Playoff Post-Game: Wasted Chances

The Calgary Flames moseyed into Vancouver this evening, hoping for a victory over the Canucks and to propel themselves into the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Unfortunately for the Flames, that opportunity was wasted as the Canucks played their third straight strong game at Rogers Arena and eked out a narrow 2-1 victory over the Flames. It was narrow on the scoreboard, but the Canucks carried the play for the majority of the contest and if not for some really strong goaltending from Jonas Hiller, the game could’ve been much more one-sided.

Game 6 goes Saturday night in Calgary.


The Flames opened the scoring early, with Matt Stajan’s forecheck creating a turnover, allowing him to set up David Jones for a goal to make it 1-0. The Canucks poured it on, though, and the Flames were lucky to get through the period up a goal. Shots were 17-8 for Vancouver.

The Canucks continued to pile on the chances in the second. The Flames nearly made it through the period unscathed, but a lapse in coverage allowed Nick Bonino to unleash a hard shot that beat Jonas Hiller and tie the game at 1-1. Shots were 17-8, again, for Vancouver.

After a few games being relatively quiet, the Sedins connected early in the third. Daniel Sedin beat Jonas Hiller after a rapid-fire start to the third period by the Canucks. The Flames came back and tried to get stuff going, but they just could not get pucks to the net in the necessary amount. Shots were 9-5 Vancouver in the third.


They got out-shot by a metric ton. They got out-chanced by nearly that amount, too. The game could’ve been a lot worse if not for Jonas Hiller being as sharp as he was.

When Vancouver has last change, they can use that to make a team’s life miserable in terms of match-ups. That’s what they did tonight.


Jonas Hiller made 41 saves. He’s your man. And also give a stick-tap to Mikael Backlund, who led the Flames with six shots on net.



The Flames had a chance to advance tonight. They did not do so.

They have a second chance to advance at home on Saturday night in the form of Game 6. Let’s hope we see a better sixty minutes of hockey out of them.

  • cgyokgn

    What a no show , embarrassing,c’mon show some heart

    Brutal effort across the board

    Steinberg’s tweets are about as interesting as a cereal box – be witty, be insightful, be interesting, ……be something other than a stat geek replay post.

  • cgyokgn

    Can’t really fault the Flames too much. Hiller played fantastic. Vancouver just seems to be a much better team with they have the last change, allowing them to stifle Calgary with favorable match-ups for important faceoffs as well as in the dying seconds of the game. They also seem to play with more confidence in front of their home crowd.

    Up until now, Vancouver has done everything in their power to contain our top line. So far, they’ve succeeded, and if they continue to do so, this series could come down to the wire.

    • Skuehler

      Before this game, the Canucks weren’t doing much line matching. They just rolled the 4 lines and 3 pairings. Now they are playing the Sedins more (~20 mins tonight vs ~17 mins in games 1 and 2). They’ll probably play the Sedins even more in game 6 as the Flames have last change.

  • beloch

    To the surprise of absolutely noone, the Canucks didn’t go down without a fight in front of a home-town crowd. The Sedins, in particular, were tremendous this evening. Desjardins threw them out power-on-power vs the Monahan line and, as a result, the Monahan line didn’t get a lot done.

    The Flames now have two more chances to put this series away. On Saturday Hartley will have last change and the ability to deploy the Monahan line against anyone but the Sedins. Game 6 is a must win, because the Flames do not want to go back to Vancouver again. It’s also a must-win becuase I picked the Flames in 6. C’mon guys, don’t make me a liar!

    • MonsterPod

      The Monahan line just needs to step up. Through the month of March, both at home and away, they were finding ways to get it done and be the best line in the NHL.

      Saturday night, our top trio needs to raise their game, whether facing the twins or not.

      The Flames played a careful game last night and got burned. Tomorrow night, they need to smell blood in the water and attack.

      Last night felt like a November game. The refs have really reeled this thing in with ninny calls like the one against Ferland in the first.

      Personally, I think it sucks. New York suits who can’t skate are doing too much dictating to the detriment of the fans, the players, and the nature of the sport.

      I believe in you, boys. Let’s get ‘er done Saturday. Refs, do your job and nothing more.


  • Toofun

    man what a blatant hit to the head by bennett on weber. Dirty play.
    remember when you were all complaining about the hit to the head on bennett from hamhuis? funny how you don’t feel the same when it’s the flames as the aggressors

  • Toofun

    Sedins were strong and finally played 20 minutes. Vancouver is a better team with Richardson in the lineup. Horvat is good but Sven was average at best. But mostly, Calgary laid back after their early goal and didn’t get the forecheck going.

    Too many of our passes hits skates. Too many of our shots got blocked, went wide of the net or hit the post.

    We could have won this one. It went their way instead. We still have 2 more chances which gives Calgary at least 3:1 odds of moving ahead. It would be really nice to see this series end in game 6 on Saturday.

    • Toofun

      Now that Winnipeg is out we are starting to hear about how banged up they were and how many of their players were playing through some pretty tough injuries.

      • RedMan

        there’s little question that Hudler and Monahan are banged up. I think back to how Regehr cross checked Hudler three times in front of the net in the last game against the kings, and Hudler winced noticeably and left the ice. At the time i was afraid of a dislocated shoulder, but there was definitely an injury. Thanks Robyn!

        I don’t recall what might of happened to Monahan, but he has really struggled, and is not himself. They said he was sick at the beginning of the series, but there is definitely more then that.

        This is just the way the post season goes – every team faces it and other players need to step up, which they have… looking forward to game 6- Flames definitely benefit from last change, as do the canucks in Vancouver.

    • RedMan

      Fertilizer took some cheap shots and probably got benched. He got away with a very nasty charge on Edler too. All of a sudden the panelists aren’t jizzing themselves over Fertilizer.

      • RedMan

        Once again, Vancouver fans have proven how tasteless and childish they are, polluting the public with immature comments like this. Seriously, are all Vancouver fans Hastings Street graduates with gutter mouths and foulness?

        • RedMan

          What is wrong with Hastings St.? Are you refering to the addicts that populate it? Are you forgetting that the very player you are defending is a recovering addict?. I would expect a little bit more from someone who a few days ago went on a rant about using the “R” word.

          • MonsterPod

            You didn’t have to mention addiction, you mentioned Hasting St., which has the connotation of being addict central. You need not look to such a low opinion area to find people using colourful language. In general it takes a much more concious effort to not use colourful or neanderthal like, apologies to Kevin Bieksa, language. To claim that only Canuck fans have slung mud across these message boards is a silly notion. We Flames fans, myself included, have been just as much a part of the downward spiral of discourse over this last week or two.

          • RedMan

            did someone claim that only canucks fans have slung mud?

            trash talking is great – when it is witty and funny, but when it is jr.-high boys locker room talk that involves terms such as “jizzing yourself” it’s just plain vulgar, and doesn’t pass the “post like your mom is looking over your shoulder” test.

            I wasn’t defending Ferland btw, I was criticizing the vulgar talk. But since you mention it, Ferland has been fine – nothing wrong with his play.

            As for referencing Hastings street -I apologize again if this offended you. I sure didn’t mean to disparage the prostitutes, drug addicts or homeless people there… just comparing the foul, childish language to a place where such language may be more appropriate. did this cross the line?

        • Scary Gary

          every single person from every single place is exactly the same. just like every person of the same race and gender is the same. isn’t that how it works?

          • RedMan

            No, sorry.

            every person is NOT the same

            Some have character, respect,intelligence, and a grasp of their native tongue that allows them to utilize terms other the “jizzing themselves” in a public forum outside of a jr high locker room.

            I realize that for many, terms such as “jizzing” are common vernacular, and for the crowd that fits this description it is probably a waste of time to expect them to understand the inappropriateness of such comments – hence we are not all the same. Just like for some fans, beating up women who cheer for the other team is normal, but not for everyone. My best guess is that these crowds – the one’s who would use terms such as “jizzing themselves” in a public, mixed group and the crowd that beats up women at a hockey rink are one and the same crowd.

            like it says, post like your mother is looking over your shoulder. I know people want to trash talk and have fun, great, me too! a little class, a touch of wit and a developed sense of what equates to socially acceptable behaviour help. too bad some fans are so close to the gutter. Hastings specials.

    • Burnward

      I think it was more of an issue of the Canucks doing a better job of keeping moving. When his victims don’t set themselves up like sitting ducks Ferland is a lot less of a threat.

    • MonsterPod

      Ferland was going to burn out at some point. It happened last night you can’t keep running around like that. Its too much punishment on the body. Plus I think heartly could see the refs are finally seeing he’s been charging all series. Sorry flamers I think ferland hit the wall. Pun intended

  • scoopz

    Was I watching the same game as everyone else? aside from about 7 or 8 chances, the Canucks didn’t look dangerous at all. I think the Flames looked like they had much more extended zone pressure and appeared more dangerous than Van for much of the night despite the tilts in shots against.

    The ‘Nucks just didn’t seem that dangerous. They played well in their zone and the Flames didn’t capitalize on their chances.

  • CutterMcAwesome

    Passes werent crisp, took to much time to make the plays. Puck didnt seem to want to stick to anyones stick. Just put it behind you and smash em at home.

  • Greg

    I didn’t get to watch the whole game but we were manhandled in the parts that I saw. That is amazing Backlund managed to come out +7 corsi! Makes me wonder just how bad the rest of the team was!

    Tide definitely turned since Miller went in… Only 1 goal in 5 periods. Need that top line to get going again. I still think we’ll win it (probably in game 6), but we’re going to need a boost against Anaheim. Here’s hoping for a miracle comeback from Gio!

  • slapshot444

    Last night

    47 S. Baertschi L 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 – 0:00 0:00 8:57

    No shots, 8.57, no impact. I only saw one good play where he caused a turn over on the fore check. His release looked god but he missed the net by a mile.

    Just bought tickets for Saturday night,, 350 per,, ouch!!!!

    but worth every penny if we win

  • Backlund and Hiller were great. Not a lot to talk about otherwise.

    Hartley has to do something with the first line. Be it move it down the rotation or break them up because they’re just a disaster right now. I’m certain at least two of them are injured, but they’re just no good at even strength.

  • Burnward

    I agree the game wasn’t that lopsided. The boys got complacent, figured they could push back late. Wouldn’t be too concerned. They never seemed to be out of control out there, just not at 100%.

  • RedMan

    Very young team & learning how hard it is to close a best of 7. Like everything else this year, these playoffs are a phenomenal education that will serve them well in the future. We do not want to go back th Vanc for game 7, our playoffs continuation hinges around tomorrow night. No matter what, so proud of this team. Man it would be nice to see Bouma back in the lineup.

  • RedMan

    Am I disappointed we didn’t win in Vancouver – yes. That being said I think it was a really good learning and organizational progression moment. The team now more fully understands the pressure they will face in these scenarios, and that is invaluable for the team as we move forward. The next step is how we “recover” from this minor set back, regroup and react for Saturday. Based upon how the team has been most of the year – I am not overly concerned. They talked the right talk going in to Game 5, and now they have a better understanding on how they need to walk the walk in game 6.

  • MonsterPod

    While I thought that Vancouver carried the bulk of play overall (particularly in the second and early third periods), I didn’t think the game was as lopsided as a 43-21 shot tally would suggest. At the end of the first period, I was actually quite surprised that the Canucks had 17 shots on net.

    Both teams had multiple posts throughout the game, both goalies made some excellent and timely saves (albeit more for Hiller), and I believe that each team had at least one breakaway. As with game one and two, this one could have easily gone either way.

    If the Flames play game 6 like they did game 3 and 4, it should be theirs to lose.