Report: Flames Re-Sign Josh Jooris To 1-Year Deal

Scratch another item off Brad Treliving’s off-season to-do list.

The sophomore Calgary Flames general manager has reportedly inked forward Josh Jooris to a one-year contract, avoiding arbitration with the restricted free agent.

The 25-year-old Jooris made waves at last fall’s training camp. Originally thought of as an AHL filler body after a solid-but-unimpressive first pro campaign with Abbotsford, he blew the doors off everyone at camp by hustling, hitting and really making himself stand out throughout the pre-season.

Jooris was the first call-up from Adirondack when injuries hit and stayed up for the rest of the year, suiting up for 60 games as a rookie and amassing 12 goals and 12 assists playing a mixture of center and right wing. He was the team’s most reliable right-handed face-off man across the whole season and a fixture on the club’s bottom six.

Jooris’ deal leaves the Flames with just two gentlemen left to sign deals – restricted free agents Paul Byron and Micheal Ferland. They now have 45 players under contract for 2015-16.

    • Toofun

      It’s interesting that this post had 5 trashes and 4 props because Byron’s comment is pretty accurate. $3.2 million for Bouma and Jooris together is right in line with what we might have expected. Boums got a bit overpaid and that’s ok. Jooris got a bit underpaid and that’s ok too. Bouma got some term and Jooris got a 1 year and that’s ok too. Good job done by Flames management. Both of these guys are going to play next year like they have something to prove and both deserve a spot in the lineup. All in all, well done…

      • Toofun

        I agree with the thrashes….although Bouma is a shot blocker, great on the PK, awesome heart and soul guy etc he is also very skilled…an area that most fans do not realize…the Flames got a bargain on this contract!

        • Toofun

          I agree it’s a bargain but Jooris gets a spot on the team and that means he gets a chance to prove himself again, hopefully with a healthy wrist for the whole year. He made a huge impression last year. This contract gives him an opportunity to do it again. That’s the most important thing for him right now. If he gets lost down in the A, he risks never getting a chance.

  • Ken V.

    Right on the mark for $ and term. He gets another year to prove his worth and management gets another year to shed some salary. Hope our other 2 RFA’s get inked in similar fashion!

  • RKD

    Great signing, I like Jooris, i would love to see him take another step forward. He’s got speed and good hands and I think he can do more. Next up is Paul Bryon then they hopefully tell us that a Gio deal is all sealed up.

    • Parallex

      The Gio deal, the great wait. With our cap situation I wonder if they are planning on bridge contracts for for Monny and Johnny. I wonder how this would work: Monny and johnny a 2 year bridge at $4-5 and then when the other contracts come of the board then a long term at $6.5/$7m.

      • Parallex

        Unfortunately the days of bridge contracts for talented and highly skilled players like Monny and Johnny are long gone. They are going to land $6M plus deals or they will become UFA’s.

        That is where the NHL is going thanks primarily to the inept Oiler organization that gave Eberle, Hall and RNH $30M contracts right after their ELC.

  • Parallex

    $4m left to sign Ferland and Byron. Ferland 1.3-1.5 for 3 years if you think he will grow as we saw in the playoffs, Byron about the same as Jooris for a year. Leaves some cash for either a depth defender or someone at the deadline.

    • Parallex

      One year for both.

      You don’t go handing out multi-year deals to guys with 35 total NHL games and no arbitration rights. Nor for guys who are on the bubble of the roster to begin with.

      • Parallex

        If as an organization you believe Ferland will be at least a 4th liner then a long term deal makes some sense IMO. You can always bury him or move him if he is flop but I don’t think he will. I meant 1 year for Byron.

        If we had signed Bouma for 1.2-1.6 for 3/4 years the organization would be ahead.

        • Parallex

          Sure, but his 35 NHL games (only 26 of which were in the regular season) isn’t enough time to determine that.

          You have to at least see a guy over the rigers of a full NHL season. Handing an above minimum multi-year deal to a guy that’s still technically an NHL rookie strikes me as a bad idea. Make him earn that contract.

          • Parallex

            I get what you are saying but sometimes you need to gamble and I think he might be worth the gamble.

            BT still needs to find a way to move some of the redundant contracts(read bad value).

        • Parallex

          Buoma would never have agreed to the ridiculous $ you suggest…29 other teams in the NHL will have him signed to an amount higher than what the Flames negotiated. Also you talk about the amount of cap space left… of course assuming no other player movement. Flames are carrying an extra goalie which will soon free up $4.5M. Players like Jones and Raymond are on the bubble and potentially free up another $7M. The list goes on…the summer is still young.

      • Toofun

        Thank god your here to explain all of this to us. You are clearly the world’s most intelligent human being, we should all bow down.

        Appreciated the never ending “insight” captain obvious

  • Parallex

    I think we’ll see another great year from Jooris and then he’ll be rewarded with a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract either from the Flames or another NHL team. Great to see.

  • everton fc

    Ink Ferland for one year, $900K. Or pay him what you pay Jooris. Sign Byron for one year, same deal.

    Jones isn’t on the bubble. I think they let him play out his contract – unless Poirier pushes him out. Raymond, one of Hiller/Ramo, Bollig… One less d-man, perhaps… We’ll see some money moved.

  • FlamesRule

    The best thing is Jooris could have been a Canuck and isn’t. They have Bartschi and we have Jooris- that’s a trade I’d make any day just based on character.

    Suck it Canuckleheads!