Jiri Hudler and Micheal Ferland Leave Game 1 With Injuries

The hits just keep on comin’ for the Calgary Flames.

In addition to the 6-1 spanking they experienced at the hands of the mighty Anaheim Ducks, they also saw two key pieces of the puzzle leave the game due to injuries.

Wingers Micheal Ferland and Jiri Hudler both left the game and did not return. Ferland left the game after the 18:30 mark of the first period, while Hudler disappeared following the first four minutes of the second period.

The Flames are traveling with three extra forwards by my recollection: Mason Raymond, Markus Granlund and David Wolf. We’ll have an update on Hudler and Ferland when one becomes available.

  • RedMan

    Tough to see those two go down, our top scorer and best physical presence. Hope they are OK and can get back quick. In the meantime will need others to step up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wolf and Granlund. If that is not successful may have to look at optimal speed line-up back in Calgary.

    Calgary got pushed around all night and hits mostly bouncing off. That and too loose coverage in front of the net it was a long night.

    I was surprised Anaheim only got a 2-minute penalty on the Gaudreau hit, that was ugly. Anaheim looked good all-around and outhit, out-skated and out-competed all night. Flames will be better. GFG!

  • Even if Flames get blown out this series it will be a very good learning experience for the young players and a good measuring stick for management.

    Playing a cup contending team in the 2nd round playoffs will show the players first hand what it will take to win and it will only get harder as the playoffs get deeper.

    • Burnward

      ..and this game will send the message to Burkie to lean on Treleving to get more truculence in the lineup next season…

      It will be difficult for the Flames to withstand that kind of pounding for 4 or more games…but it was only game one and it takes 4 games to win!

  • Burnward

    Man I wish they had Gio. Still amazing they’ve done all this without him.

    They really need their goaltending to bail them out this series, but both were horrid last night. Didn’t get a lot of help, but Hiller…BLAH.

  • Burnward

    When Jones pinballed a Duck off his head, Ferland looked like a boxer hit by a knockout punch. Reminded me of how John Cornish looked taking blows to the head. Hope he is ok… concussions can be reoccurring.

  • Burnward

    As per the Hartley post game conference. He said that Gaudreau was kept off the ice the entire 3rd period due to the score.

    The two handed,(non call again) slash by getzlaf to Hudler’s wrist didn’t help with him not coming back and when the “F” Train left, the game clearly went downhill from there. With all of these guys out, is just more adversity for the boys to battle through, oh yeah, and the picks too. (ahem….Perry?)

    Wouldn’t it be a different feel if Bouma, Gio and Ferlund were all healthy?

    Who’s in net for Game 2?