Flames Trade Max Reinhart To Nashville

The Calgary Flames have made another organizational depth tweak, trading forward Max Reinhart to the Nashville Predators.

The return for the 23-year-old restricted free agent is a conditional fourth round choice in the 2016 NHL Draft. It’s unclear what the conditions are on the pick at time of this writing.

The eldest of the three sons of former Flame Paul Reinhart, Max joined the Flames as a third round selection in the 2010 NHL Draft. He split time with the Flames and their myriad farm clubs over this three years as a pro, never really cementing himself in the organization’s plans. He was leap-frogged by a ton of the team’s prospects in recent years, and it seems that made him expendable. He played just two games with the NHL club this season, and the team called up a bunch of other guys instead of him down the stretch.

The Flames got an asset for a player that didn’t fit in their plans, as they have many, many left-handed forwards of his caliber. Reinhart gets a fresh start. And Nashville gets a pretty decent young player who may still have some upside. Reinhart had 5 points in 23 NHL games to go with 125 points in 203 AHL contests.

The move drops the number of Flames restricted free agents down to 10. We’ll have an update if/when the conditions on that pick are available.

  • FeyWest

    I guess depends which way the condition works, up to a 3rd if he plays x-number of games or drops to a 5th if he doesn’t play x- number of games? Either way I’m sad to see Max Power go but happy to see him get a chance to make the Show somewhere. Good luck Max!

  • everton fc

    I hope they don’t move Byron, as I think he, Backlund and Frolik might make nice line mates.

    That said, I bet BT’s looking at the left side now. After Gaudreau, we “boast” Bouma, Raymond, Ferland, and Byron. None capable of regular 2nd line minutes. Unless Ferland completely finds his game next season.

    On the right side, Hudler/Frolik/Colborne/Jooris/Shore, the latter three capable of playing the pivot. Not bad.

  • RKD

    Not too surprised, the Flames have a glutton of forwards and this guy is not an everyday NHL player. He is what he is and other guys passed him left and right. Best of luck to Max in Nashville.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Too bad things didn’t work out like we all hoped here.

    Best of luck in Nashville, Max.

    I think you’ve still got the makings of an NHL regular.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Good for Reinhart! Too many Flames prospects ahead of him and he’s got a shot to make the leap in Nashville. Good on Treliving for getting an asset back.

  • YFC Prez

    Makes sense. Max would have to watch his brother Griffin completely dominate the flames little forwards all to often. It’s a good sympathy move. You don’t want the kid making the roster one day despite all odds only to be completely outclassed by his little brother.

    This shows that Burke does indeed have a soul. Good on him.

    • wot96

      Don’t you worry about what’s going on down here. Mind your own store.

      It must really aggravate you to know that Chiapet did more to advance the interests of the Oilers in a week that the “I have Stanley Cups on my resume” twins did in years. All the wasted years. Years and years of misery and the burden of widespread derision around the league.

      Of course, I expect Chiapet will put the Oilers in cap hell just like he did to the Bruins. Enjoy.

      • YFC Prez

        Ya I couldn’t help myself. I only come down to flames nation like once a year. I’m super stoked for the BOA next season. With the flames last eason that blew expectations out of the water and all the acquisitions made you guys are going to have a heck of a good club.

        And for the first time in like for ever the oilers actually look like there’s a real chance of catching up with the rest of the conference. I don’t think that oiler games are going to be gimmes like they were. There’s going to be real competition in the BOA and of your old enough to remember that’s a fantastic thing. Wins against the flames just feel that much better and the losses sting that much more.

        We’re super stoked up North. Chiarelli has done for for this club in one week more Tambi and Mac T put together. For 5 years And cap hell may be a problem for the oilers in a few years. Might be for the flames too. Good teams have to manage the cap much more closely than lousy ones. That’s the way it goes.

        I have nothing but respect for Burke. He has turned around the flames team without even a hiccup. We’ve had to watch head scratchers and inaction for 5 years up north. I’m so relieved that’s finally over. I feel like there’s real optimism now. Real hockey moves being made. Oilers look like a real team. Not just peices of a real team.

        I see great things for alberta hockey on the horizon. Death Valley is returning to the NHL.