Report: Flames Calling About Rangers’ Cam Talbot

TSN analyst Darren Dreger shared a bit of interesting information as we get closer to the NHL Draft: apparently the Calgary Flames have made calls about the availability of New York Rangers back-up goaltender Cam Talbot.

The Flames presently have three goaltenders under contract in the entire organization – Jonas Hiller, Joni Ortio and Jon Gillies – and likely want to give themselves some options. Heck, they might also want to cash out on Hiller while the value on his $4.5 million remaining year is still sky-high.

Now, let’s be fair here: Cam Talbot is only slightly less untested than Ortio is. Talbot has played in 59 regular season and playoff NHL games, and only over the past two seasons. (Ortio is at 15 NHL appearances.) But Talbot has put together a pair of NHL stints with even-strength save percentages of .942 and .930, while Ortio hasn’t even come close to those numbers yet. Right now, Cam Talbot is definitely a better goaltender.

Both the 27-year-old Talbot and the 24-year-old Ortio have one year left on their remaining contracts. Ortio will be making $600,000, while Talbot – the superior goalie – makes just $1.45 million. If the Flames can somehow pry him out of the Rangers’ clutches for the right price, Talbot could be the perfect goaltender to lean on while Ortio (or Jon Gillies or Mason McDonald) work on becoming strong NHL goaltenders.

The big question: what would the Rangers want for Cam Talbot?

EDIT: Someone on Twitter asked what the point of adding Talbot would be. The short answer is “adding options.” Here’s a question: is Jon Ortio demonstrably ready to be an NHL starter? Heck no. Is he ready to be an NHL back-up? His AHL numbers say yes, his NHL numbers say probably not. Talbot could be a replacement for Hiller or Karri Ramo, at this point. Adding a second NHL goaltender, though one not as established as Hiller, would be a potential way of lighting a fire under Ortio’s butt and making sure he pulls out all the stops at camp.

But I’m not 100% sure that any of the three goalies Calgary used last season will be here when the puck drops in October.

  • Parallex

    … Is the price on Lehner to high?

    I mean why get all complicated for a guy with no more team control (and much less track record) then Hiller? Lehner made some sense since he’s still young… but Talbot? Not so much.

  • everton fc

    Do we really need him? Can’t we test Ortio behind Hiller? Lehner is younger, and makes more sense. But what’s the price for either, and why would the Rangers or Sens move either?

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Don’t we have too many goalies already??!

    If we give up any kind of asset for a goalie I’ll be pissed.

    How about getting us some RD and RW?


    • The Last Big Bear

      You have to let go of some toys when they get old, but then you get new ones!!! Talbot maybe young also, but his numbers so far speak volumes. He is a perfect fit for this team going forward. In certain things size does matter. Besides the Rangers are in a spot with cap space. So this move and one other by the name of Ryan O’Rielly finally needs to take place, this would add another key power forward to the flames roster, and as usaual we not going to get something for free. Just saying…

  • Bob's Hockey Stick

    I would not be shocked if this was due dilligence / possible price driving increases to teams like Edmonton and SJ who are needing better options in net.

    Either way it’s nice to have hear that BT working the phones to get a pulse on the market. Nothing written or printed has suggested the Flames have made deals…

    So we most likely don’t see much materialize. I’d be okay if we end up standing pat in the end.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    I honestly don’t see the point of trying to acquire talbot or Lehner. If they were UFA’s then ya, I could see y we would want to take a stab at them but are any of these 2 goalies really any better than Hiller or Ramo? Why give up assets when we already have goalies that can do at least league average save%.

    I honestly hope this is just a big F You to the Oilers to drive up the price for these guys since Edmonton desperately needs 1 of these guys.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Why do we need Cam Talbot?

    War-on-Ice measures shot quality by tracking high danger scoring chances. In Talbot’s case, 25.9 per cent of the saves he made were on high danger chances. That’s a middle-of-the-pack percentage for the goalies that the Oilers might be after. In Calgary, Kari Ramo faced 28.1 per cent high danger chances.

    Better to re-sign Ramo than to give up prospects/picks for Talbot.

    Talbot plays behind a better defensively-minded team than the Flames….let the Oilers pick him up and watch Talbot’s numbers go down!

  • The GREAT Walter White

    I’m not sure Calgary is happy with Hiller at this point; I would expect him to be traded at some point.

    I like how the Flames are really focusing on building from the net out; they really want a solid starter, instead of the two goalie system.

  • icedawg_42

    Maybe Hiller asked to be traded? I can’t imagine any other reason to go shopping for another NHL “potential starter” type. Maybe Hiller doesn’t like working a ~50-50 tandem?

  • MontanaMan

    Maybe the Flames are assessing the interest in Ramo and Hiller and could potentially move both if the offers justify. If the Flames get a good return on both of their current goaltenders, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Talbot and Ortio next year. No doubt, there would be some games that would hurt, but adding the right pieces for the current tenders might make a difference now and in the important 2 to 3 year mark.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Ramo is a free agent and may as well be gone already. I didnt mind him though. But not tradable. Should have been delt at the tdl if not for ortios injury

  • Burnward

    The debate about trading Hudler is an interesting one. Which teams would be thinking if only they had had Hudler instead of xxxxxx they might have been hoisting the cup. NYR instead of MSL or Washington instead of Glencross. What do they have that we need? Might wides be a good fit in Washington if they lose Green to FA? The Caps have plenty of cap space.

  • Franko J

    I sure hope that Treliving is just being “aggressive” in the sense of seeing what the market value is for goaltenders. Giving up assets to secure either Talbot or Lehner I would like to think at this point would actually be counterproductive in what the Flames are trying to establish.

  • Lehner looked terrible in the few games I saw of him. Unproven and it sounds like Murray is asking a lot including taking on a contract like Greening or Legwand. Pass.

    Not sure why Flames would pursue Talbot. Giving an asset for a position that we are relatively strong in is not great asset management. Unless, as someone pointed out, Hiller doesn’t want to be here.

    I see Hiller, Ortio and Gilles (starting in AHL) as a pretty solid line up. Sure you never know if your prospects will pan out but given Ortios stint last year it seems like a decent bet.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I want the Flames to re-sign Ramo just so he doesn’t end up in Edmonton.

    God I hate the Oilers.

    Trade Hiller to San Jose. Acquire Talbot, and have him play with Ramo in Calgary. Trade for Markstrom, and have him and Ortio play in Stockton.

    Make the greasers sign Niemi for $6m x 6, and rot in cap hell until the end of time.