Flames Sign Louick Marcotte

Word from a number of sources on Twitter suggest the Flames have signed 21-year old QMJHL forward Louick Marcotte. The 6’1″, 200 pound RW was the leading scorer of the Gatineau Olympiques this year, managing 36 goals and 40 assists in 63 games. 

Marcotte had a very steep development curve during his junior career. He wasn’t really on the radar in his draft season, managing just 22 points in 64 games. His numbers rapidly improved after that however, with jumps to 54, 100 and 76 points in each subsequent season. His turn as Anthony Mantha’s right hand man (which led to Marcotte’s 100 point season last year) finally caught the interest of some scouts, but it wasn’t enough to get him drafted. 

Marcotte’s numbers as an overeager this season are good but not great. Most 21-year olds tend to dominate junior, so it’s an open question just how much weight to put on his offensive contributions. 

That said, it’s a worthwhile gamble for the Flames. They lack RW talent in the organizational pipeline, so the cost of a ELC deal is a small one add to another body to the depth chart.

UPDATE: Indications are it’s an AHL deal right now.

Google Translate: “Congratulations to our former player, Louick Marcotte for his contract with the club School Calgary Flames!”

Google Translate: “Louick Marcotte has agreed with the farm team of the Calgary Flames. Beautiful new.”

  • Greg

    Did he get an NHL deal or AHL only? The Oilers signed a younger guy with better numbers to an AHL only deal last week…. this guy’s numbers don’t seem to suggest being worthy of a spot on the 50 man given his age and production.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Very true. Forwards who put up around a point-per-game as overagers in the CHL are a dime a dozen, and this guy’s ceiling is likely 4th liner, so I’m glad they’re not using a contract spot on him until they see what he can do in the minors.

  • redhot1

    A really good, no lose, signing for both parties.

    The Flames seem to be pretty good at finding these diamonds in the rough.

    It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to find a late blooming shooter from the right side, especially one that is over 6 feet.

  • Colin.S

    Yeah it looks like 76pts in 63gp which is a little better than the 1.0 ppg mentioned in the article. Still a big drop in production vs the previous year (as Kent said playing with Mantha).

    Still could be a good complimentary guy though. One of those guys who’s not the primary driving force on a line but a guy who doesn’t drag down the numbers of the guy he’s playing with either. He should get a pretty good look in the AHL to start anyways as the Flames RW depth is all up in the air at this moment (a few trades/signings may change that).

    • Byron Bader

      They probably moved him over the left wing which is even more impressive.

      I looked into him last year to see what type of impact Mantha had on his scoring. Mantha was in on 62% of his points which is quite high. But Mantha played on the first PP unit while Marcotte was used sparingly on the PP (normally 2nd unit) and only registered 18% of his points on the PP which is crazy that he was able to put up those kind of points and almost all of them came at evens. As well, 72% of his points that year were primary points. Not too bad at all.

  • RKD

    I will take more depth and skill and youth at the RW position. If he was worthy of playing on a line with Anthony Mantha, that should say something about him as a player. It is worth it to give him a shot, I’ve been wanting more OHL and QMJHL players on the Flames. They tend to produce some quality NHLers.

  • beloch

    Assuming a NHLE conversion factor of 0.28 for the QMJHL, Marcotte has a NHLE of 27.7, which is certainly not bad. It was 34.3 last season so, at first blush, he appears to be sliding. That slide looks even worse if you include playoff numbers. Last season he had 37 points in 24 playoff games. This season, just 3 points in 10 games. However, he switched teams this season, so it’s possible this is simply the result of different line-mates and/or deployment.

    I’m a bit surprised a player with these numbers (especially after last season) hasn’t been signed and hasn’t turned pro. Marcotte should be a player to watch in the AHL next season. The Flames are thin enough at right wing I wouldn’t rule out some time in the NHL if he impresses at camp.

  • beloch

    His stats aren’t bad, but wonder if anyone knows anything about his skating and puck handling skills? With his size I suspect he is a pretty physical guy, but don’t know that either.