Bob Hartley Wins Jack Adams Award

The Calgary Flames have captured some hardware at the NHL Awards.

Flames head coach Bob Hartley was announced as the winner of the Jack Adams Award, given by the NHL’s broadcasters to the coach who had the most impact on his team’s success.

Following two seasons where the Flames finished near the bottom of the NHL standings – resulting in them drafting 6th and 4th – Hartley’s club made a miraculous improvement and made the post-season for the first time since 2009. (The voting was conducted prior to the post-season actually beginning, but they won a playoff round for the first time in over a decade, too.)

It’s Hartley’s first Jack Adams win, and the first time a Flames coach has won the honour.

UPDATE: It appears to have been a runaway win for Hartley.

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  • RKD

    Excellent, congrats to Bob Hartley and the rest of his coaching staff. He deserved it, he got the maximum out of his players. There are a lot of teams who would love to have Hartley coach their team and to have that culture instilled into their players.

    • Koolmoedee

      First of all, it’s the broadcasters, not the PHW who vote for the Adams.

      Secondly, the Adams is “given by the NHL’s broadcasters to the coach who had the most impact on his team’s success.”

      Quenneville is a fine coach, but a) the Hawks didn’t have a spectacular regular season; and b) that team is so stacked John Tortorella could have had a winning season. It’s not fair, but it’s much harder for a coach to show his impact on a great team than on a worse one.

      Carlyle, of course, you can fairly argue isn’t as good as Quenneville, but he did post a 21-16-3 record with the Leafs before he got sacked. Subsequently, the Leafs won only nine games(!) the rest of the season, going 9-28-5.

      To put that in perspective, Carlyle’s winning rate prorated for a season would have resulted in a 43-33-6 record, good enough for 92 points. The Leafs without Carlyle would have gone 17-55-10 for 44 points – 10 points behind the last-place Sabres!

      So if Carlyle is worth a 48-point swing in the standings, that is a gargantuan “impact on his team’s success.”

      I kid about this of course, but there’s sliver of truth in there.

  • Koolmoedee

    He deserves the award.

    A friend of mine saw a conference with him two weeks ago and identifies many of his views, languages, and mannerisms as a sexist.

    He still has a lot to learn.

    • RedMan

      well, a friend of mine was at a conference with you a couple weeks ago, and and identified many of your views as anti-kitten, anti-fun and anti-motherhood.

      how can you be against mothers?

      this, from a perfectly believable, reliable source. at the conference. with you.

  • Koolmoedee

    Bob had one of the greatest single coaching seasons in Flames history in terms of impact to results and getting the most out of his guys…yet certain writers
    on here (Arii) constantly bashed him, mocked him and questioned his decisions…cuz your clearly a smarter hockey person based on your spreadsheets. There’s more to hockey than possession stats folks…thankfully the intelligent voting media understands that and rewarded Bob last night. Well deserved, can’t wait to see him continue grooming these kids next season and moving forward

  • Koolmoedee

    Hey just a guy,

    Perhaps your friend is viewing him through their own bias/sexism.

    I open doors for ladies; some consider such behavior sexist. I compliment ladies on their appearance; I, apparently, am a horrible human being.

    You “guys” are so busy being sensitive you forget what it means and takes to be a man.

    I hope I did not offend any delicate flowers who may read this post. . .please do not curl up into the fetal position. All will be well and you can go on with your trendy, hipster existence.