Flames Open With 40-1 Odds To Win 2016 Stanley Cup

The 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs are now complete, with the Chicago Blackhawks capturing the Stanley Cup. The completion of the Cup Final officially ends the 2014-15 calendar, and brings with it the beginning of the run-up to the 2015-16 season.

And one interesting part of that is the announcement by the sports books of the betting odds for the 2016 Stanley Cup winners. The Blackhawks have predictably opened as 7-1 favourites, but the Calgary Flames aren’t too far behind (all things considered), opening at 40-1 odds.

Here are the full odds in order, courtesy of Bovada:

  • 7-1: Chicago
  • 8-1: NY Rangers
  • 10-1: Anaheim
  • 12-1: St. Louis & Tampa Bay
  • 14-1: Los Angeles, Minnesota, Montreal & Pittsburgh
  • 16-1: Boston & Nashville
  • 18-1: Washington
  • 22-1: NY Islanders
  • 25-1: Winnipeg
  • 33-1: Columbus, Detroit & Edmonton
  • 40-1: Calgary, San Jose & Vancouver
  • 50-1: Ottawa
  • 66-1: Colorado, Dallas, New Jersey, Philadelphia & Toronto
  • 75-1: Florida
  • 100-1: Arizona, Buffalo & Carolina

For the curious, the Flames opened last season as 75-1 underdogs to win it all (tied with Buffalo & Florida for dirt-worst), while the Blackhawks were 7-1 favourites.

  • Greg

    Good to see that Calgary has moved up from last year reflecting their good play this past year and new players coming up.

    What is laughable is Edmonton moving up past the Flames equal with Columbus and Detroit, while Buffalo stays dead last. The hyper-hype machine is in full force with both Mcdavid and the Oilers new management. Guess those changes somehow give them a Defense and Goalie?

    Should be an interesting year, but first an exciting next couple months as I expect major changes to several teams….

  • Christian Roatis

    As was shown by the Pittsburgh Penguins this season (and in seasons past), a generational player – or even two, if you consider Malkin as such – cannot compensate for a weak supporting cast and no defence. This isn’t basketball where one player can be all you need, most nights.

    Edmonton still has quite a ways to go.

    • Greg

      It’s so difficult to win a cup in the NHL; Pens are a prime example of a team loaded with talent, but can’t take the next step. I would add the Blues, Canucks, Caps and Ducks into the mix as well.

      Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome to draft Connor McDavid, and all the other top 10 picks that the Oil have acquired over the years.. but they are at the VERY LEAST a Keith, Seabrook, Crawford and Bergeron away from a Stanley Cup.

  • Reidja

    This seems to indicate that the odds makers are predicting the Flames to miss the playoffs as the top 16 cut-off is in that 33-1 grouping. Already underdogs again! Perfect!

    Move Edmonton down into that large 66-1 group and I think the list looks more rational. Also, I expect a little more out of Florida and Boston is overrated IMO.

  • de Animoe

    Remember odds are not set based on who they think will necessarily win or a rational order of best to worst. They are set in order to attract betting on all the teams as opposed to the few that actually have a chance of winning.

    Public perception plays a big part. Edmonton gets McDavid, so more people are throwing some money into that hat, the odds go down to reflect that. Lot’s of people will bet on Boston as they have many fans and have been a good team. No need to have long odds to attract a bet there.

    No one is betting on Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina or Florida, partly because they have been very bad but also because they don’t have a lot of fans compared to other teams (except Buffalo, even Buffalo fans are not betting on them thus the long odds).

    Good punters will look at this and see the discrepancies, such as noted by Reidja above. Florida is a good bet because they are much better than 75-1. Boston is not a good bet at 16-1.

    Best value for me are Washington and the NYI. Good teams that will have good payouts if they win.