Flames Sign D Jakub Nakladal To ELC (1 Year)

Once again, it appears that Brad Treliving has gotten his man.

The Calgary Flames continue to bolster their group of right-handed defenders, signing Czech native Jakub Nakladal to an entry-level contract. Because of Nakladal’s age (27), it’s a one-year, two-way deal.

He joins Kenney Morrison and Dennis Wideman (and Deryk Engelland) as right-handed defenders with valid contracts for 2015-16.

Never drafted by an NHL club, Nakladal instead turned pro in the Czech Extraliga, playing his hometown Pardubice HC club. He eventually stretched his legs a bit, playing parts of four seasons in the Kontinental Hockey League with Ufa Salavat Yulaev, Spartak Moscow and Prague Lev. He spent last season with TPS Turku of SM-Liiga, and recently represented the Czech Republic in the World Hockey Championship for the third time in four years.

He’s right-handed. He’s not gigantic at 6’2″ and 205 pounds, but he’s not exactly Kris Russell (in terms of tinyness). He’s a defense-first player, we’re told, and that could be useful for the Flames going forward.

  • MontanaMan

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  • MattyFranchise

    Holy F***ing S***. Why is this non stop trolling even allowed here? This s*** started at the beginning of the playoffs and just won’t stop. Who gives a f***? The Flames signed a European defenseman that is someone who can seriously only be considered a minor upgrade on some of our depth defenders at best.

    Nobody gives a s*** about the Oilers from the 80s anymore. If you want to talk about it, go back to Oilersnation.

    Oddly enough, I was one of the many many people that heard about this signing, knew nothing about the player, and came here to see what more educated hockey fans had to say about this player.

    But if the mods can’t or won’t put a stop to this non stop trolling going on all over the Nation Network then I don’t mind telling you that you will have lost a reader before the next preseason even begins if not before draft day.

    And I am damn sure that I am not the only one that feels this way.

    And before anyone thinks to call me out about being a Flames fan and complaining about this on the Flames site, just note that I don’t even bother reading the Oilersnation comments anymore. The Flames fans over there commenting are just as bad if not worse than the Oilers fans posting here.

    • FlamesFanInEtown

      Fully agree with this sentiment!

      Although I came here to see some discussion about a player that I’m not familiar with, I leave feeling like I’ve lost a few too many brain cells from all the ignorance and stupidity being thrown around.

      I’ve enjoyed reading flamesnation for the past few seasons, but if the comments sections continue to devolve into this garbage, then I’m afraid I’ll have to move on.

      Get it together people! Not everyone has the same opinion, and that’s great, but lets keep things on topic here!

    • FlamesFanInEtown

      How many Oiler trollers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      Hundreds! One to eventually screw it in and hundreds to first talk about the good old days of the last century!

      Flames will have the Coach of the Year this season while the Oilers can be reminded of their Coach for a Year for the past 6 years!!!

  • redhot1

    All the Oilers need now is two first overall defesemen, a first overall goalie, and maybe some first overall bottom sixers to fill out the team. Hilarious franchise.

  • FlamesRule

    Don’t worry fellow Flames fans, we all know Oiler trolls are out full force during the off season, only to disappear 4 or 5 games into the season; and then hold support groups on Oilersnation for the rest of the 77-78 games. Another shiny new toy that will soon be developed into McAverage. #justoilerthings

  • Parallex

    So I wondered why there were 100+ comments on an article about a guy that’s likely to be the Flames #7 D-man/AHL tweener… and god do I ever wish that I hadn’t found out.

    Seriously, Nothing is a better advertisement for why this website ought to have restricted commenting and more active moderation then this steaming pile of garbage.

    • TheoForever

      Interesting that you have already determined this players capability. You have labelled him as a 7 defensemen. Have you seen him play? Provide us with your insights…..

      • Parallex

        A: Two-way contract B: Not young C: Didn’t put up a lot of points in the SM-Liiga (and even less in the KHL) D: Giodano, Brodie, Russell, Wideman, Smid, Engellend + Maybe Schlemko + Maybe Diaz + Maybe Wotherspoon + Maybe an NHL UFA pick-up E: One Year Deal F: Scout described him as “could be a depth/bot of line up guy” in the article about him below this one

        Yeah, I haven’t seen him play much… I haven’t seen the guy in your local beer league play either but I’d feel pretty good about limiting his NHL upside.

  • Parallex

    Whats with all the hostilities with Flame and Oiler fans? Both forums are bombarded with nonsense. Both teams are on the rise which is a good thing. If this is any indication of whats to come on the ice, then this is going to be a great rivalry once again….but please stop all the trolling…enjoy your own team please.

  • Parallex

    Soooo…. how about that Nakladal hey?

    I hope he’s more of a Regehr type, and an upgrade on Engelland.

    It would be nice to get some more size too, I could see Franson being a good fit.

  • FlamesFanInEtown

    1. McDavid OHL MVP.

    2. Nurse Best OHL Dman.

    3. Draisaitl WHL MVP.

    4. Chiarelli POHO & GM.

    5. Todd Mcl HeadCoach of Edm.

    6. Todd Mcl Wins Gold Hall and ebs 2 & 3 in scoring.


    • FlamesFanInEtown

      7) Your a pscho troller who signs on with various names and makes absolutely no sense.

      8) McDavid…not earned..awarded by the NHL for ineptness and incompetence

      9) Nurse, Draisait, Hall and Eberle have proven noting in the NHL

      10) Brace yourself for year 10 of ineptness and incompetence.

      11) Loser…..

      • FlamesFanInEtown

        Hall has had to over point per game seasons and in the past three years only 9 of the most elite nhl players have had a better points per game. To say he hasn’t accomplished anything is pure blindness even from a flames fan. Honestly. Look I’m an oilers fan but I don’t hate the flames I have the upmost respect for what they have accomplished this year. I would honestly kill for the oilers to do that but to say the hall eberle McDavid and draisaitl haven’t accomplished anything is pure and utter arrogance. And calling someone a loser for cheering for a team is just being dumb

  • FlamesFanInEtown

    Oilers trolls…

    Do we have to go through this every year? Haven’t you learned anything?

    Just because your drafting McDavid it doesn’t mean you’ll win a cup. Look at the teams around the league that are loaded with talent but can’t take it to the next level:


    Just to name a few.

    How about some humble pie for a change? When the Oilers actually don’t suck, then troll.

    Don’t blame us for laughing at you when you suck again this year.

  • FlamesFanInEtown

    Hey, did anybody read that the Flames signed Czech native Jakub Nakladal to a two-way entry-level contract?

    This FN post went to hell in a hand bucket by oiler trollers…..stick to your own site and crow about how good your team will be like you do every year….