Do Giordano (or Brodie) Merit Norris Consideration?

While the regular season is becoming a faint memory due to the craziness of the playoffs, the annual awards nominations are gradually trickling out from the regular season.


Two Calgary Flames defenders have factored into Norris discussions: Mark Giordano and T.J. Brodie.

Despite missing the final 21 games of the regular season with a bicep tear, Giordano put up 48 points and finished the season 13th among defenders in league scoring. All this despite playing some of the toughest minutes in the league all season long.

His compatriot, Brodie, didn’t put up nearly the offensive numbers as Giordano but was a crucial component of Calgary’s success on both sides of Giordano’s injury. Brodie had “just” 41 points over 81 games (24th in the NHL), but he really adjusted his game a lot late in the season; he switched from Giordano’s right side to Deryk Engelland’s left side and an offense-generating role to a more shut-down spot.

After two solid seasons, I fully expect Giordano to get a lot of Norris consideration (and for Brodie to get a few votes here and there). I don’t expect a nomination for either man, though. But when the voting is fully revealed in late June, expect Giordano to be really high in the voting, and for his absence to have created arguably the tightest, most contentious Norris race in decades.

Via War-On-Ice, a quick chart with a few selected Norris contenders for your consideration:


Giordano gets the toughest competition of this group, some of the worst zone-starts, yet had some of the best possession results relative to the rest of his club. And Brodie’s not that far off, despite having slightly easier competition and slightly worse zone starts than Giordano.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    I don’t see them getting nominated, but I definitely want to tip the hat to Brody, he’s an amazing defenceman, he reminds me a lot of Niedermayer.

  • KiLLKiND

    wow Erik Karlsson faces the weakest competition and always in the O zone. If he wins it proves once and for all that being the best defencemen doesn’t matter if you don’t have sky high point totals like a forward.

  • MontanaMan

    For my money, the best defenceman in the league is Shea Weber. Plays in all situations; strong in all zones; goals/assists; hits; fights; and leads his team. The media is swayed by Karlsson’s highlight goals but ignore his defensive liabilities. This same recognition goes for Subban and Letang.

    As far as the question goes: Should Gio merit Norris consideration, my answer is no. You can’t miss 25% of the year and receive an award. Does Gio have the skillset for the award? Absolutely, based on my description of Weber, Gio brings the same to the Flames. If he can stay healthy, there’s no reason that he isn’t a Norris candidate next year. Ditto for Brodie in 2 or 3 years.

  • Erico

    Damn, If Gio didn’t get hurt, we could have legitimately had a Norris, Calder and Jack Adams all in the same year, amazing.

    I really believe Brodie will get a Norris in his career.

  • MattyFranchise

    Before Gio went down I would have said he was the favorite but now that he is unfortunately no longer in the running due to his injury I have to give the nod to Brodie. Seriously, he’s been boat anchored with both Engelland and Schlemko since Gio went down, has played both sides in the same game multiple times and is still a leader in creating scoring chances and still playing a remarkable game.

    I honestly believe that Brodie will get his Norris nod a lot sooner than many people think.

    My only question is: did Gio have a positive effect on Brodie or was it the other way around? Either way in my mind, this was the best D-pairing in the league all season.

        • beloch

          I don’t know what I meant 🙂
          Anyway, in my opinion, the trophies are overrated. Personally I feel that the overall acknowledgement and respect that the Brodano pairing has received during this season from other teams and their fans is what really matters. I do want to say one thing about Doughty. Although one player can’t carry a team, the reigning champs still missed the playoffs.
          If I was to choose one, I’d pick Subban just because he’s fun to watch.

  • RKD

    Karlsson and Subban are terrible d-man, they are just offensive players who make high risk plays. They are so weak defensively they have to be paired with a shutdown guy like Methot and Markov. Gio is vastly superior in both categories, he is so strong on his own he make his other d partners better. It’s time the voting members include players who were injured. Gio’s play was strong enough to warrant a nomination. If he did not go down the Norris would be his, hands down.