Faceoff Breakdown – Round 1

One man who is being heavily praised by Flames fans and pundits after the series’ end is Matt Stajan. Not only did Stajan score the series-clinching goal, he also was crucial in shutting down the Sedins in the six-game series.

One huge way he shut down the Sedins was his face-off dominance, as Stajan had the highest face-off winning percentage of any regular center in the series.

A full breakdown is after the jump!


(all draws)
34 taken
20-14 VAN
19 taken
12-7 VAN
60 taken
35-25 CGY
6 taken
4-2 CGY
2 taken
2-0 VAN
47 taken
28-19 VAN
12 taken
10-2 CGY
13 taken
8-5 CGY
3 taken
3-0 CGY
3 taken
3-0 CGY
17 taken
10-7 VAN
17 taken
12-5 VAN
11 taken
8-3 CGY
8 taken
7-1 VAN
3 taken
2-1 CGY
13 taken
7-6 VAN
12 taken
6-6 tie
12 taken
6-6 tie
4 taken
3-1 CGY
2 taken
2-0 VAN
2 taken
2-0 CGY
1 taken
1-0 VAN
n/a 2 taken
2-0 CGY
n/a 16.7%
(all draws)
43.3% 47.6% 61.0% 53.3% 50.0%

The Good: Stajan was superb, winning (or tying) every match-up. In particular, he was the main Flame who tangled with Henrik Sedin and he won well over half their draws – a figure that is skewed mostly towards home, as the Canucks got Sedin out against Sean Monahan quite often. Josh Jooris was also quietly effective in a depth role, as he was all season long, as the team’s only consistent right-handed center.

The Bad: Sean Monahan was so-so, winning only 43% of his draws after being Calgary’s most consistent face-off guy all season. Instead, he was easily their worst and his struggles likely contributed to the tough sledding the top line faced all series. Mikael Backlund was better, but also not particularly good. He dominated Nick Bonino, but so did every Flame not named Monahan. Yes, Monahan couldn’t regularly beat Vancouver’s worst centers this series.

The Look Ahead: For the curious, Anaheim’s primary centers:

  • Ryan Kesler won 63.3% of his draws
  • Ryan Getzlaf won 53.3%.
  • Rickard Rakell won 47.9%.
  • Tomas Fleischmann won 43.8% (over 2 games).
  • Andrew Cogliano won 45.4%.

Calgary has another tough series ahead of them.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    I think Monahan started the series injured from the LA game and that dramatically limited his effectiveness. By game 6, however, some healing had occurred. I wonder what his F.O. % was game by game. If he improved later in the series.

    Also, I think Calgary needs to add size to its lineup. Hopefully Bouma is back soon?? Should Wolf be inserted for Raymond?

    Any opinions??

    • MonsterPod

      Yes, but Ferland has been a nice addition to the Flames beef…has he played any games against Anaheim? Hope to see Bouma back at some point, but not Wolf unless Ferland gets injured….

      • The GREAT Walter White

        From the very small sample size I have seen of Wolf I would say that his impact in the NHL will be nowhere near as positive as Ferland’s

        He is older, his skating is nothing like Ferland, he does not have the hands, his hockey sense isn’t nearly as strong and from YouTube videos; Ferland is the better fighter……..


  • MonsterPod

    Am I the only one here who wants to kiss Bob Hartley on the mouth?

    Let’s take a moment to pinch ourselves.

    We just defeated the dirty Nucks in the first round of the playoffs.

    We’re now about to play the Ducks in round two.

    I live in LA. I will be there for game one. Ticket is already printed.

    In 35 years in Cowtown, the Flames have only made it out of the first round 3 times — that’s how hard it is.

    We’re now in round two in 2015. This is so much fun.


  • MonsterPod

    Sidenote: I’m stuck.

    My current jersey is a #4 Bouwmeester. Clearly, I need a new one.

    Do I get a Monahan, Bennett, Gaudreau, or Brodie?

    Bennett’s number is likely to change; that’s the danger.

    I’m inclined to get a #13 and just put HOCKEY on the back.


  • MonsterPod

    This site is so sleepy.

    At times the Oilers Nation has 400+ posts, especially when the coach is getting fired… again.

    But here we have ten. Snore……….

    • MonsterPod

      Do you want 400 versions of a spare parts for Shea webber trade or 400 McJESUS! Posts.

      P.S. get Brodie on your jersey, by far the best and most important player on the club now and until his contract runs out.