Tyson Baillie (And Others) Invited To Pentiction

It’s been a bit of a quiet stretch for hard Calgary Flames news, but at the tail-end of Flames development camp we’ve gotten a bit of a juicy tidbit from our local media pals:

The Penticton tournament runs in early September and features top prospects from the Flames, Jets, Canucks and Oilers in a round-robin match-up to see which team has prospect dominance. Generally-speaking, you only see unsigned junior prospects, pros just beginning their entry-level deals, and try-out kids hoping to get on an NHL team’s radar.

Baillie had an excellent season with the WHL Champion Kelowna Rockets, putting up 37 goals and 76 points. He’ll be 20 in November and is most likely headed back to Kelowna for another year.

Granted, the Penticton camp is after August 25, but Baillie could also possibly be signed to an AHL deal, as my understanding of the CHL transfer agreement is he’d need to be 20 by December 31 – which he would be. We’ll probably get more clarity on Baillie and his status as the summer wears on, but he’s definitely on Calgary’s radar now.

In addition to Baillie, I’d be shocked if the Flames didn’t give Jason Fram a long look at rookie camp as well.

  • BurningSensation

    Guys like this are ‘found money’. If he turns into a player, its like getting an unexpected tax refund.

    If he doesn’t pan out, it cost nothing.

    More please!

    • OKG

      I don’t disagree BUT

      There’s a 50 contract limit. Once we sign back some of the RFAs we’re already at around 46 contracts for 2015-16 by my lazy count (and I didn’t include Schlemko who I’m still hoping returns this year).

      Now consider Mason McDonald will turn pro in the 2016-17 season. We can expect some signings of prospects – Jankowski, Gilmour, Andersson, Mangiapane and maybe DeBlouw, Kharnaukov or Harrison before this season ends and at least some of those will be in the AHL or NHL.

      Then there’s European prospects – Ollas Maattson, Kylington, Rafikov – who might warrant a signing.

      That’s a lot of NHL contracts to juggle around.

      It’s not like a few years ago where you could pass out NHL contracts like candy hoping to score an effective 4th liner like Jooris. Now every contract that can count towards the 50 contract limit has repurcussions because our entire AHL roster is guys on two-way NHL contracts.

      • BurningSensation

        A fair point, but if you think he.s better than a prospect already in the system you sign him and cut the guy he is superior to.

        And I don’t see Schlemko returning.

        • BurningSensation

          ThT’s what it comes down to – who does a Baillie or Fram or Hawkins replace, and when does that player expire (You can’t just cut a guy with two years of ELC left like Sieloff).

          Way I see it, Bryce Van Brabant and Mason Raymond have to be sweating just a little.

          • BurningSensation

            Raymond isn’t going to be back, he’s got way too many prospects and projects pushing for his spot on the roster and contract list.

            Van Brabant, and Wolf are also on the bubble IMO for age and lack of skill reasons.

          • MontanaMan

            I agree that Raymond needs to be moved but where? He has a NM clause so he will have some say. Can we put a package together includes him, Bollig, and Hiller(that would be @$9m) and a prospect together to get a piece we need or even draft picks. The problem is we can all come up with who needs to be moved but we still need to find a trading partner.

            As for Wolf and VB I would also agree. But we also need to remember we need to fill more or less 3 rosters. The NHL and AHL where you can only have 50 contracts. Currently we have 37 signed but once the guys who have been qualified and the arbitration guys are dealt with we will be at 46.If Kylington signs it will be 47. They still need sign a bunch of guys to fill the Stockton and Glenfalls teams. It’s not just about the big club.

          • MontanaMan

            I agree with both of you. There is more than one way to shed contracts. There are quite a few people that need to be moved, trade, trade, trade but finding the right buyers is the problem. Tre has been working magic, I sure hope he has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Every team goes thru this cycle, just have to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em. Now when I say fold’em I mean you need to just let some walk away. At one time they were what was needed now this team maybe moving in another direction and need a player(s) that will suit that direction.

            So really I hope there are a few players on this team that are sweating!

          • MontanaMan

            Please explain the variety of ways you can shed contract that don’t violate the collective agreement?

            I think we missed the buyout window for this year. We can send some guys down to Stockton and this would save some cap space about $900,000 each. So who would clear waivers that would help with cap space? Maybe one of the veteran goalies, maybe England or Smid(better if he is on LTIR or retires), Raymond or Bollig. If they are picked up that helps our cap space even more.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I see that Anaheim needed to get bigger as they signed Big Ern today.

    Detroit signs Nyquist for 4 years at $19m. So where does Johnny and Mony fit. Nyquist $4.75m- RoR$7.5m?

    Also saw that Boston signed Matt Irwin for $800k. I wonder where that puts Schlemko?

    • SmellOfVictory

      ROR isn’t really a comparable, since he was completely UFA. Even Nyquist is quite a bit older.

      Tarasenko would be the upper limit, and they’d have to completely blow the doors off next season to get his kind of salary. I’m personally hoping they come in at 5.5-6.5 for 8 years, which would be excellent value.

      • Greg

        Agreed on all accounts. But if they do blow the doors so far off that they can get tarasenko money, that would be a good problem to have – even if it does mean someone else will have to go make room.

  • Danomitee

    I’ve hear that Baillie can’t be signed to an ELC because he can go through the draft one more time, is that accurate? Here’s to hoping if the Flames are really that high on the kid they can find a way to keep him as it seems he could be a good addition.

  • MontanaMan

    Aah the dog days of the NHL season. Draft day is over, NHL free agency is mostly over, development camps are over, Leafs are still the playoff race, Oiler fans are planning parade routes and writers are filling space. Mean while GM’s are trying to avoid going to arbitration if possible, coaches are brainstorming lines, players are training hard unlike the old days when they were hardly training.

    Today’s Sun article on the work BT has to do is interesting. He would like to avoid arbitration if possible but is planning for it. I hope he gets it done before then. He has @$7m to sign his 5 guys that needs to get done. The only one who should be a real issue is Bouma whose show me season may stretch the budget. The others Shore, Byron, Ferland, and Jooris should not break the bank.

    He also talked about Smid and is hopeful he will be available for training camp. Hopefully Smid makes a full recovery but realizes that his health is more important and retires.

    BT has a lot of work to do before the season starts; hopefully he can move one of the two burdensome contracts (Raymond and England) and at least 2 of the redundant forwards we currently have and one of the two veteran goalies.

  • MontanaMan

    Let’s talk about it bud. You’re wrong. He’s an interesting prospect with some upside but if he’s better than half the Flames forwards (or I would assume in your opinion better than half of any NHL squads forwards) do you think he might have been drafted? Welcome to the big leagues – this isn’t junior hockey.

    • MontanaMan

      Bud. Your regressing back to the the NHL not being Junior hockey. Lets try again bud. The NHL and Junior hockey are not the same bud. So now lets talk about Baillie being far better then half your team.

      • OKG

        Baille was not even the best forward in the development camp scrimmage? Who exactly is he better than on the NHL team? Put your money where your move is or go back to your troll home. Is he an interesting prospect; yes but he did not even get drafted, 30 teams 7 rounds equals 210 times teams had a chance to draft him but somehow your opinion is better than all the scouts of the 30 NHL teams. Which of the NHL power houses do you troll from? Oilers nation who had to depend on the draft lottery to have anything positive to talk about this summer or the Canucks who seem to be quickly becoming the gong show of the west? Go away and leave the adults to talk hockey.

  • MontanaMan

    is there a market for the following players and who might want them?

    Little Pauly

    Do you re-sign Smolinski to replace Russel
    Do you bring up Wotherspoon, , Seiloff to round out the D because we have a plethora of NHL D ready now.

    There are guys that were in Aderondak that could help. Wolf, kulak,
    Agostino plus others. We signed experience. Now we have to make sure kids like Ferlund so not get exasperated and refuse to sign.

    Agents are getting real greedy and having the ear of these kids could cost us prospects