Penticton Roster Guesswork

We’re into the back-half of August officially now, which means the beginning of training camp and the hockey season are creeping quietly towards us. Considering that the annual YoungStars Classic tournament begins in Penticton, BC on September 11, most likely that means that Calgary Flames rookie camp will commence on September 10.

So who’s going to be suiting up for the Flames at the event?

Here’s my understanding of the eligibility rules: unsigned junior draft picks, unsigned junior free agents and players on entry-level deals who have not yet played 25 NHL games. Based upon those rules and the information we have available to us, here are the players we suspect will be named to the Flames roster in three short weeks.


  • Jon Gillies
  • Mason McDonald
  • Nick Schneider


  • Rasmus Andersson
  • Jason Bell
  • Riley Bruce
  • Ryan Culkin
  • Jason Fram
  • Keegan Kanzig
  • Brett Kulak
  • Oliver Kylington
  • Kenney Morrison
  • Eric Roy
  • Patrick Sieloff
  • Tyler Wotherspoon


  • Tyson Baillie
  • Sam Bennett
  • Austin Carroll
  • Garnet Hathaway
  • Pavel Karnaukhov
  • Morgan Klimchuk
  • Andrew Mangiapane
  • Mason Marchment
  • Louick Marcotte
  • Emile Poirier
  • Julien Proulx
  • Tomas Soustal
  • Hunter Smith

Defender Jakub Nakladal, like David Wolf last year, isn’t eligible for the tournament due to his age despite being on an entry-level deal. He’s 27 and has played a lot of pro games, so it’s not wholly unexpected.


  • If those names sound familiar, it’s because the bulk of them (minus Roy) were at Flames development camp in July, and Roy is a former Flames draft pick. Roy went unsigned and went back into the NHL Draft, but since he wasn’t chosen he’s getting a shot at a deal here.
  • Of the try-out bunch, I’d look at Fram and Baillie as contenders to get deals. Fram’s been to a ton of camps and has always looked good, and his numbers at the WHL level have been strong. Similarly, Baillie’s a tad under-sized but he’s been a strong offensive player in the Dub. The remainder of the try-out players seem like bodies to help the team fill out a full roster without burning anybody out too early in camp.
  • As you can see, the Flames have a ton of young defenders in their system and are relatively lean on forwards for the tournament. As such, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Flames (a) left a defender or two in Calgary or (b) brought another forward or two in on try-outs so they can rotate bodies in and out over the three games. If there’s a player who’s going to stay behind, it’ll probably be Tyler Wotherspoon, who’s spent the most time on an NHL roster among the various players here.
  • As usual, don’t expect to see any of the European pro players (Adam Ollas Mattsson and Rushan Rafikov) or any of the collegiate players, as the pro seasons will have begun in Europe and the NCAA players will have begun their school years at that point. So that means no Mark Jankowski or Brandon Hickey, no matter how much we’d like to see them in action in this event.
  • McRib

    Aren’t Arnold and Agostino eligible too?

    I think Burke said something along the lines of players not having to be at more than three of these (or something) so I would be shocked if Wotherspoon or Sieloff showed up. Maybe Culkin and Kulak too.

    That would pare down the roster quite nicely.

  • McRib

    Jason Bell looks like a nice darkhorse for a contract as well down the road (29 Points in 63 Games) compared to a fellow 1997 defender our 7th rounder Riley Bruce (3 Points in 53 Games) those numbers are not too shabby. Bell is also only 6’2″ – 188 Pounds which means he could still afford to gain 10-15 Pounds suggesting further improvement with defensive zone coverage.

  • everton fc

    Surprising Roy didn’t even get drafted the second go-round. But I’m glad he’s back.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Carroll, Hathaway, Karanaukov, Klimchuk, Mangiapane, Marcotte, Proulx and Smith. Sieloff better perform well.

    • Burnward

      Looking forward to seeing what Smith will do as well..just finished watching that massive engulfing hit of the tournament on Kale Kessy at last year’s tournament. Nothing better than seeing Oilers pounded into the ice and than making sure they know who’s boss..even if it is just at the prospect level
      And than watching him laughing and taunting at Kessy once the refs got in there. Perfect..would love it if he could become a Flame down the road