Flames Unveil 2015 Prospect Camp Roster

After a shorter absence than usual around these parts – the byproduct of a two-round Stanley Cup Playoff run by the Calgary Flames – hockey will officially return later this week! The Flames begin their prospect camp on Thursday and then head over to Penticton, BC for the annual Young Stars Classic tournament starting on Friday.

Here’s what you need to know about the next week or so.


The Flames will be bringing 30 individuals with them to Penticton.

Goalies (3)

  • Jon Gillies (2012 3rd rounder): back-stopped Providence College to NCAA Title, named championship MVP, now he’s going pro.
  • Mason McDonald (2014 2nd rounder): a year removed from being drafted, McDonald is signed to an entry-level deal and thought to be a contender for the starting job at the World Juniors. He’ll be headed back to Charlottetown this season.
  • Nick Schneider (try-out): an 18-year-old Leduc native who suited up for Medicine Hat last year. Had decent numbers, but seems like an invite to pad the camp’s numbers a bit.

Defensemen (11)

  • Rasmus Andersson (2015 2nd rounder): Swedish import really impressed with Barrie last season. Right-handed shot, good mobility.
  • Jason Bell (try-out): big bodied 18-year-old from the Saint John Sea Dogs. Decent numbers in the Q.
  • Riley Bruce (2015 7th rounder): really tall kid is youngest person at the camp (he turned 18 in July). Mobility isn’t amazing and he’s a work in progress.
  • Ryan Culkin (2012 5th rounder): second year pro, was very good last season in Adirondack before gnarly wrist injury eliminated chance of late-season NHL appearance.
  • Jason Fram (try-out): invited for seemingly the umpteenth year, Fram had very good numbers for Spokane. He’s 20 now and can be signed, but the Flames do have a lot of deals on the books for blueliners already.
  • Keegan Kanzig (2013 3rd rounder): gigantic human being and Calgary Hitmen blueliner. Has a contract and is likely turning pro, though he can also return to the WHL as an overager.
  • Brett Kulak (2012 4th rounder): solid all-around defender, was good enough in Adirondack as a first year pro to get a game in the NHL. Good shot, good skater, good passer. Just not great at anything.
  • Oliver Kylington (2015 2nd rounder): impressive talent who free-fell in the 2015 Draft, falling to Calgary. Very good skater. Has a contract and can play in NHL, AHL or WHL this season.
  • Kenney Morrison (college UFA signing): Western Michigan product signed with Flames in the spring and was impressive in short AHL stint. Good shot, strong instincts.
  • Eric Roy (try-out): originally a Flames pick in 2013, he went unsigned and now hopes to get a deal somewhere in the organization. Offensive smart, defensively iffy.
  • Patrick Sieloff (2012 2nd round pick): technically going into third pro season, but has only played 50 pro games. Physical energy player who’s had durability problems (and horrible injury luck).

Forwards (17)

  • Kenny Agostino (trade with Penguins): second year pro. Speedy winger who’s logged some NHL games. A dark horse to get NHL time this season.
  • Bill Arnold (2010 4th rounder): another second-year pro, former NCAA champion, Johnny Gaudreau’s center in college. Strong 200-foot player and developing.
  • Tyson Baillie (try-out): speedy, talented Kelowna Rockets winger. Struggled with consistency.
  • Sam Bennett (2014 1st rounder): highest draft pick in Calgary Flames history. Was good in playoffs.
  • Taylor Burke (try-out): big body from the QMJHL, teammates with Emile Poirier two seasons ago in Gatineau.
  • Austin Carroll (2014 7th rounder): WHL power forward was able to physically over-match junior defenders, but will need to be more strategic at higher level. Has a contact, turning pro this season.
  • Pavel Karnaukhov (2015 5th rounder): project pick from Belarus is pretty decent at everything and improving, but needs to work on his consistency.
  • Morgan Klimchuk (2013 1st rounder): smart 200-foot player. Isn’t huge, so he may have problems with bigger bodies in pro. Has a contract; can return to WHL as overager but probably going pro.
  • Ryan Lomberg (AHL deal): another interesting development path, bouncing from USHL to NCAA and back, lacks size but has some skill.
  • Andrew Mangiapane (2015 6th rounder): Small, speedy and very talented OHLer. Teammates with Andersson in Barrie.
  • Mason Marchment (try-out): Bryan Marchment’s son. Solid hand, but doesn’t seem to be overly strong in any areas.
  • Louick Marcotte (AHL deal): another Gatineau/QMJHL connection. Excellent offensive numbers at that level, but perhaps a product of teammates.
  • Emile Poirier (2013 1st rounder): second year pro, had strong rookie campaign in AHL and spent a couple weeks in NHL.
  • Julien Proulx (try-out): can play wing or defense, listed here since I think they’re heavy on natural blueliners. He’s big.
  • Hunter Smith (2014 2nd rounder): late-blooming big man was very good in OHL playoffs and Memorial Cup. Mobility isn’t amazing, but he seems to have good instincts on the ice. Has a contract, most likely going pro.
  • Tomas Soustal (try-out): another Kelowna Rockets import. This one’s a toolsy Czech import who somehow didn’t have great offensive numbers on a strong offensive team.
  • Bryce van Brabant (college UFA signing): second year pro, this big-bodied Alberta native is below the games-played cap for this event. And his inclusion gives him a few more reps. Still a project.

Outside of the big names like Bennett, Klimchuk, Poirier, Andersson and Kylington, I’d keep an eye on Tyson Baillie, Jason Fram and Louick Marcotte. Baillie’s got some skill, Fram is hoping for a contract, and Marcotte has a deal but probably wants to become this season’s Garnet Hathaway and upgrade it to an NHL deal over the next few months.


    The whole prospect crew does medicals and fitness testing in Calgary on Thursday, then heads out to Penticton!

    • On Friday night, the Flames take on the Winnipeg Jets prospects, starting at 5pm MT.
    • On Saturday night, the Flames face the Edmonton Oilers prospects, beginning at 7:30pm MT.
    • On Monday afternoon, the Flames finish off their tournament with a date with the Vancouver Canucks prospects, starting at 4:30pm MT.

    The Flames website will be streaming video of each game.

    And the prospect camp finishes off next Wednesday with the annual game at Winsport’s Markin MacPhail Centre against the University of Calgary Dinos men’s hockey team, which is full of pretty good WHL players that decided to get a university degree rather than take their chances in the minor-pro leagues. (That game goes at 7pm MT.)

    • BurningSensation

      Without a Gaudreau or Bennet level talent up front we could get stomped offensively at this tourney.

      VERY curious to see Mangiapane and Baillie in action, as I’ve long thought the little guys got short (heh) shrift as prospects.

      Also would love to see improvements from the giants (Kanzig and Smith) in terms of mobility. Both are intriguing homerun swings that could pay big (heh heh) dividends down the road.

    • everton fc

      Carroll is one I’ll be watching. Ditto Roy, who I think will surprise a lot of doubters at this camp. And who won’t be watching Mangiapane.

      And I’d like to see Klimchuk and Arnold on the same line at some point.

      Incidentally, Proulx is a big kid.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      As long as they stomp McJesus and the Oilers all is good! He likely won’t play in all 3 games because they want him in the game against the UofA Bears on the Tuesday at the coliseum.

      • Train#97

        You’re right they said he will just play in two games.

        Maybe they won’t ice him against Calgary and save the meeting for the regular season which would be nice.

    • beloch

      Given their history, the first meeting of Bennett and McDavid in the Battle of Alberta promises to be a special story. Personally, I’d rather see this happen in the regular season.

        • BurningSensation

          Yes, yes…McDavid is going to be or is special. We have heard this over and over again for months. Since before the Oilers lucked out, again, and grabbed first overall at the lottery.


          The fact that the mainstream media has nothing better to do than reiterate a broadly accepted fact slightly re-packaged is an indictment on what crap reporting they are prepared to accept in the name of content. The fact that you have to repeat it strongly suggests you have nothing worthwhile to add.

          Now, go away until you have something interesting and somewhat objective to contribute.

          • Train#97

            You hurt bro?? It was interesting in the fact that Stamkos said it! Probably the most dynamic player saying it makes it interesting. And no I’m not going anywhere ? .

          • Train#97

            I actually posted the link to what Stamkos said cuz it has relevance in this post. The 4 posts before my post just happen to make reference to McDavid, I was just chiming in to the conversation!

            • 24% body fat

              You must not watch hockey than, if you think Hall and RNH are not good players?

              They are currently better than, Bennett, Gaudreau and Monohan.

              While these players are good put biases aside.

              Everyone is entitled to their opinion but saying they turned out bad is stupid considering they are the further along than JG and are around the same age. You dont have to like them but use some common sense when saying they are not good.

            • beloch

              Monahan vs Nugent-Hopkins:
              I would take Monahan over Nuge. Nuge did have a better debut season. However, he is 2.5 years older than Monahan and has yet to break 60 points, while Monahan did it last season while facing tougher deployment. It remains to be seen if Monahan can repeat last season or improve on it, but he was the better player last season despite being younger. Bennett’s junior career puts Monahan’s to shame, but it’s too early to tell what he’s capable of in the NHL.

              Hall vs Gaudreau:
              Hall, on the other hand, has the edge over Gaudreau… when he’s healthy. He bloody well better given that he was drafted #1 overall while Gaudreau went #104 overall! Hall plays with reckless ferocity, while Gaudreau seems to be almost untouchably evasive. The only real injury scares from last season came when ‘nuck goons were slashing his hands off of face-offs in the playoffs. While Hall is probably a better player, Gaudreau is likely to be a healthier one over the course of his career. I’d trade Gaudreau for Hall next season, but it would be a loan. I’d almost certainly want him back in a few years. On the other hand, Gaudreau is more fun to watch. Hall is a complete package while Gaudreau lacks size and power and succeeds purely on skill and determination. He pulled off some wildly creative stuff last season!

              As for other comparisons… Hudler and Frolik vs Eberle and Yakupov? Hudler is probably the best of this bunch right now, but he’s also the oldest by several years. Frolik is a totally different player from Yakupov, who has been criminally misused in Edmonton. Frolik is a swiss-army-knife possession driver while Yakupov is a possession passenger with real offensive upside. Yakupov could shine if he’s ever put with the right linemates. Still, he’s probably the most disappointing #1 overall pick since Patrik Stefan.

              McDavid vs Bennett? Huge edge to McDavid, but Bennett may give him a run for the Calder. As Bennett himself said, this is going to be fun!

            • Train#97

              Tougher opposition?? Hopkins plays against the top lines on the other teams every night. He is just as good defensively as he is on the offense. You must have him confused with someone else.

            • beloch

              Corsi% of competiton:
              Nuge: 50.63 (50.63)
              Monahan: 50.77 (50.71)

              Offensive zone start percentage:
              Nuge: 67.07 (61.82)
              Monahan: 54.03 (46.78)

              *All situations shown first, and even strength 5on5 in brackets. Stats are from war-on-ice.

              Monahan faced slightly tougher competition and had far tougher zone starts, especially at even strength. Nuge definitely had the easier deployment.

            • beloch

              Edmonton was a better corsi team last season, but that was largely because they took so many shots from the perimeter. They really gamed that stat without producing enough dangerous shots to score goals.

              The Flames absolutely need to improve their possession stats, and they’ve taken solid steps towards doing that this off season. The Oilers need to concentrate on shot quality. I’m sure they will now that Eakins is gone and Tyler Dellow’s stock has corrected downwards.

            • beloch

              Sure. We’ll send Smid back up the QE2 right away!

              Nurse and Reinhart (probably) will be good sooner or later. Perhaps they won’t be NHL difference makers or even NHL regulars this season, but soon.

              The Flames D is freakin’ stacked now though. If Giordano stays healthy, the addition of Hamilton is really going to tilt the ice.

            • Tomas Oppolzer

              Literally every writer on this website pointed out that Calgary’s poor possession numbers weren’t good and recognize that last season was the exception, not the rule. It’s only a select number of fans that believe Calgary reinvented the wheel last year.

            • beloch

              A true measure of a great player is how much better they make the other players around them and the overall impact to the team….Hall and RNH have had zero impact in both areas….Gaudreau and Monahan have not only made the other players around them better they were major factors in the Flames making the playoffs…..

        • beloch

          “I think he’s better than me right now. I wouldn’t have a second thought on saying that.”

          What were you expecting Stamkos to say? Something like, “Yeah yeah, he’s hot stuff, but I’m still better.”? Any player who says something like that flunked his “presenting yourself as a gentleman to the media” training courses. I doubt even Evander Kane would say it.

          Anyways, I am a fan of both Alberta teams, but I honestly feel people have built up too much hype around McDavid. His NHLE is 61.3. That’s insane for an 18 year old, but I’ll be very happy if he actually scores 60 points this season. NHLE breaks down badly in extreme cases, and jumping from junior into the NHL has so many pitfalls and perils that it’s little better than spit-balling. However, some fans honestly believe McDavid is going to blow past 100 points just like Sid the Kid, never mind the fact that he’s going to have to do it surrounded by a team that’s inferior in every way possible to the Penguins. For many, a 60 point season will be a big disappointment. That’s just dumb.

          McDavid is going to be good, but he’s the sort of player that predictions don’t work that well for. My advice is to leave your expectations at the door, sit back, and let his rookie season unfold.

    • Train#97

      I’m actually more surprised about the inclusion of Kulak and Culkin than Agostino and Arnold. This will be Brett and Ryan’s 4th youngstars.

      Still. Not a bad thing to have experienced D in a short tourney.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      Now back to discussing Flames hockey. My one concern about the Flames young stars squad is that there are only 4 listed centers. If that’s correct we may see more of Bennett than we expected.

    • Train#97

      Monahan and NUGE are still going to get better. NUGE came into the league at 170 pounds and he is now 195. There is no way Landeskog should have won the Calder over NUGE either they tied with points and NUGE played 20 less games.
      Hopkins is not anywhere near his ceiling yet. Neither is Monahan.

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        First of all, I’m fairly certain you’re thinking of Gabriel Landeskog, not MacKinnon. Second of all, Landeskog’s Calder trophy win was COMPLETELY legitimate. Nugent-Hopkins out-produced Landeskog, yes, but that’s it. RNH was VERY sheltered as a rookie, while Landeskog was trotted out against top comp the entire season (he faced tougher minutes that year than Nugent-Hopkins did last year, and he absolutely CRUSHED possession).

        Check out the Player Usage Chart

        • Train#97

          sorry my mistake. i meant Landeskog. I certainly would not take him over Hopkins regardless of Calder or not.Just like you would not trade Monahan for Landeskog either!

        • Train#97

          Yup, I’d definitely take Landeskog over Nuge any day. He’s not necessarily the better scorer but has the intangibles needed come playoff time. Plus Nuge has and will likely continue to get pushed around in the Western Conference.

    • Wanyes bastard child

      To all the Oilers fans posting in this thread or any other here on FN, if your going to troll can you at least keep it respectable and at least somewhat relevant to the topic?

      All of your trolling here leads to even more trolling on ON from the flames trolls and its getting tiresome on both sites turning into a never ending cycle. I get it, we have a rivalry that has been dormant for ages but both our teams are looking brighter than they have in many years (one more so than the other) and im pretty sure we can all agree that next year will be a fun one to watch.

      End the trolling people, have respect in our hatred and lets not turn comment sections into mindless drivel that just makes the majority of us that like to discuss hockey not want to bash our foreheads against the keyboard.

      • Train#97

        The thing about commenting on here is funny.
        I will make a suggestion or comment witch is not even negative or demeaning to anyone and some people fly off the handle freaking out!!
        Just because you don’t like or agree with the comment it does not mean it’s trolling!
        Remember most of my comments started on here are a direct result of someone’s comment about an Oiler , so I am keeping things relevant and just letting the conversation flow to wherever it goes.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        To all Flames Fans posting responses. Stop feeding the trolls, it’s boring to the majority of us. Don’t respond, and don’t even trash the comments. Ignore and move on. If you can’t read the comments without lashing out, don’t read the usual suspects’ comments.

        • RedMan

          Exactly. People respond and before you know it, half the thread is spent arguing about McDavid. And train laughs at those suckered in to doing what he wants… which is to get half the thread spent talking about oilers. Please don’t be idiots people

      • Captain Ron

        I agree completely stop it already. Used to come here to talk hockey and read comments from others that gave me a different perspective on things. Now we have to wade through pointless pissing matches with people who have nothing better to do with their lives. At one time there was very little of that here which made the site a lot more attractive.

        It is Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge and there are no winners in the argument.

        Some are thinly veiled trolls who hijack these threads and completely ruin the experience of coming here.

        Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to talk about things related to the article itself?

    • Train#97

      So I’ll ask another good question. Who are the defense and goalies to watch for at the young stars tournament in Penticton for the Flames.I’m making the road trip and I’d like to know who to watch for.

      • Cfan in Vic

        Jon Gillies obviously in goal. Mason McDonald as well.

        On D, be on the lookout for Oliver Kylington, Rasmus Andersson, Kenney Morrison, Brett Kulak, and maybe Jason Fram. There are others.

      • Captain Ron

        Go back and read the article like the rest o f us did. Should have most of the answers and information there for you. You spend enough time here that by now one would think you should know enough about all these Flames prospects you seem to be so interested in.