Signs Of Life, Three Games In

So, the Calgary Flames won last night. The game itself was pretty even and pretty nerve-wracking for both sides. The Ducks had a chance to go up 3-0. The Flames had a chance to keep themselves alive in the series. Shots were even, and the Flames actually won the possession battle via a 57-45 Corsi advantage.

How did player performance shake out in that respect to other games this series?

We have the breakdown after the jump!


G1 G2 G3
Gaudreau -10 +3 -3
Monahan -12 -10 -5
Hudler -1 -3 -4
Bennett -3 +1 +3
Backlund +5 -2 -1
Colborne +1 -5 -2
Ferland -3
Stajan -1 +1 -1
Jones +3 -2 -1
Bollig +5 +7 +4
Shore +7
Jooris E +11 +2
Raymond +4 +3
Wolf -4
Granlund +5

Some of Hartley’s Game 2 line shuffling becomes evident here, particularly with Gaudreau’s numbers really improving once he got away from Sean Monahan. Monahan’s numbers have been the worst among Flames forwards all series, and I presume he’s still feeling the ill-effects of some manner of malady, because he’s usually much better than this.

That said, the entire team was pretty “meh” in Game 1 and really recovered in Game 2, and basically everybody beyond the top line has respectable even-strength numbers. As we saw last night, if the depth guys can start potting some goals, this could become a series.


G1 G2 G3
Russell -13 -11 -13
Wideman -11 -2 -10
Brodie +1 +8 +10
Engelland E -2 +3
Schlemko +8 +1 +7
Wotherspoon +9 +5
Diaz +3

Well, guess which pairing gets the Getzlaf/Perry line? Russell and Wideman haven’t been amazing, but T.J. Brodie has been superb this series, in a combination with Engelland and Schlemko. The addition of Diaz gives the Flames a bit more of a veteran kick on the back-end, but against lesser NHL competition in the playoffs, Wotherspoon did just fine.

I suspect this will continue to be the performance pattern we see throughout the rest of this series, for what it’s worth.


The majority of the Flames players performed how you’d hope they would at home. The top line and top defensive pairing continue to get out-chanced, but everybody else is performing rather well – and actually were improving in that respect as the series has worn on.

If the Flames can just get some pucks at the net, they may have a series on their hands.

  • Robear

    Win the next one and we’re back at evens with the momentum behind us in a best-of-three where pressure will increase ten-fold for the Ducks.

    Just win the next one baby!!!

  • Könniek

    So let me get this strait, Bollig has the best corsi rate for events among forwards and is the only forward to be positive each game (amongst those that played every game). Yet amongst the advanced stat crowed he should be in the minors.

    Did I miss something?

  • beloch

    Random thoughts:

    Period 2 of Sunday’s game was the turning point of the series. Before that, it was pure Duck domination. Since then, the Flames have matched or bettered the play of the Ducks in every period. They lost game 2 because the puck just wouldn’t go in. They certainly got no help from the league in game 3 but, fortunately, they didn’t need it.

    Wotherspoon has looked better in this series than he did against the Canucks, but he wasn’t getting enough minutes. Hartley’s reluctance to play him was probably wearing the rest of the Flames’ blueline down with extra minutes. Diaz’s return may have helped, if only because Hartley has more confidence in him.

    A couple of players I’ve usually had to criticize this season have been great so far in this series. Raymond and Bollig (BOLLIG!) have both been pleasant surprises. Drew Shore looked good in the game he played too, so Hartley has some tough, but good to have, choices (TM) to make on the fourth line.

    • everton fc

      Agree re Turning Point, the Flames have been getting progressively better as the series goes on. I think this is a combination of coaching plus the team realizing they CAN compete, which makes a HUGE difference.

      If different lines/players can continue to step up and we can hold the Ducks relatively in check this can get even better. I loved the Flames physical game last night, they seemed to be getting many solid hits in which was getting the Ducks a bit off their game.

      In addition everything has been going the Ducks’ way till last night re: scoring, OT and injuries so if we can win the next the pressure is definitely going to shift to them which should also be a help. GFG!!!!

  • everton fc

    Someone had mentioned Monahan’s injury, as well as Ferland. Here’s my take;

    Monahan may have a serious issue with his shoulder. Yet he soldiers on.

    Ferland may have had another concussion. Two in a season is never good.

    The comment on Bollig – he has earned his ice time and is moving well w/o the puck, which puts him in scoring position on both goals he’s had in the playoffs.

    • Truculence

      Monahan is definitely favoring his shoulder. If you watch during the time-out last night, you can see him wincing while he’s moving his shoulder around. He’s definitely got a rotator cuff injury.

  • First Name Unidentified

    We still need to win at least one in Anaheim which seems almost impossible but I’d be happy with the Flames winning all home games. That will make an interesting game 7

    For next season we can safely say that we have a much better and experienced product on the ice. The exciting hockey will make up for the pain we are going to suffer at the hands of Communists running the province now.

    Makes me queasy just thinking about how much of my tax money will go to support those communist Oiler fans. I wonder how long it will take Alberta to turn into a North Korea or a Cuba.

    Dark times ahead for our province!! Not in hockey though

  • prendrefeu

    Hey guys, do you mind if we leave your personal political views out of the discussion here on Flamesnation?

    I like to talk about hockey, not argue one-way or the other on political issues. There are other places for that type of discussion (and, really, the internet is never an appropriate place for that any way)


  • beloch

    Off topic but why no article on Hartley’s Adam’s nomination? I hope you guys at FN are planning on Acknowledging this achievement as it’s well earned and the reason we’re still enjoying playoff hockey.

    Congrats Bob for everything you’ve committed to this team and city