Sunday Open Thread: What Moves Are Left?

The Calgary Flames have seemingly made all the big moves that they have up their sleeves this summer. Michael Frolik and Dougie Hamilton are in the fold, and the bulk of the summer work has thus far involved restricted free agency, arbitration hearings, and the apparent departure of David Wolf back to Europe.

With the team at 42 contracts – two can slide – along with six restricted free agents (including Wolf) to sign, it seems like the team’s done their moves this summer. But they also have too many forwards, defenders and goalies on one-way deals (or facing waivers) than they have roster spots.

So something’s gotta give, right? So who goes and how?

Personally, after talking with the general manager about it, I think they stand pat until the fall and then make tinkering moves. Based on Brad Treliving’s comments, the team seems willing to face the September roster crunch and I would wager they try to make trades to free up spots. Waivers will probably be a last resort, because you free up a spot but you also lose a player for nothing. Regardless of how ugly a contract is, you always want to recoup an asset wherever possible.

Just try not to give up any draft picks in the process.

  • Train#97

    Backlund just isn’t that good. He doesn’t play the power play cuz he just isn’t that good. He doesn’t get ozone starts cuz his offense just isn’t that good.
    He’s a third line player cuz he just isn’t that good. Scores 27 points cuz he just isn’t that good . Admit it!

  • OKG

    Nugent-Hopkins just isn’t that good. He doesn’t play the penalty kill cuz he just isn’t that good. He doesn’t get D-zone starts cuz his defense just isn’t that good. He’s a third line player cuz he just isn’t that good. Was a -12 cuz he just isn’t that good . Admit it!

    • Train#97

      thats so funny the guy is an excellent 2 way center. So can’t admit to it!!
      He plays the first unit powereplay , penalty kill and goes against the number 1 lines every night

    • Train#97

      Oh ya and The Nuge averages about 60 points a year, and he is 22 years old just gonna get better now that McDavid is gonna drive the bus.

      Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight when trying to compare his game versus Backlund’s

      • OKG

        If you want to get technical, Nugent Hopkins has never hit 60 points, so he could not possibly average 60 points a year.

        And I don’t see how McDavid taking away his precious power play minutes and sheltered offensive zone starts will make him better.

        • Train#97

          I said that Backlund is a good player I just don’t think Calgary should rely on him to play 2nd line minutes when he is ore suited to a third line role.

          How can Nuge be sheltered when he goes against the top players on the opposing team every night?

          He still manages to put up good numbers every year.

          McDavid won’t take power play time away as they will both be on the ice at the same time on the first unit, which is going to be bad news for other teams.

          • OKG

            I just proved to you in post #90 that Backlund is as suited to a second line role as any top-tier two-way 2nd line center in the NHL.

            You proceeded to respond to it like an immature little baby who doesn’t want to admit he was wrong.

            Nuge is sheltered because – while the top players on the opposing team go against him, he doesn’t start close to their net.

            It doesn’t make him a bad player but it means that his offensive usage will go to Mcdavid instead.

            See this gap between Backlund and Nuge?


            It will grow much smaller as Nugent Hopkins is used more defensively. Being used more defensively will not make him individually better even if it has the unproven potential to make the team better. A lot harder to put up big numbers away from the net.

            BTW Unless you plan to go with four forwards, putting RNH or McDavid at LW means Hall won’t be on the ice on the main PP Unit. Or you want to stack a bunch of left-hand shots when you’ve got Eberle. Neither makes much sense to me. Four forwards can work sometimes, I guess.

          • Train#97

            Go ahead split them up! You’ll see one of the top power play units in the league next year. 3 on 3 in overtime … Forget about it!! Good luck trying to keep up.

          • OKG

            I wouldn’t be throwing stones just yet. Only a few months removed from having career AHLer Anton Lander on your PP… who’s gonna QB that PP… Mark Fayne? XD

          • TheoForever

            don’t forget the other quarterback….
            As the deep thinker MacT put it, “and I think most people would agree with me that Schultz will be future Norris candidate”.

          • TheoForever

            I really hope we manage to drag out Battle of Alberta games to 3v3 overtime. The idea of Gio, Gaudreau and Monahan with all that open ice against Justin Schultz…

  • everton fc

    JVR is a 50-55 point a year player, max. But so was Hudler. I’d rather have JVR on our right-side than Raymond. Who wouldn’t?

    I like Wideman over Hanson. Even after this year. I like Wideman here until he’s 33-34. I know I’ll get some thumbs down here, but he’s got more value than Franson ever will.

    It seems Burke wants to win now. Keep the rebuild going, but win now. This would mean a guy like Wideman stays put. Ditto Hudler – to move him for “prospects” is madness.

    I’d like to see them really give this crop of young defenders a chance to make the team. If one or two blow the doors off training camp, perhaps you can move someone else. And the Gio contract negotiations I think will become difficult for the Flames. I see Gio playing hardball. Just me.

    And any moves with make with players like Raymond, Bollig, Colborne, Hiller, et al. should include picks coming back, as some of our key guys are aging. It’s also interesting how Granlund gets thrown into every trade!

    • DestroDertell

      Really…you’re comparing Hudler to JVR!? Hudler had 2.3 ES points/60 the year before he was signed by the flames. Quite dissimilar to JVR and his 1.5 ES points/60 from last year. Oh and the whole “not being a defensive liability” thingy.

  • OKG

    Guys, this discussion is never going to go anywhere. Oilers fans used to think Sam Gagner was better than Backlund; they clearly don’t understand what defensive value is (and that it’s exactly equal to offensive value, if far more difficult to measure).

    And leave Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out of it. He’s a fine player on a bad team.