Canucks recall Sven Baertschi

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks need goals. They need more of an offensive push from all over their lineup. They need Sven.

On Tuesday the club announced the recall of forward Sven Baertschi from the AHL’s Utica Comets. Based on the timing of the recall – immediately before the club takes to the ice for the game-day skate on Tuesday – we can assume that he’s in Calgary, and prepared to go in Game 4 if the Canucks decide they need him.

This could be a key tweak for a Canucks team that has, despite rolling four lines in a balanced fashion in this series, seen their depth forward lines struggle to win the territorial battle behind the Sedin twins. Baertschi’s impact on puck possession has generally been mixed, but depending on where he lines up, he could help fatten up Vancouver’s forward depth.

That is, of course, if his recall isn’t in reaction to an injury that we don’t yet know about, which actually seems more likely. We’ll presumably know more once the Canucks take the ice for their game-day skate in Calgary.

  • Kybb79

    Unless Vrbata or Daniel is coming out with an injury, I don’t think Baertschi is the kind of Comets call-up we need for this series. I’d prefer Archibald – 6’3, hits, goes to the net.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Yes it can. And since Sven informed Flames management he would not be re-signing with them in the offseason, whined and cried about his usage ever since his first call-up, daddy whining to Swiss media..on and on… the hockey Gods will be ok with Ferland smashing him into the boards all night long rendering him utterly useless.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    This makes me nervous.

    Does Sven have any impact in this series and make BT have a tinge of regret that he didn’t ship Sven to say, Philly for a 3rd instead of Vancouver for a 2nd for precisely these occasions?

    Or is Sven going to be a non-factor? You know he’s going to have an extra gear against the Flames.

  • Kybb79

    You Nuck fans don’t know Sven.Hit him once he disappears and he is kinda slow.Please Willy play him let Sven show the world why he never made the Flames team.

    • Colin.S

      It’d be nice to be Sven to the test and see what we have. He could disappear after a big hit or it could fire him up. There is no dispuing his talent but there is question about his heart. If Sven shows some attitude, fire and hard work ethic then he could be an all-world players in the near future. That’s a tall order but he as that upside.

      Honestly, I would’ve liked Grenier, DeFazio or Archibald to get the call over Sven…although it wouldn’t quite be right to have them debut in game 4 of a series.

      • Ruprecht

        Travis Green has done nothing but send NHL ready combatants/spark plugs our way from Utica. If he plays tonight, he’s ready.

        I get what he was in Calgary, but I have faith in what Green is doing in our farm system. Anybody on your list would probably provide a jump.

        It would be a great story if Sven took the ball and ran with it. This would be the ideal moment in his career to do so.

    • So who is most likely to lay that big hit this series that makes him disappear? There’s so many possibilities to choose from! 🙂 Will it be Ferland, Bennett, Colborne, Bollig, Stajan, Russell, Wideman… ?

      • RedMan

        Maybe the goon Backlund. I have to chuckle at Backlund who is obviously making a major effort to up his physical game in the post season. It just warms the heart to see our dear Backis playing the body and being chippy/chirpy. seriously – more than once Ive had to rewind to see if it was actually backlund. He has zlowly become a very solid journeyman nhl’er. Maybe we will even find he has a few Lankow-like years ahead of him as he is just sniffing the border of his prime. Glad the Flames had patience w him, glad he stuck with it and proved himself (unlike sven).

  • Colin.S

    I loved the kid as a prospect and still wish he gets a heck of an NHL career, just not during this series. Here’s to hoping he plays like the Baertschi that showed up the first 10 games of Adirondacks season.

  • Colin.S

    I hope that this move is only to play mind games with the Flames. While I believe Baertschi can add a scoring element that is definitely missing, it’s more like motivating the Canucks to get revenge: Baertschi for his experience in Calgary and the rest of the Canucks to get revenge for Game #1/3 losses and the Game #2 brawl.

    • RedMan

      this is the type of mind game the Flames like – bring in a player who has something to prove, but who we know has attitude issues, plays in one zone, and disappears when checking gets tight – please play him!!!

      He may well turn out to be found money for Vancouver, and if so, good on you. as a Flames fan I watched this degenerate into a no-win situation for the Flames, partially because Burke opened his disgusting skoal flavored pie hole, but mostly because of Sven; after scoring those 3 or 4 goals in the last 5 games of the season, he showed up the following spring expecting to be automatically in, and was miffed and pouted because he was expected to play in the preseason prospect tournament.
      Not only did he pout, but he reportedly showed up out of shape.

      Of course we all know Sven has offensive skills, but he needs to play in all three zones. If you have been paying attention to the Flames during this series, there is one thing you have to concede – all players play hard in all 3 zones – everyone plays their roles, and everyone is is top conditioning.

      Sven, instead of finding his way, pouted and sulked, played like crap up and down, had his dad complaining to the news paper how the flames weren’t using him right (as he was in the minors), and ultimately asked for a trade.

      for the sake of the Flames, I hope he doesn’t work out, but I really have no issues if he does – good for the ‘nucks and for Sven. Given the Flames success in the draft the last 5 years – I have guarded confidence in their ability to make hay with the pick, but Sven was going nowhere where he was.

      But i will say – good luck with the attitude and entitlement (which you may or may not see, has he grown up?) I will be curious and watching closely on how he does in all three zones and how he handles the physical game.

      • The Real Slim Brodie

        We remember a Cody Hodgson who was the same way. And he went on… to score four goals this year 🙁

        Yeah, the Flames have the more impressive young group of forwards (that’s what sucking for five + years will do for you). It’ll be interesting to see if the Canucks can do anything to stop the home run pass that Calgary’s young legs rely on. Normally, I would say an NHL defence can do it. But Bieksa and Sbisa are horrible and I worry that this is impacting Hamhuis and Weber; Edler and Tanev.

        No one in Canucksville genuinely thought we were about to make Cup run. But no one thought Calgary would have such a decisive mental edge over Vancouver given the experience we have. But that isn’t holding true. And that’s because Ferland is running around and doing his thing. And we have NO ONE that can match that. We did (Kassian) but he’s done for the year.

      • Flames Fan in Van

        What happened to Jeff?

        Avatar #3 Jeff In Lethbridge
        August 20 2013, 09:10AM
        Trash it!
        considering the rebuild mentality of the Flames, I expect guys like Sven to get lots of opportunity and ice time, while getting relatively sheltered… meaning good points.

        50+ is my guess…

  • Reidja

    A skilled but soft rookie entering a playoff series that is ramping up in intensity and aggression…count me as one who isn’t paying this much mind.

    If it weren’t for his history with the Flames, I doubt many of us would give this a second look. Sure, it would a real bitter twist of irony if he were to seize the moment and strongly impact a game. Maybe that happens. But I expect a more likely scenario where he’s a total non-factor, like he proved to be so many times in a Flames uniform.

  • MontanaMan

    That move will strike fear in the heart of the Flames. With Sven, the Sedins and Vrbata in the same lineup, nobody will want to touch the puck in the defensive and neutral zones.

    • Burrows was helped off the ice during the morning skate. Sven was officially called up earlier in the day and is in fact in town. Considering Utica is getting ready for the playoffs, I doubt the plan happened just today.

      Richardson is supposedly injured. I hope Sven doesn’t play because he will be talked about more than Ronnie Kenins or Lack’s dad, or The many amazing players on the Canucks.

      CBC would probably pay the Nucks just to be able to say his name 3 or 4 times per period, playing or not.

  • beloch

    Flames fan here.

    Baertschi is not a possession driver. He’s a soft-minutes scorer. That’s what he was talking about when he said the Flames wanted him to be something he wasn’t (i.e. a two-way player). Put him with a couple of possession driving linemates and start him in the offensive zone against the opponent’s weakest line and he’ll do fine. Play him with average players in average circumstances and he’ll likely be pretty ineffectual.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    Hello Seri…are the canucks going to show up before this series is over???… no they are over rated cheap shot artists..ask me a question you dont already know