Johnny Gaudreau Named Finalist For Calder

Throughout his hockey career, Johnny Gaudreau has turned heads and earned accolades. He amassed a stellar resume through his USHL and NCAA tenures.

Following a whirlwind first National Hockey League season, the Calgary Flames rookie has added to that resume, being named one of three finalists for the Calder Trophy. Aaron Ekblad of the Florida Panthers and Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators are the other two finalists, as announced by the NHL earlier this evening.

Gaudreau was shaky in his first few NHL outings, eventually getting scratched by Flames head coach Bob Hartley, seemingly in a last-ditch effort to help him figure things out. Gaudreau had two points in his first game back, and ended up with 64 points over 80 games – tied for the rookie scoring crown with Ottawa’s Mark Stone.

If he wins, Gaudreau would be (a) the first USHL alumnus to win the Calder since fellow Dubuque Fighting Saints alumnus Gary Suter, and (b) the sixth Flames player to win it, following Eric Vail (1975), Willi Plett (1977), Suter (1986), Joe Nieuwendyk (1988) and Sergei Makarov (1990).

  • I do seriously hope he wins it. I know Stone made a huge push at the end of the season, and obviously I’m a little bias, but Johnny played for an (arguably) worse team and defied the odds of his size to be one of the biggest difference makers in the NHL this year

  • Christian Roatis

    Mark Stone being in the East and doing everything in the second half (so it’s fresh in everyone’s memory) might just push him over the top.

    Personally, I think a full season of excellence should outweigh 3 months of it. I’d have both Gaudreau and Ekblad head of Stone, who also experienced the NHL in 2(!) previous seasons. Also, besides the obvious size challenges, Gaudreau went from a 40-some game college schedule straight to the 82 game grind. In fact, over the course of Gaudreau’s 3 years in college, he played 119 games while in the same span, Ekblad played 175 and Stone skated in 180 contests.

  • RKD

    Johnny hockey should win, he played consistently well all season. Stone got really hot down the stretch but that was only half the season. Ekblad had a shot but the Panthers missed the playoffs!

  • RKD

    Let us hope that American Sportswriters vote for an American College kid who overcame a lot of naysayers to become an elite NHLer in his fist season. As Joe Newy said he has the “Wow Factor”

  • MattyFranchise

    Ekblad wins hands down! Plays tougher position & is 3 yrs younger to boot. Ottawa doesn’t make playoffs without Stone carrying them. Johnny doesn’t compare in my opinion!

  • MattyFranchise

    I thought for sure that Forsberg would have been one of the finalists. They’re gonna give it to Ekblad though, an 18 year old defenseman doing awesome on a bubble team trumps high scoring wingers methinks.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Such a good player. He deserves Calder for sure. To our luck maybe we will have a team that can compete with you guys soon. Bring battle of alberta back please!!!!!!!

  • Kybb79

    Congrats to the kid, he’s a phenomenal player.

    Couldn’t someone have come up with a better nickname though? Johnny Hockey?

    I mean, let’s call Jim Carey “Jimmy Comedian” and William Shatner “Willy Bad Actor”.

    I just wish it was a little more creative…