Flames Make Line-Up Changes Prior To Game 3

In news that probably shouldn’t be terribly shocking given they’re down 2-0 in their series, the Calgary Flames have made some line-up changes prior to Game 3 against the Anaheim Ducks.

This is per reports from those at morning skate today.

This means that Tyler Wotherspoon is out, and if Michael Ferland does slot in, it’ll likely be David Wolf that comes out.

Per our pal Pat Steinberg of Sportsnet 960 The Fan, lines from practice:

Gaudreau – Monahan – Hudler
Ferland – Stajan – Jones
Bennett – Backlund – Colborne
Bollig – Jooris – Raymond

Russell – Wideman
Brodie – Engelland
Schlemko – Diaz

Long story short: Bob Hartley appears to be dancing with the line-up that got him to the dance.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I absolutely agree with this ^

    Ferland, Backlund and Jones are probably our best bets against that monstrous first line. Welcome back Diaz! At least he can play regular shifts.


    • Craig

      Any thoughts on the line up tonight? Or is talking about playoff hockey a little boring?

      Sorry, we’re not ready to talk about the draft here, might want to go back to Oilers Nation.

      • Burnward

        My opinion on how this playoff hockey series will end is not talking about playoff hockey? But if you insist, unless Nieuwendyk, Roberts and MacInnis are coming out of retirement – the Flames roster tonight is similar to the one that was beat like a rented mule in the first two games. Oh and get that burn in your backend checked out – could be serious.

          • Burnward

            Sorry but having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent is not my thing and my amazing Mom passed away almost ten years ago following a brutal battle with cancer. Heading out to cast my vote in the Provincial Election. Something I strongly suggest you should do once you reach the legal voting age. Enjoy the game!

          • Burnward

            Don’t make it personal man; if you want to troll on here I don’t mind, but if you want to talk trash you have to be willing to take it back.

            It’s all in good fun.

            Sorry for your loss. Take care.

          • Rockmorton65

            Dude, “Yo mamma” jokes aren’t personal. No need to make them.

            Oh, by the way, if your mother didn’t have cancer, that makes you the biggest douche of all time. That includes Kanye (think about that)

            I think Diaz could bring a different look from the D tonight. Looking forward to seeing how he performs.

  • Burnward

    Work to get at least more shot at breaking the Anaheim curse!

    This team should be better next year with the likes of Bouma, Byron and Gio back and the kids a year closer to being seasoned men.

  • Rockmorton65

    Anaheim should spot Calgary “2” right off the bat or get perry to snipe a quick few goals……..just to make this more of a series and let the fans have something to cheer for!

    I hope Anaheim only plays getzy and perry under 5 minutes tonight……so that we have a chance….go flames

  • Rockmorton65

    Its Hockey , its game we love. Leave the personal stuff out , we have all
    had loss and grief and i feel for all of us that have, me included.

    enjoy great Hockey.

    Move to Edmonton. Yes i am an Oil fan , that was my jab.

    Go flames , i do hope you make a series of this, you have played so hard this year. No i dont want you to win the cup ! but play hard and win this series.

    Any hey – From E-town, thanks for knocking the Nucks out.

  • Rockmorton65

    And I’m done with this site if our closet Oiler fans for mods don’t give a rip enough to keep our boards somewhat free of Oiler trolls.
    Ps- the GameDay thread being buried 5 articles back doesn’t help anything.
    Do your job guys