Is David Wolf Going Home To Germany?

After a flurry of signing news yesterday in the organization, reports out of Germany today are suggesting that perhaps a Calgary Flames player is returning from whence they came.

According to a report in the Hamburger Abendblatt (the Hamburg Evening Newspaper), David Wolf has rejected Calgary’s last contract offer – their qualifying offer which expired yesterday – and is mulling a return home.

The report, via Google Translate:

In the summer of 2014, the national team was of the Hamburg Freezers changed to the Calgary Flames in the North American professional league NHL. Canadians have Wolf in late June made an initial offer to extend the contract. This is said to have rejected the national team for information Mannheimer media. If Wolf cancel his Intermezzo in North America and return to Germany, be by 2018 binding contract in Hamburg would come into force again. Rumors, Wolf asked for a termination of his contract have not been confirmed by Abendblatt information. Mannheim would occur upon a change of Wolf pay a transfer fee to the Freezers.

Here’s the gist:

  • When Wolf signed with the Flames last summer, the Hamburg Freezers retained his German league rights.
  • The Flames have qualified Wolf, so he’s a restricted free agent in North America.
  • If a “persistent rumour” regarding Wolf wanting to return home is true, then Adler Mannheim is looking to get his German rights transferred to them.

Also, for what it’s worth:

Wolf made his North American debut last season, spending the majority of the year with the Adirondack Flames. He had 38 points in 59 games with the Baby Flames, but was held pointless in three regular season games with the big club. With so many younger forwards either returning or joining the organization, it’s not clear where Wolf would fit in – other than in the AHL.

  • OKG

    2014 AHL Left Wingers:

    Van Brabant

    2015 AHL Left Wingers:

    Van Brabant

    Maybe Sieloff does get moved to the wing after all.

  • MontanaMan

    Too bad, was really hoping he could have come & made an impact. I think Ferland & Bollig have literally shut out any chance he could make the big team & if he is going to toil in the AHL, I can see the decision.

    Been awful quiet on the Gio front, anybody have any hidden microphones or phone taps to get an insight where this is at? With Buffalo missing out on Oduya, they need a veteran for the blue line (cough…Wideman…cough)

    Maybe we can package Raymond & get a high end prospect & pick out of them, they have lots. They are where we were the last 2 years, lots of talented young guys but need solid veterans on shorter deals to place hold while they develop & get their NHL feet wet.

  • OKG

    It would be a shame to lose this young man from the organization. There are only so many seats on the “bus” though. His brand of hockey fit right in as a Flame.

  • Parallex

    Too bad… I had hopes that Wolf could save us from having to have Bollig any longer. Y’know that he could be enough of a Dancing Bear (while having some actual hockey skill) that Burke’s truculance hackles wouldn’t be raised.

  • RKD

    This doesn’t really bother me, if Wolf wants to play more minutes or have a bigger role then let him do it Germany. He is the odd man out right now, be careful what you wish for. Look at what happened to Tim Erixon.

  • Colin.S

    From all accounts he played pretty well in Adirondack however the bottom 6 of the Flames is a mess and the competition in Stockton for spots is about to get heated as well. No surprise if he bolted for home for more stability.

    Best of luck to him.

  • Burnward

    I blame Bollig. Damn..I wish it had all played out differently. He absolutely tore it up in the AHL, yeah I realize he was a handful of years older than most, but still, what he was able to do was quite impressive

  • everton fc

    Seems Bollig can skate at this level. Wolf could not. Perhaps.

    He’s not young. Wolf, that is. We have Hathaway, others, that can fill his shoes. That said, he put up some points down there, and obviously has the offencive tools to play at the AHL-level.

    Too bad. I was rooting for him. But our cupboard is stocked. Sieloff may very well end up on the wing, and have an opportunity.

    As for Raymond, only a team trying to clear the cap floor would want that contract. We are still in a rebuild. They may try him on the left-side in camp, to see if he clicks with anyone. Then, perhaps waivers??

    • CofRed4Life

      I don’t see Raymond being put on waivers. He’s had good seasons in the past, which makes me think he’ll still be on the team in October (though I would be very happy if somehow he got moved). But I bet there are a few teams that would pick him up off waivers (other rebuilding teams).

      As for Wolf, I agree with everyone that it’s sad to see him go, but if Germany offers him more stability and ice time, I can’t blame the guy for leaving us. Fare thee well, David.

        • CofRed4Life

          I remember Kent covering this in a mailbag a few months ago. They may do it different in a new expansion draft, but this is how it worked in the past, according to The Score:

          “In both the 1998 and 1999 expansion drafts, NHL clubs were permitted to protect either one goaltender, five defensemen, and nine forwards or two goaltenders, three defensemen, and seven forwards.

          First- and second-year players were exempt from the draft, and each club had to include at least one forward and one defenseman who had appeared in at least 40 games.”

          So basically the club could either protect their top 9 forwards, top 5 defenseman and top goalie (whoever they decide that is), or their top 7 forwards, top 3 defenseman, and top 2 goalies. “Top” is a relative term, depending on what the organization thinks it needs the most.

  • OKG

    I suppose I can’t be too bitter. Not a difficult choice to make really when he can either a. have no chance of cracking the Flames and toil in Stockton or b. go home, lead your team in pims and scoring and be a general league boss and than retire to his home of beer, bratwurst and frauleins.

  • MontanaMan

    No loss. Didn’t show anything in his NHL games and looked very slow in fact. And any guy who makes the jump from Europe and doesn’t make the bigs after one year, then packs up his gear and heads home sulking doesn’t belong in a professional league. See ya Wolf.

  • fretsey

    Too bad for Wofie..I liked his overall attitude when he joined,knowing he was going to have to start on the farm…if he’s not going to play in the NHL I can’t begrudge him for wanting to go back home and playing hockey there.

    Hope things work out for him