Don’t Panic Until After Game 3

The Calgary Flames return home tomorrow for the first second round game in the Scotiabank Saddledome this season – and since 2004. The ‘Dome will undoubtedly be a loud and raucous place.

But there’s also a chance it could be filled with a small tinge of panic.

Here’s why I’m not completely worried for the Flames quite yet.


Home Away
Monahan +1 -9.8
Gaudreau +1 -5.4
Hudler +1 -10
Jooris +0.7 +2.7
Bollig -0.7 +1.4
Ferland -3 +0.3
Raymond -3 -1.0
Jones -3.3 +2.7
Stajan -4.7 +0.8
Bennett -6 +0.3
Backlund -7.3 +3
Colborne -7.7 -1
Granlund n/a -0.5
Wolf n/a -4
Shore n/a +8


Home Away
Brodie even -0.6
Schlemko even +3
Wotherspoon -3.7 +4.3
Wideman -4.7 -4.8
Engelland -6 -3.2
Russell -7 -8.4
Potter n/a +2


Well, who creates offense for Calgary? Primarily the team’s top players: Monahan, Gaudreau, Hudler and Brodie, with a smattering of depth guys here and there.

On the road, the Canucks and Ducks were both effective at isolating and frustrating Calgary’s top line, to the point where the only players that are in the black in terms of Corsi events are the fourth line and the bottom defensive pairing. All due respect to them – they have scored goals in the NHL – if I’m Vancouver or Anaheim, I’m not exactly quivering.

At home, the Flames aren’t exactly piling up the chances, but the game-to-game and line-by-line disparity isn’t nearly as massive. The Monahan line is able to generate stuff rather than getting their heads kicked in. And the Flames are able to decide who eats up the tough minutes at home, which is why you see specific players with rough home Corsi numbers. And, to the surprise of nobody, they’re largely the guys you probably don’t mind too much going up against the top guys on the other team.

Now, the challenge will be trying to shut down two really good Anaheim Ducks line. Even if you can get in the way of Getzlaf and Perry, you have to get past Ryan Kesler’s line, too.

It won’t be easy, but this season, nothing has been for this group.

Now, if the Ducks can take over the first game in Calgary, then I would start to get worried.

  • everton fc

    Just wondering here… what are the rumors on what the flames will pick @ 15 (unless they beat the ducks)

    What player do you like in that range?
    What would you guys draft? Dman? Center? Winger?

    • redhot1

      You must be an oiler fan whose pick depends on where the Flames finish relative to the pick oilers got from Pittsburgh….we are still in the playoffs dude and not thinking of draft picks since November 1st!

      • redhot1

        Yes I’m an Oiler fan, for me it doesnt matter if we pick 15 or 16 honestly, its just ONE spot.

        I’m just wondering what players the flames are interented in the latter part of the first round, that is all.

          • piscera.infada

            More to my previous post, I would prefer the Flames to stick where they are in the first (wherever that ends up). Then, they can use those picks to move around in the second round and get the player(s) they really want there–cost isn’t as high, and there is some great projected second-round talent (especially on defense).

            That’s just my opinion, of course.

        • piscera.infada

          The player that intrigues me the most in that range (based on recent mock-drafts) is Kylington. Kid was extremely highly touted prior to this year. He’s slid due to injury and other players coming seemingly out of nowhere.

          Frankly, I hope that pick isn’t at 15, but Anaheim is a great team and they’re clearly on a mission. The experience our young players are gaining from this “run” will be extremely valuable whether they make the playoffs again next year or not.

          • piscera.infada

            What’s your beef?

            Generally when I hear scouting reports praise a defenseman’s skating, it piques my interest. Add to that fact that he’s been playing against men in Sweden, it interests me more.

            I like Barzal too, but he’ll be gone before 15 methinks.

            “Exceptionally poised, mature, two-way defenseman…handles the puck well and likes to join the rush…plays with impressive confidence and is absolutely fearless with the puck on his stick…doesn’t possess a bomb of a shot, but knows how to put the puck on target…quite impressive top speed and acceleration, especially in offensive situations…not overly big and has some defensive positioning issues to sort out…minute-munching ability as this kid just has ice water flowing through his veins. (August 2014)”

            From Future Considerations

          • Burnward

            I like the other kids more from what I saw at the U-18’s. Well, not Konecny…but both Barzal and Guryanov were awesome.

            I think Konecny can score goals, they need more of that in the pipeline.

          • piscera.infada

            Fair enough. Personally, I’d be taking a couple of solid defense prospects at the top of this draft if I were the Flames. Again, just my opinion.

            Any right-shot forward like Barzal or Konecny would be a solid addition as well, but if there’s a high-ceiling defenseman there for the taking, you have to take him.

  • everton fc

    Flames have a better record at home against the Ducks than in Anaheim….I have no doubt they will win game 3 in Calgary….Ducks will be gasping for air at the higher altitude!

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Ps im kidding sounds like a brodie…excited for our team to fill the d the same way we filled center…then we just need rw …goalies are coming

  • RKD

    The Flames have not made it tough on Andersen, too many shots from the perimeter. They need bodies in front, go to the dirty areas take some punishment and bang in an ugly goal. I think they will be better tomorrow night, we still haven’t seen the Flames bring their A game to the series yet. Game 3 will be a great opportunity to do so.