The Roundup


What has Kyle Dubas done, Canucks not having a very good summer, do the Flames have a core group, who is the Oilers next captain, free agents still out there and more in this weeks Roundup

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

One year in: What exactly has Kyle Dubas done?

Mike Babcock’s phantom roster

3 remaining UFA’s that could help the Canucks

5 things: The Canucks summer isn’t going great

Graphic Comments: it’s ‘Miller Time’ and boy do I need a drink

Flames 2014-15 zone entries

Who is in the Flames core group?

What might Jooris’ next contract be worth?

Oilers: Time to choose the next Captain

Todd McLellan and enforcers

Honoring Slats

85 goals below zero – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

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Interview with Jonathan Torrens

Curious case of the unsigned Cody Franson

  • Toofun

    I just got a chuckle looking through the Lambert 5 Things post over at the Canucks site. As much as I’m not a Canuck’s fan I wouldn’t wish Lambert’s “5 things I hate about your team” writeups on anybody… Sorry Vancouver, he’ll probably go away eventually…

      • FlamesRock

        Regardless of which team he is (trying) to wrtie about Lambert is pathetic. I’ve read 2 or 3 of his articles and it was enough that I will never give the time to read another. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with his opinion I just think his style is garbage. I actually lose some respect for the nation allowing his stuff to be published here.

      • FlamesRock

        He often has good insight that fans don’t want to hear. I’ll give you, and him, that.

        However, Lambert’s “honesty” is also biased and all too often massaged to support some point he is making. Presumably for click-bait purposes.

        Whether intentionally or not, his articles are occasionally internally inconsistent, which readers always pick up and comment on. This again prompts the clicks.

        He is relentlessly, and unnecessarily, acerbic and except for his observations on College Hockey, I don’t enjoy his articles. I’ll leave it at that before this turns into a “Five Things” comment.

  • Graham

    You have to assume that Franson’s demands are to high for the current market. Like most of us he has strengths and weaknesses, he passes the puck well and has decent offensive skills, but lacks speeds and the ability to hit ‘hard’.
    Franson isn’t a top pair d man, he is at best a second pairing guy. The issue seems to be his asking price which in this cap environment is to much for a second pairing guy, few teams want to pay $5 million plus for what he is offering. I suspect he will get signed when his asking price comes down to the $ 4 million

  • Toofun

    What are the limits for McDavid scoring this season ? Consider he has quite the compliment of players to use first , in comparison to Crosby when he entered first year . Can he push for league lead and more perhaps . I believe he probably is further along than Crosby was entering league and even more skilled and lankier. He is one player that could start rewriting the record books .

    • FlamesRock

      He is joining a team with the 26th best offended, not the offensive juggernaut most would expect from a team full of number 1 overall drafted forwards.

      • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

        He is joining a team emerging into an offensive juggernaut . Most of Oilers goals last season were from Hall (only 53 games ) , Hopkins, Eberle , Pouliot ( the benefactor of Hall’s injuries) and emerging Yakupov . With McDavid now on board , and perhaps an emerging Draisaitl , I expect that offence to pick up a lot . Factor in a better defnce that can also help them , rather than hinder them as in the past , I feel they are poised for a big breakout in the offence they will provide Oiler fans and league this upcoming season . Not like any one of those players are on the downside of their careers .

        • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

          I love the OILERS but they and McDavid will have limited success this year. They simply are the SOFTEST team in the TOUGHEST conference! They need to focus more on PUNCH stats and less on CORSI. Why is McGrattan good enough for the Ducks but not good enough for the Oilers? WHY????

          • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

            On the contrary . Oilers will have more power play time this year than previous year due to McLelland coaching style . Last year I believe we were dead last in power play opportunities , that should change this year with the new coaching changes . People like McDavid and perhaps Draisaitl along with a much more physical defensive group that should also provide more offensive output . Oilers will be more engaged this season as per coaches criteria for them to do so .I see little evidence they will remain anywhere near as passive or soft this season as individuals or as a group .

        • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

          Don’t see anything emerging. The team and the young guys save for maybe Nuge have not been getting better. Yak got 14 goals last year and still has no clue what to do defensively. These aren’t rookies. They are heading into anywhere from year 4-6 and some have not been able to play a complete season yet. Now, the Oilers will throw the next 18 year old out there against guys like Kessler, Getzlaf, Toews, Brown, Ferland, etc. Hope it works out.

          • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

            How much crack have you been smoking to include Ferland in the same group as Kessler, Getzlaf, Toews, and Brown? Ferland just got his life back together after a struggle with alcohol(kudos to him) and has already suffered a few concussions(glass jaw?). You think he is already a superstar after a few games in the playoffs??? Hope it works out.

    • FlamesRock

      The Great White Hope was shut down rather effectively by young master Cassels. If Mc Millionaire is touted as a shoe in for a roster spot then I wonder if Cole can come into camp and make the Canucks brass give him 9 games and a longer look.

      • FlamesRock

        Even the greats have the odd team and shadows that hold them down , but it is usually temporary however . Oshawa had an all around team that was best in the OHL last season lets remember . How well did Oshawa hold McDavid down regular season as an example . Not once did they shut McDavid down in 5 meetings . Nov. McDavid 1G-4A =5pts . Jan they had 4 games with McDavid having 2,3,2 and 2 points . Even in playoffs he still amassed 7 points against Oshawa . The Oshawa team had a little more success against McDavid in the playoffs and Cassels was part of that , but he did not shut him out the whole series and doubt he will in future either .

        • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

          If you didn’t know Cole Cassels from his 81 point season in the OHL this year, you might be forgiven. He truly made a name for himself in this year’s playoffs where he was tasked to do something no player or team had been able to do before. That task was shutting down Connor McDavid.

          Not only did Cassels handle the task, he excelled at it. The third round pick of the Vancouver Canucks was a smothering force that eventually allowed the Generals to overcome the Erie Otters and reach the Memorial Cup.

          McDavid flopped and Cassels rose to the challenge

          • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

            Are you trying to compare an over aged 20 year old junior like Cassels as somehow being even close to McDavid ? Certainly you jest , as he (McDavid) still had 7 points that series . Nurse did just as good a job in prior series if not better .

          • RedMan

            Ist overall pick vs.
            85th pick, third round (bordering on round #4)

            Cassels has held the nearly unstoppable McDavid to 6 points in 4 games – a pedestrian total for the Otters’ juggernaut. In games 1 and 2 when Smith had last change and was able to hard-match Cassels on McDavid even closer, the future Oiler was held to just 1 assist.

            Cassels on the other hand has 8 points (4G, 4A) in the series, including the overtime winner in game 4.

            Nurse is a d man,a 7th overall pick and second d man picked in 2013.Cassels-85th overall.

            McMillionaire and Nurse are Oilers and I am very happy that a bottom end lottery pick could conceivably step in and play at the NHL level now if need be. I would rather have Cassels over Vey,personally.

    • srelio

      I kinda doubt it. The checking in the nhl is alot tighter than the ohl. As he found out in the ohl playoffs. Which he didn’t win. If he’s as good as Crosby the oilers still won’t be a playoff team. To many gutless premadonas.

  • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

    I’m curious why we never a see player throw a gut punch during a hockey fight… i know there’s pading but i’m pretty sure it would wind the guy?

    Unsportsman? Sure beats cutting your hands open..

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    These flamer fans on here make me laugh…bunch of cream puffs hanging out on another teams site. What’s really funny is that you flamers haven’t won squat but you get on here and talk and talk and talk about same crap! You flamers are a little red corvette all shined up thinking you can take anything and Oil country was a old blue mustang that we kept trying to fix coz we really love that car! Well flamers we traded that in and got something really sweet…won’t tell you what it is coz you’ll know soon enough when we blow by you! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Sincerely the City of Champs to the city of chumps. Go Oil!!

  • srelio

    No need to compare cassels to mcd, obviously mcd is better but the nucks might have picked up a real player in the 3rd round so good for them. By the looks of it theyre in need of some good news. They also may have made a mistake taking an overaged junior player but thats and argument for a few years from now. Also try not to antagonize flames fans over being flames fans, if i wanted to read pointless arguments id go look at youtube comments. Nothing wrong with having a legitimate discussion with the fans of other teams instead of just throwing insults around.

    • camdog

      The internet has plenty of stories surrounding having an 85th pick out of the third round shut down a 1st overall pick.It has nothing to do with Flames fans,youtube or dissing anyone. It just is and will be Memorial Cup lore-talked about for generations.

  • RedMan

    Every July the Oilers are the best team in the league and all the pretty boys are gonna take a step forward.

    Every November…. well, you know how it is. looking forward to the next high draft pick that’s going to turn things around.

    Everyone believes at some point Edmonton management will get their poop in a group and build a team that includes an NHL defense and goalie, and get a real coach… then things will start to develop. Until then, please quite acting like you’ve conquered the world just because you “won” the draft lottery. “Winning” the draft is actually called being the biggest loser. Yes, things might turn around, and when they do… let the trash talk flow.

    And to the Edmonton fans that keep crying about fans from other teams being on “their” site… really? you haven’t figured it out yet?