Calgary Selects Andrew Mangiapane at 166th Overall

With their sixth round selection in the 2015 NHL Draft, the Calgary Flames finally took somebody born in North America, grabbing Ontario-born center Andrew Mangiapane from the Barrie Colts at 166th overall.

A second-year draft eligible, Mangiapane isn’t big at 5’11” and 165 lbs, but man-oh-man, is he skilled. In his 19-year-old season with the Colts, he put up 43 goals and 104 points in the OHL over 68 games – which put him 8th in the entire league in scoring. The folks at Elite Prospects call him “one of the most underrated guys in the draft,” characterizing him as both talented and “fearless.” Future Considerations praised his positioning and puck protection.

Smart? Check. Skilled? Check. Hard-working? Check. Big? Heck no.

But as we saw with Johnny Gaudreau, size isn’t an impediment if you’re good enough to be in the NHL.

Mangiapane turns 20 in April, so he’ll be headed back to the Ontario Hockey League and then the Flames will have to make a decision on him. Mangiapane joins Barrie teammate Rasmus Andersson as Flames picks today. He was ranked 85th among North American skaters by Central Scouting and 95th overall by Future Considerations, so he’s a bit of a steal at 166th based on those measures.

  • MWflames

    Flames certainly seem to have done their homework.

    On an unrelated and probably uninteresting note: Joni Tuulola is finally drafted.

    Sebastian Aho and Nikita Korostelev are still on the board.

  • BurningSensation

    Drafting Mangiapane late is free money. He’s an overager (who should have been picked last year), and as a result he isn’t considered a priorty at the draft, despite his sick numbers.

    BT is KILLING this draft

  • BurningSensation

    What a great weekend to be a Flames fan. Can hardly disagree with any of the picks made. They went for beef last year and went for guys who all have potential in the top 9 for forwards or top 4 for Dmen.

    Now Treliving just has to draft the younger Jankowski in the 7th and the weekend will be complete.

  • BurningSensation

    Lol. Looks like Treliving threw Burke a bone.

    6’6″ defenseman who put up all of three points last season. Still. 7th round. Might as well get creative.

  • Franko J

    No RW drafted? I guess the Flames are content with their RW depth in the organization.
    No centres or goalies either.
    Main objective was D.

    I guess that Hudler and Wideman will remain in Flames silks for now.

    • BurningSensation

      Good teams don’t draft for position, and concentrate on best player available.

      Why pass up a C like Mangiapane just because you already have C’s well stocked and need a RW? You don’t. You take the best player and figure out the org charts later.

      • Shoestring

        Drafting for talent trumps everything, and you can always trade that talent to address a need. With the fact that past the first round it’s less than 50% (or less) that a prospect makes the NHL, it’s a little silly to draft any number of prospects to fill one hole in the organization when none of them may ever play in the NHL (or they may play years down the road when that hole isn’t a hole anymore).

        I’ll also add though that center depth matters in the NHL. Looking at all the teams winning the Cup lately they are all heavy down the middle. It’s never a bad thing to have to many centers. And if the team has an excess of good centers they can always trade one or more to address a need area.

  • Trevy

    Man. I was all set to make a joke about Sweden changing their team’s logo from “Tre Kronor” to “Three Flames” if they took Aho.

    I guess Treliving doesn’t make it his business to feed his fans straight lines. What a great draft!

  • Franko J

    I thought Mangiapane was listed as a LW. My mistake 1 centre.
    I am wondering if the scouts are on the phone lines right now trying to entice a few more prospects who didn’t get drafted today to the prospects camp?