A Video Introduction to Dougie Hamilton


It’s an exciting day here at FlamesNation! Instead of introducing you to an 18-year-old prospect, who would probably have a teeny, tiny sample of relevant work and thus forcing us to guess and project, we can talk about a fully-formed National Hockey League player.

That player is the newest Calgary Flame, Dougie Hamilton.

We’ll be spending a lot of time today, and for awhile, discussing just what Dougie Hamilton is as a player. But let’s begin by easing into it – with videos!

I have a feeling that we’ll all be sick of this song by the end of this season.

Did you know that both of Dougie Hamilton’s parents are high-level athletes?

The folks at the Boston Globe discuss Hamilton’s potential.

And finally, a highlight reel of Hamilton’s career thus far.

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  • Daves Waves

    Still trying to process this trade in my head… unreal.

    On the other hand, both Boston and Buffalo have been very active today, with two opposite directions in mind for next season, of course…

  • everton fc

    Buffalo gave up a lot to have the opportunity to sign O’Reilly. No guarantees. They better sign him before the end of the summer, but he might pass on living in Buffalo.

    Risky move.

      • beloch

        WTF you talking about??? Orielly is a UFA & Hamilton just finished his ELC. Even if some idiot team OS him for 7.0 mill we match. That just becomes a stupid tactic by a GM. OS when a team is in cap hell but to do it just because a young player that finishes his ELC that you covet is just inflationary & what goes around will come around in this league. We have zero risk of losing Hamilton, Buffalo & Orielly………..

        Huge trade. Get Gio inked for his 5 year 7.5 mill per. You keep Gio/Brodie together, run with Hamilton & Russell & trade Wideman for a 2nd & a prospect.

        WTF are the Bruins doing???? How do you pass by Barzal & Conner, Im ok with the Zaborl pick for Debrusk & that other Russian kid. They could have traded down & added some more ends & got their players. I feel for those Bruin fans. They have to be feeling somewhat empty from having a perennial contender to this.

        • beloch

          Couple things..you need to take a pill and settle down. Suggest you go for a walk..the sun will do you some good.

          If for some reason the Flames are unable to sign Hamilton you would be the first to write in and crap on BT.

          I have confidence that organization will be able too sign him.

          • beloch

            Sorry I don’t have to do anything. What reason do you see the Flames not resigning him after giving up so many picks in a draft like this. They see this kid as a big RH shooting franchise Dman. If Arizona asked for the same picks to move up to 3rd overall, everyone would be all over it. So why would you compare Calgary to Buffalo scenarios? Just curious.

  • everton fc

    Watching the video, Burke and Treliving have probably found Giordano’s long-term replacement.

    Which makes me wonder… If Gio plays hard ball, will he be moved?

  • beloch

    There’s lots to like about Dougie’s record so far. He stayed in junior during his first post-draft season. Not many defenders make the jump in their draft year. However, in his draft+1 year, Hamilton shouldered second pairing minutes for Boston. In his draft+2 season he was on the first pair with Chara. 2014-2015 was his second season on the first pair, and he was 21 the whole time. It’s impressive when a forward breaks into the league at that age, but for a defender to go straight to the top pair at the age of 20 is exceedingly rare.

    According to WOWY, Hamilton makes pretty much everyone he plays with better, including players like Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron. His possession stats are excellent, and he put up 41 points last season. That’s even more impressive in light of the fact that Boston was 22nd in the league for scoring. Hamilton has size, speed, and skill. He simultaneously pleases the advanced stats crowd and the truculence-loving reptilian brain-stem of Brian Burke. This kid does it all.

    To put things into perspective for us in Alberta, he’s 1 year and six months older than Darnell Nurse, but he has 178 games of NHL experience over two full and one lockout-shortened seasons to Nurse’s 2 games. As happy as the Oilers were (and still should be) about Nurse, Dougie is off to an even better start to his career.

    • everton fc

      Which makes me wonder, again, if Gio plays hard ball, can Hamilton blossom here with Brodie? I’d hold onto Russell, as well, as a 5/6 guy. And we all hope one of Culkin/Kulak/Morrison/Wotherspoon become “something”. Schlemko should be re-signed as a solid 6/7 guy. Perhaps they hold onto Gio one more year, and if he has another great season…

      All that said, when does Wideman’s contract run out? Perhaps they “run” with the current crop, below:

      Brodie/Russell or Wideman
      Russell or Wideman/Engellad or Schlemko

      Let the kids develop one more year, then move Wideman first. The defence above is almost “deep”.


      • beloch

        Obtaining Hamilton was a big win. Losing Giordano would still be a huge loss. Sure, Hamilton is the better long-term option, but if you swap him in and Giordano out the blueline goes back to looking like it did last season. Nice first pair, weak second pair. Wideman is the guy to move this summer.

      • everton fc

        I both agree agree and disagree with you. I agree after second pairing it’s not the best or deepest and I think that trading Wideman is the best option for us but no not next year. This year. I think we could get a late first round for him.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I really like this trade for Hamilton. The cost was high, but he’s the right age (unbelievably he’s only 22) and Hamilton fills the Flames critical need at D.

    Acid Test: Would you trade Calgary’s 1st and 2 second round picks to move up to the number 7 overall this year? Maybe. What if he was a guaranteed first pairing defensemen that could step in immediately? I make the trade all day long.

    I’d have enjoyed watching Trelliving picking #15 tonight, but this is better.

  • wot96

    So Barzal might not have fallen to us because LA might have picked him.

    That said,I am so glad Edmonton just traded away 16 to keep Barzal away from Edmonton.

    • beloch

      I like this trade. He’s a good prospect and easily worth a 1st + 2nd, and it helps accelerate the Oilers’ rebuild on the blueline. Hopefully he’ll eventually be a good partner for Nurse.

      The fact that this trade is a good move should make us all appreciate the larceny Treliving just pulled off that much more. The difference between Reinhart and Hamilton is worth a lot more than a single 2nd rounder!

    • FeyWest

      If we don’t come to terms there are two and only two possibilities: He signs an offersheet and the Flames match; he signs an offersheet and the Flames get back more than they gave up for him.

    • beloch

      He’s an RFA, so he can’t simply walk. He could be offer-sheeted, but the Flames will have the option to match any offer-sheet he signs, and they get picks in compensation if they don’t match the offer.

      If offer-sheeted for in between $5,478,986 and $7,305,316 in average salary, the compensation would be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick. However, in this range the Flames are sure to match any offers. For offers above $7,305,316 the compensation would be two first round picks, a second rounder and a third rounder. If that offer happens, the Flames just turned a first rounder into two first rounders if they choose not to match the offer.

      In short, Treliving bought Hamilton so cheaply that he can’t lose.

  • beloch

    It’s odd… but it seems to me that keeping Giordano is more imperative now than it was before. Hamilton is the piece (or type of piece) we would have traded Gio for. Now that we have it… well, why not hold on, and have THREE top two dmen for the next few years?

    This is gonna be really, really expensive this time next year. But sue me; I’m stoked.

    Bring on the season!

    • wot96

      This is exactly how Hartley likes to run his defence too. He has said that when they won the cup, they had three big defencemen, Borque, Foote and Blake IIRC, and so I would expect him to do the same thing with Brodano and Hamilton and actually reduce the time on all of the 4-6 D men.

    • zachg

      The absolutely silly thing about all this is that Flames easily can get a 2nd for Wideman. Wideman’s salary is going to be a good 85% of what Hamiltons is going to be. We’re still going to have lots of Cap space to resign the kids. Might get a little tricky in 5 years.

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    I’m sure it was discussed what dougie wanted before he was traded. Treliving is not that naive. This trade does look really good but that was a huge price. I think we could feel that price in a couple years.

    • Daves Waves

      ..and why would Wideman want to give up his NTC and leave an organization on the rise to greatness?

      Do not worry fans! Dougie Hamilton says he is happy to be moving to the Flames organization.

      His agent is in tight with the Flames and I am sure his agent shared with Treleving his asking price and that is a price Flames were willing to accept therefore the trade was consummated!

      • beloch

        I just hope none of the Beancounters or fancy stats gurus told Dougie he is joining a team about to drive the car over the edge of the Grand Canyon of regression. Hahahaha Bring it on! !

  • Daves Waves

    Take a look at the thread on Stanley Cup of Chowder. Those are some angry, angry fans.

    They’re getting condolences from Leafs, Habs, Islanders, Avalanche… fans from all over the place.

    It really puts this all into perspective.

  • RKD

    We got the sickest d in the league, Hamilton will be a great d-man for years. This guy will help us to become a legit contender year after year and hopefully we can win the Stanley Cup!