with a strong final 20 minutes. They out-shot the Canucks 14-8, out-hit them plenty and scored twice to ice it. Sam Bennett scored early off a goal-mouth scramble to make it 3-1. Sean Monahan scored on a late-period 5-on-3 off a nice pass from Johnny Gaudreau – the power-play was drawn after Yannick Weber clipped Jonas Hiller when cutting across the crease and Dan Hamhuis was tagged for hitting Bennett in the head. Jannik Hansen scored late off a nice set-up from under the goal-line by Bo Horvat to make it 4-2. There were a few scrums late in the game, but no additional scoring.

Man, this was a fun 60 minutes of hockey.


Calgary was better than Vancouver for basically the entire 60 minutes. They dominated the game physically, they generated more and better chances, and they played a restrained, mature, poised 60 minutes of playoff hockey.

They may have looked terrified in their own zone twice all game long. For a team that’s incredibly reliant on rookies, that’s pretty damn good.


Sam Bennett was all over the place, in a good way. He threw some hits. He was a big part of the second goal. His line was the best line for Calgary on a consistent basis, and he even added his first goal as a pro.

Honourable mention to Michael Ferland, T.J. Brodie, Mikael Backlund and Johnny Gaudreau.



Via your friends (and ours) at War-On-Ice:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.20.41 PM


The Flames played a playoff home game, which is pretty great.

And they won, which is also pretty great, particularly after how ineffective they were in Game 2. They hold serve in the series, holding a 2-1 series lead and home ice advantage. Game 3 goes Tuesday night at 8pm MT at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

  • MWflames

    Fantastic game by the Flames!! Dominated all game! Bennet and Ferland are amazing!

    In other news Borrows and Beiska are total idiots. They were just headhunting the last 10 minutes of the game.

  • MWflames

    What a great game. Some unreal individual performances tonight.

    Probably the most effective 4 lines (I know, bollig), Hartley has put together since he came to the organisation.

    Thought Wotherspoon was fine when he played, but if he’s not gonna skate then we could really use Diaz back healthy.

  • Captain Ron

    Like I said the other night they showed us their best and tonight we showed them ours. Were going to beat them it’s just a matter of time.

    Oh, and just like the Canucks all the coward trolls from Vancouver will be invisible tonight haha!!!

    P.S. see ya Burrows hope you enjoy your suspension you loser coward picking on the smallest guys as usual!!!

    No small wonder anyone outside of Van hates your pathetic excuse for a hockey team.

  • Don’t understand the Bruce Dowbiggin tweat – Edler’s been an all-star, an Olympian, and anchored the Canucks top pairing all season. I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s been on the ice for a goal against yet this series – he’s +3 in 3 games.

  • Kybb79

    Great win tonight!That should shut up those rioting Nucks fans! Vancouver is one dirty team with there head shots and hitting from behind!But the young lads just keep playing hard! Bieksa cheap shots Ferland then as soon as Ferland is ready to unload the refs grab him! Saved his old butt!

    watch Vancouver cry when Burrows and Hamhuis are suspended then we take a 3-1 series lead whoooooo!

  • Craig

    That was an amazing game!! So much fun.

    Bieksa is human garbage, he got at least 3 sucker punches in on Ferland before he had time to drop the gloves. Burrows and Bieksa and Hamhuis all classless all garbage. Burkas should have received the instigator too.

    Who knows how it all pans out but the Canucks should be short Burrows and Hamhuis next game.

    And how about that Bennett kid. Fun team to watch.

    • SydScout

      “Bieksa is human garbage, he got at least 3 sucker punches in on Ferland before he had time to drop the gloves. Burrows and Bieksa and Hamhuis all classless all garbage. Burkas should have received the instigator too.”

      Yup. And people point to what happened with the Flames in game 2 as a similarity. Yet I don’t remember Engelland (or anyone on CGY for that matter) throwing punches before a Vancouver player was ready.

  • Legend of Weevil

    Oh is ‘Ferklund’ ever living rent free in the heads of many of the Canucks.

    As a Flames fan I hope Hamhuis and Burrow aren’t suspended. Want to beat the Canucks straight up! And don’t want to give the Canucks anything to rally around.

    This series is far from over…but Tuesday night the Flames have a chance to really put things in their favor.

    • Nick24

      Bieksa’s comments on Ferland kinda remind me of when Parise was whining about Brodie a couple of years ago. So if that’s any correlation, we should have quite the player in Micheal Ferland

    • Avalain

      Ok, I don’t mind if Burrows doesn’t get suspended just like how Engelland didn’t get suspended. Hamhuis, though? Do you seriously want to tell the Canucks that it’s totally fine to line up headshots on all our young stars? There is absolutely no way that “not giving the Canucks anything to rally around” is worth the risk of destroying the career of one of someone like Bennett.

      • Tomas Oppolzer

        I think the Engelland/Burrows situations are completely different. 1) Dorsett was a more than willing combatant, Russell basically never fights 2) Engelland didn’t start hitting Dorsett before his gloves were off, Burrows did. and 3) Engelland didn’t just take a dumb penalty right before instigating a fight.

  • Burnward

    Vancouver Canucks, as classless as ever.

    It’s fitting that after their fans hurled stones at us last game, they watch their own team embarrass themselves in the final minutes tonight. Too bad their “toughness” involves cheap shots and sucker punches.

  • Kybb79

    If we had GIO,Bouma and Diaz this series would be 3-0!!!! I love it when Bieksa gives the puck away and we score lol I guess lack couldn’t get his dad tickets to the game! He would have cried when we ran Eddie! I can’t believe how Vancouver is the most classless team in the NHL! Bunch of back stabbing cowards! CANADA HATES YOU VANCOUVER CANUCKS!

  • wot96

    Think about this in a couple years…Ferland on LW with Bennett at Centre. If they can find a playmaker or a sniper on the right side that line would be sick.

    Great game tonight. I am really, pleasantly, surprised how much the Flames stepped it up for the playoffs.

  • beloch

    I was happy to see Ferland showing enough smarts not to drop the gloves against Dorsett tonight. Dorsett fooled him in game #2, and Ferland nearly turned the tables on him this game. Good on him.

    This game was exactly what the Flames needed to get back in this series. They split the possession with the Canucks, but played far more physically (and cleanly) throughout the game. Ferland was an engine of mayhem all over the ice and Bennett was excellent too. Brodie made the Sedins look foolish on several occasions.

    While the Flames probably didn’t show the most class by starting a line-brawl last game, the deliberate attempts at injury against star players by the Canucks this game have taken the violence in this series to a new, and ugly, level. Hartley can start as many line brawls as he wants, but I sincerely hope he never sends players out head-hunting the way Desjardins did tonight. Winning the series would be great, but some things are just not worth doing.

  • Captain Ron

    “They beat the visiting Vancouver Canucks 4-1 to take a 2-1 series lead in their Western Conference quarter-final.”

    The final score was 4-2 in favour of Calgary.

  • trox

    Some very positive developments with Schlemko. Ice time is trending up: 10:34, 15:30, 16:26 in games 1, 2 and 3. This is great news. He’s been playing well and Hartley’s starting to trust him. Ideally this will translate into less Engelland.

    • trox

      In all fairness, schlemko received the increased ice times in games 2 and 3 since both games were pretty much decided well before time ran out. Watching schlemko tonight, I would not really use the words “playing well” to describe his game as there were a few questionable passes he made which lead to some bad turnovers. I would want wotherspoon playing more minutes than either schlemko or Potter just to have a taste of what he can bring.

    • everton fc

      Engelland’s played well in this series. And helped us get here by being able to step up most nights with his increased ice-time. He get’s bashed a lot, but he’s a character guy who gives 100% out there, and will always stick up for his teammates.

      You won’t see less of Engelland, as he’s a better d-man than Schlemko, at present. But I, too, believe Schlemko’s improving, and all continue to improve with increased ice time and trust from Hartley and the staff. Truthfully, they have no choice.

      Wotherspoon didn’t knock it out of the park last night. This may sound “mad”, and perhaps is… But I wonder how Ramage would do in that Potter/Wotherspoon role? And how long is Diaz out??