Adirondack Thunder Debut Viking Mascot

The Calgary Flames’ new ECHL affiliate, the Adirondack Thunder, unveiled their new mascot this past weekend. And as you can see from the video above, the unveiling was much less newsworthy than last year’s Adirondack Flames debut of Scorch.

The winning mascot name (and concept) was Gunnar, a thankfully peaceful-seeming viking – albeit with a terrifying facial expression. Nobody is that happy all the time.

For the curious – or for those that just miss Scorch – here’s a trip down memory lane.

All kidding aside: Gunnar is probably as kid-friendly a mascot you’re going to get from a team with a Norse theme, and a pretty good start for the Adirondack folks in re-branding the old AHL team in a way that can get people excited about minor-pro hockey.

For the sake of hockey fans in Glens Falls, let’s hope they get some stability in terms of mascots and league/team affiliation.