Oilers Out-Flame The Flames In Penticton

After Friday’s strong opening night game against Winnipeg, there’s a good chance the Calgary Flames hoped to run the table in Penticton and go undefeated at the Young Stars Classic.

Well, that won’t happen now after tonight’s game with the Edmonton Oilers. And a familiar script was used, albeit with the roles reversed. Following a season where the Flames kept pulling out improbable comebacks, the Oilers put up one of their own; coming back from 2-0 and 3-1 deficits to beat the Flames 6-3.


The Flames carried the play in the first, leading in shots 20-11 and generating a lot of chances. Towering Hunter Smith opened the scoring mid-way through the period, with Andrew Mangiapane – always buzzing around – converting a minute and change later to make it 2-0 after the first period.

The Oilers charged back in the second, leading in shots 11-8 and really limiting what the Flames could do, not giving them much time or space to operate. There were also eight penalties given out that resulted in changes to the man advantage, so perhaps the referees got bored. Anyhow, the Oilers got a goal from Josh Winquist three minutes in the draw closer, but a power-play marker from Bill Arnold (off a nifty feed from Rasmus Andersson) reinstated Calgary’s two-goal lead at 3-1. However, David LaLeggia scored on a late-period power-play to make it 3-2 at the intermission for the gentlemen in red.

The Oilers continued their momentum in the final frame, though. They doubled-up the Flames in shots 12-6, never a good sign in a one-goal game. They tied it up off a great back-handed pass from Leon Draisaitl that Braden Christoffer tapped past Mason McDonald. Midway through the frame, Draisaitl was awarded a penalty shot after a contact during a scoring chance with Ryan Lomberg – Draisaitl tucked it under McDonald to give the Oilers a 4-3 lead. The Flames pulled their goalie and Edmonton got empty-netters from Josh Winquist and Connor Rankin to ice it by a final score of 6-3.

Oh, and already missing Oliver Kylington after yesterday’s game (he’s expected to practice tomorrow), the Flames ended up playing roughly half the game with a short bench again after Ryan Culkin left the game in the second after an awkward collision. I’m not saying that contributed to the Oilers carrying play more and more as the game went on, but it definitely didn’t help.


Let’s go with Rasmus Andersson, who had a really nice assist on Arnold’s power-play goal and also got into a fight – his first fight EVER – with Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse. Another strong game from Andersson.

Also good: Andrew Mangiapane, Sam Bennett and Emile Poirier.


The Flames hope to leave British Columbia with a winning record in the tournament. They’ll have a chance to do just that on Monday night when they face off against the host Vancouver Canucks. That game is a 4:30pm MT start and can be see on the Flames site.

  • T&A4Flames

    Didn’t see the game, just the highlights, but it seemed like CGY got screwed a bit. The penalty shot, really? Seemed like a good play. Nurse, really, fighting Anderssen? Fight Kanzig or Smith. Love big fight celebrations from guys who win against guys that really have no chance. Loser.

    McDonald looked good in the highlights. Lots of open ice, aka poor coverage, from both teams.

      • Burnward

        He had an opportunity when Smith grabbed him but chose to not engage him. Must have hurt his hand against the Swede as we all know Nurse is the toughest guy ever.

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Hunter smith did seek out nurse after that and nurse cowardly declined…I also had fun asking all the Oilers prospects if they were that goalie con or mcdavid..fun game lots of chirping from both fan bases..would have been nice if the penalties were called a little more even.

      • RexLibris

        Smith pulled Nurse from a scrum and said, both to the refs and Nurse, that he wasn’t interested in fighting, just trying to break up the scuffle.

        Two fights in this tournament means an automatic exclusion from the remainder of the series, from what I have read.

      • Train#97

        “would have been nice if the penalties were called a little more even.”

        Funny, I was thinkin exactly the same thing when Flames got their 5 on 3 in the first period ;)…..Officiating was poor (still trying to find some of the calls) but seemed equally inadequate for both teams.

        Interesting concept though, calling stuff that happened after the whistle…..Can you imagine how much faster games would be if this actually caught on ??

        • The Real Slim Brodie

          I agree the officiating can seem very one sided and then switch throughout the game..they need to call the same infractions not let one go and then owe the team one and call to make up for it

  • Mullen7

    And of course Nurse took the additionally classy step of hitting Rasmus in the face with his gloves on. Yeah it was definitely the Flames who started it lol.

    • Burnward

      From an interview after the game:

      “It was pretty bang, bang,” said Nurse. “There was a big scrum in front of the net and he kind of came in and grabbed me and said, ‘let’s go.’ so I said, ‘okay, let’s do this.’ and we were kind of going back and forth over the course of the game and we played against each other in junior so we settled something tonight.”

      • The GREAT Walter White

        I don’t think Andersson was afraid of Nurse at all which is why he didn’t back down.. but Nurse looked like a tool when he was puffing his chest after that one sided tilt.

        It was funny to see Nurse get handled like a rag doll when Hunter Smith grabbed him with one arm and yanked him away from Karnaukhov tho.

  • Mullen7

    Nurse was classless so he’ll fit in well up North alongside typical Deadmonton class acts like Ference jumping Stempniak, Chris Jones and Deon Lacy. I’d expect nothing less

  • Train#97


    We get it flames fans, we get it. You have owned the Oilers for the best part of the last decade and now when you see what is happening north on the QE2 you are nervous. And rightfully so. New management, coaching and a fine crop of younger players pushing to be part of the future, you are scared that those “free bingo spaces” are not there anymore. We understand that the jealousy is rampant and gut wrenching. Keep telling yourselves that it’s all a mirage and the Oilers have not turned a corner. Whatever gets you to sleep at night.


  • RexLibris

    RE: the Nurse/Andersson fight.

    Based on this – http://gfycat.com/TalkativeJaggedAiredaleterrier – it looks to me like Andersson more or less initiated it.

    Tough for the kid as I think the whole thing happened before he realized what was going on.

    I’ve been impressed with what little I’ve seen from Andersson thus far, but I’d recommend he find alternate sparring partners or give up the practice altogether.

    His skill set is such that he doesn’t need to fight to be effective.

    • T&A4Flames

      Anderssen didn’t back down but Nurse certainly taunted him into it. I give him credit for having no fear, but Nurse should have just tied him up knowing his superior ability in that area. Or seek out Kanzig or Smith.

      • RexLibris

        I disagree (shocking, I know).

        Looks to me like Nurse is asking him if he wants to fight and Andersson certainly seems to say yes, right around the time they pass the two others tangled up.

        Then they drop the gloves and Andersson is in over his head.

        I understand Flames fans being upset by this. I do.

        But before anyone gets too angry, please recall several years ago when a young, and undersized, Sam Gagner took on Olli Jokinen and Jokinen handled Gagner more than capably.

        The concensus on this forum was that Jokinen won the fight and put Gagner in his place.

        Virtually the same thing happened between Nurse and Andersson.

        All that being said, I’ll repeat why I have said already, Andersson looks like a capable young prospect who needn’t fight to make a name for himself.

        • Burnward

          IMO you’re take is totally bias. Nurse slapped Anderson in the face to insure that he,d get his fight.Not many players would accept that kind of insult.I’am sure Anderson learned fromt/

          Again IMO Nurse threw one too many punches. The last punch he took when Anderson had clearly submitted and was falling to the ice, went over the code of conduct with the so called tough guys. He should have received an extra penalty for that.

          Nurse has kinda set himself up as the enforcer. Not exactly a good idea if you also want to be a top defenseman.

          • Train#97

            Enforcer?? Just gonna be a great Dman who can fight. He skates great jumps into the play defends well and can rough it up when needed.
            It’s only one game and Edmonton got the better of Calgary in this one.

          • RexLibris

            Button and Steinberg both commented that Andersson had been getting under the Oilers’ skin all game long, and also that Nurse and Andersson knew each other from the OHL.

            I saw shots given by both players.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      I didn’t see the last part of the game, any chance you can provide the footage where Nurse refused to fight Smith after?

      I have only heard about it so I’m not sure what happened, but it sounds like a typical Oilers move…

      I have a feeling Nurse will sit out the pre season games against the Flames.


      • Train#97

        Why would Nurse fight some slug who will never play a game in the NHL to prove what? In case you didn’t know Nurse is a legit top tier NHL prospect. Hunter Smith is… well… not.

        Andersson was given plenty of opportunity to back away and didn’t. Got what he asked for. Smith running around like a clown show trying to get retribution?

        Nurse has nothing to prove in some staged revenge fight against a goon headed for the ECHL.

        Flames fans should quit being babies.

        • Burnward

          I think there are about 8 def from Nurse’s draft year who have played more pro games than him. He can’t even make the worst team in the league. Smith should see a lot of him in the AHL.

          • Burnward

            This comment sounds like something a child would state in the middle of a childish hissy fit.

            Its better to leave in reality then make comments which are backed by childish emotions and lies.

            I will even go first.

            Edmonton is so far really bad at drafting. Looking at their history, clearly they are unable to draft anyone past the first round which has become a full time NHL player for their team. And the ones which were good enough, they traded away.

            This leads me to think they are not good at handling their young prospects correctly. Now looking at the Flames they are much better than in the Oilers in this area. For one look at the goaltending. They now have two great goalies which came from there drafting and players on their NHL team which came from “deeper round drafting”.

            See I am an Oilers fan and I can not be emotionally hurt when I face the truth/Facts.

            Cheers to the future of the BOA!

          • Train#97

            I agree with you other than the fact that their goalies are good but they are not great!! Lundquist, Price are great goalies. If we are being truthful be truthful.

          • Burnward

            I think he was referring to Gillies and Mcdonald, who both look very promising but yet to make the NHL.

            Its certainly true that a hallmark of the current Flames team is lower round draft picks as well as undrafted players. Calgary has been great in that area (i.e. Giordano, Gaudreau) and Treliving seems to be continuing that trend by bringing in lots of PTO players and camp invites, as well as drafting some higher skill players in the 2nd+ rounds of the draft.

            I noticed that Edmonton has the 2nd highest number of Young Stars invites (behind the Flames) and that several of their better players so far have been invites.

            It’ll be interesting to see who, if any one gets signed before the end of training camps for the two clubs.

          • Train#97

            If I were you I would not worry about Smith or any Flame for that matter!

            After watching Darnell Nurse play the last 2 tourney’s in Penticton I would be very concerned. His game has actually digressed from last year. He was simply terrible this tournament and I’m afraid another 1st overall failure for the Oilers…does that make 5 now??

            I can now see why your focus is always on the Flames…you are embarrassed to face the facts…the Oiler situation is really scary…..

          • Train#97

            If these two games are an indicator of success like he says they are what is scary is Bennett have ZERO POINTS IN TWO GAMES against a bunch of rookies.
            The fans on this site think that he should be playing top minutes and 2nd line minutes this year based on 3 points last year and zero in the rookie tournament!!
            Oh yeah and they think he has got the Calder trophy all wrapped up.
            You think Edmonton is revved up about McDavid? Take a look in your own yard first!!

          • RexLibris

            I fully understand defending McDavid, Nurse and Draisaitl… but seriously buddy, if you didn’t notice that Bennett was the best player on the ice on every single shift, you weren’t paying attention. Period.

          • Burnward

            I was at the game. At one point in the third I asked my buddy if Benette was playing or not. You are WAY off. He had flashes of speed through the neutral zone but I don’t recall noticing him otherwise unless I specifically tried to find him. You need to get your googles off, because there is not a chance in any universe, of any planet, in any galaxy that he was the best player on the ice on Saturday. Period.

            The most noticeable player was by far Nurse. Not a shift went by where he didn’t do something impactful. He did get caught up ice a lot, which would probably get him sent to the press box in the NHL, but he was easily the best player on the ice every single shift. Period. He was head and shoulders above every player on the ice on either team.

            I’d say the best Flame was MacDonald. He made a lot of really good saves and most importantly was really able to swallow up the puck and get whistles when the cycle was on.

          • Train#97

            You’re out of your mind .GRASPING for something to make you feel better. Nurse is a horse with high end talent and toughness. Flames are gonna see a lot of that nastiness up close and personal!!

      • CMG30

        Hey WW: Care to pick up where you left off yesterday about how much the Oilers suck?

        “I have a feeling Nurse will sit out the pre season games against the Flames.” ROTFL

        You do realize the the tournament has a 2 fight rule whereby any player who has 2 fights is automatically ejected from the game. If Hunter wanted a rematch with Nurse, he should have got there first.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      No way. Yeah Nurse laughing at him and slapping him across the face with his glove and continually motioning to drop his gloves sounds like Anderson really initiated it. Do you even know what initiating a fight looks like?

      It doesn’t involve taking a slap with a glove and than being openly laughed .

    • Train#97

      I’ll give Nurse credit I think he played a pretty strong game and was one of the more consistent Oilers throughout. The actions just prior to the fight, however he was standing over a Flame lying face-down on the ice repeatedly cross-checking him into the ice. Totally uncalled-for. If he keeps playing like that he’ll have lots of dance partners come the NHL. Kudos to Andersson for standing up to him, but I’d totally agree he’ll be better off sticking to D.

  • Train#97

    Ok enough; these comment boards are becoming unbearable.

    Oilers people, you have some nice players. McDavid will be good at least; probably great. But you should feel embarrassed to have him.

    Flames people, just ignore the stuff that isn’t about your team or anything pertaining to your team.


      Spare oiler fans your hypocracy. You tell flame fans to ignore what doesn’t pertain to their team but in the same breath talk about how oiler fans should be embaressed?
      Take your own advice

      • Burnward

        Yes, you are right. You should be very proud of having so many #1 picks on a team and its ineptitude in achieving that. Hold your head up high.

        If you read my post its related to the fact that these comment boards somehow are being riddled with gloating Oiler fans. As if most of us don’t think McDavid is good or something. But it shouldn’t be a source of pride for your team. It should be shameful that the entire league is trying to figure out a way to stop one team from being gifted the best pick, over and over, and somehow still being atrocious. If I want to discuss this further I’ll go to Oilers nation. Because it pertains to the Oilers.

        (I broke my own rule as you wrote me directly. From now on I’m pretending you don’t exist)

        • STIXLER

          In all honesty the only reason I started stirring this pot is in response to Walter White, ultrathinzigzag and others doing exactly what you are whining about over at oilers nation. It is highly annoying so I guess my hypocracy is shining as well.

          • Train#97

            Take a hike knob. How many posts do I have on their lately? Jog on tool.

            Coilers fans licking the bowl and swamping us during playoffs with no repurcussions is what ticked me off. Get lost, and take your bum boy train with you

          • Train#97

            We got rid of Walter,Clyde still comes around I’m sure if you stayed off the Oiler site we would stay off of FN. You are there almost everyday.just like Walter leaving shows that the plan is working to rid ON of you as well.
            So do Flames fans a favor and stay off ON!!

    • Just a Fan

      So let me see this. first you make the statement of “Ok enough; these comment boards are becoming unbearable.”, then you state “But you should feel embarrassed to have him.”.

      So what is it? Should these comments stop or not?

      You don’t sound very intelligent when you state and thing that is not good, then go and do the exact same thing 3 sentences later.


      First comment on here I can agree with.

      Btw, mods, what’s the point in all of posting etiquette rules with a bunch of tough talk just the other day, but no follow through?

      Yes, FN users shouldn’t be taking the bait, but it’s more than obvious that the 12 year olds Jakester and Train#97 are only on here for the sole purpose of disrupting useful conversation and debate.

      So, step up and do what you threatened to do and ban them because these boards are becoming unreadably irritating.

  • wot96

    Not really related to the Flames rookies but you have to think that Rob Kerr is grinding his teeth listening to Pat Steinberg doing the game play by play, especially when Pat has a 100% better delivery. Kerr was horrible and now all he does his belittle everyone on the Big Show cuz he was a big deal Flames play by play guy for two horrible years. Way to go Patty, sounded great!

    Just my 2 bits

    • King Quong

      I agree Pat did a great job and seemed to be well informed not only on the Flames prospects but also on the opposing teams, and seemed to contribute more than the Jets homer announcer anyways.

  • RexLibris

    Know what was missing from that game after the Flames were down a goal?

    TJ Brodie doing his Bobby Orr impression.

    I was happy with what Kulak brought but it’s clear neither he nor Andersson are “Rover” defensemen. They’re stable offensive defenseman but not guys who can turn on the jets and take the puck up the ice to create quality scoring chances.

    Kylington might be though.

  • Burnward

    I get where you guys are coming from.
    As an Oiler fan I find it irritating that the O.N posts are littered with flames fans spewing their daily diatribe.. It does prevent a decent discussion to take place.

    But for the record, I have to admit, when vancouver was “relevant” THEY were the worst fans ever. (Honestly, did they ever play??)

    Having said that, I’m sure that the reason for flames fans on ON is that there is a real fear that Edmonton HAS turned the corner. And I’m sure that the reason the Oilers fans are here is… We want you to know it.

    Like it or not, the hockey landscape HAS changed and Alberta stands to be Death Valley for opposing teams coming through.

    This is a very good thing for OUR game.

  • Train#97

    For those Flame fans that think Draisaitl is second rate, think again. His vision and passing skills along with the way he protects the puck have shown to be top shelf in the first two games. Buried the penalty shot like a champ too!

    Head and shoulders above almost everyone that played

    • Train#97

      I am actually longing for the day we can have endless debate on the Flames success based on luck and lousy fancy stats and how the oilers better fancy stats got them nowhere!

  • supra steve

    A lot of childish BS here lately. Rex, I pretty much agree with your take on the fight. Hey, how can that be, I cheer for one team and you for the rival club?

    Bottom line, it was a hockey fight, get over it. If you didn’t like the officiating, get over it. If you didn’t like the final score, get over it. And if you did like all of the above, get over that too.

    Immature Flame fans throwing insults back and forth with immature Oiler fans is the WORST part of FN/ON.

  • prendrefeu

    Anyway, enough about the fight.

    I missed the game. How did the Flames players look out there?

    If I was interested in the Oilers players, which I am not, I would head over to ON. Let’s keep this site about Flames team members. Thanks.

    • RexLibris

      Bennett was crushing it once again. But no points, again.

      Andersson should never have put himself in a position where fighting Nurse was an eventuality. That said, Nurse should have reined himself in–A LOT.

      Otherwise, Andersson was really really good once again.

      Fram was horrible, absolutely terrible, until the Flames were trailing. Then he started making good plays. In the first period, just before Smith’s goal, he was dangled by Connor Rankin who just smoked by him. I’m not even sure what Fram was trying to do. If he was going for a hip check he was far, far too slow closing the distance. If he was going for the puck he missed. Badly.

      McDonald looked really good. Third goal he had pretty much no chance on (two guys alone in the slot? What the heck happened?) and fourth came on a penalty shot that shouldn’t have happened (Lomberg got the puck first. That is a fact, not an opinion). That said, I’d have liked to have seen McDonald stop that Draisaitl shot. It was a nice shot, but it came from a fair distance out. It was glove side too I believe.

      I noted during the game that Morrison runs the powerplay the same way Andersson does. They’re surprisingly similar players, though I’d say Morrison is the better skater and Andersson is smarter (picking a fight with a trolloc notwithstanding).

      Karnaukhov looked like he did during the third period against the Jets. Solid at both ends; he had a nice setup on Smith’s goal. Was only marginally outplayed by Draisaitl in the third, which is seriously impressive considering his age and how raw he is.

      We saw both the good and the bad of Brett Kulak in this one. For the most part he was probably Calgary’s top defenseman, but there were some eek moments in his own zone. I remember on one rush he was beaten clean by… was it Platzer? He recovered, but the Oilers still got a chance off it.

      • RexLibris

        On topic of the penalty shot, the announcers mentioned this last night that the rule has changed for this season.

        Previously, if a player dives and hits the puck first then any contact with the player afterwards is acceptable.

        This season contact that knocks the puck carrier off his feet, regardless of whether the puck is touched first, results in a penalty or penalty shot.

        As fans we need to get used to that because it will happen again this year, likely both for and against our teams.

    • RexLibris

      I felt the Flames played a very typical Hartley style of game, finishing checks and forechecking aggressively.

      The defense in these games is always kind of chaotic, and it generally showed.

      The Flames’ defenders looked to me to do fairly well in a collapsing-box formation that limited Oiler forward to a shot from the low-to-medium danger zone, blocking it or forcing the forward to the outside.

      The D were better in the offensive zone in getting pucks on the net, though.

      The puck support from the forwards in the defensive zone wasn’t as strong as it could have been and the result was a choppy counter-attack when they had to come from their own zone, but once they made the neural zone things often improved.

      They shot often and from good spots. Papirny was tested and showed well, same with McDonald. They both made some great stops in tight and on the rush. McDonald was very good at times but was also helped in the limited shooting abilities of some of his opponents – had they been better able to raise the puck or shoot right off the pass the result may have differed.

      Poirier seemed to have some fair defensive instincts and Bennett is very energetic and aggressive. Mangiapane was around the puck often and, at least in the offensive zone, in good ways.

      Overall, the prospects effected a Hartley game plan well. This bodes well for their development if they are being put in a consistent system.

  • Rallytongue

    I really enjoyed how much the broadcasters like mangiapane. I think they just like to say his name. He looked really good again.

    I would like to see Bennet pass the puck a bit more. He creates a ton of offence all on his own though.

    It’s sad to say this but I think Nurse will be great for the Oilers in a couple years.

  • wot96

    As a Flames fan, it is easy to be a bit disappointed in that game, especially after the start they got. What surprised me was the lack of real push back by some of the players who should be leaving everything out there in search of a spot.

    I did like the performance of a number of the Flames prospects that aren’t named Bennett or Andersson. Arnold did well winning more than his share on the boards. Mangiapane, whether “Gaudreau-lite” or Desharnais v.2, has really showed a lot of offensive skill and is definitely worth a longer look. I really liked the way Lomberg played as I thought he was one of the few who looked like they were trying to tilt the ice back in the other direction.

    The play of a number of the others was quite uneven, which is only to be expected, I guess and there’s only one or two that I thought just flat out looked lost.

    I’d like to see what some of these middling sorts do against Vancouver. We know Bennett and a handful of others will do well, but lets see what those who need the ice time to shine can do.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I wasn’t able to watch this one (which in the end was probably good). This is an easy one for me to get over. Afterall it was nothing game played by a teams of made up of prospects. The kids have to learn and this is a great place to do so. It doesn’t count, mistakes now are inexpensive lessons and over the next 100 games soon to be played it will easily slip away from memory. There is a lot being made of the Anderson fight on both sites, and again if a lesson has to be learned, this is the time and place for it.

    There’s no question that being an Edmonton fan over the last decade has been a an experience in dark places, especially in light of the fact that their chief rival has deemed Edmonton as largely irrelevant. A place to regroup, increase confidence and move on. Pat Steinberg aptly described them as our “Slump-buster”. They MAY not be irrelevant much longer, which is perfectly great. Bring it on!

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    Thanks for clearing that up. I really enjoyed the game. Myself and an edmonton fan engaged in a battle of minor insults to each others teams making comments back and forth followed by you cheer then I’ll cheer louder…it was a great night because after each time we would look down past a row of people and chuckle..others didn’t keep it as classy as an older gentleman made one simple remark about how it shouldn’t be a penalty shot and a guy with his young son tried to climb over his seat to get at the elderly man..it was tasteless and the elderly man had to leave before the game was over out of fear…we can have a rivalry…but keep it classy the same goes for on here

  • King Quong

    Idk if Mangiapane found his way on Bennetts wing. (fell asleep during the first, it’s hard staying up late and watching hockey in the maritimes ) but I would’ve liked to see Him play with Bennett & Poirier.

  • Canrock 78

    Does anyone think the advertisers that pay good money to promote their product on this site actually read this crap. Or does some propeller head send them a spread sheet of the number of visits. I can’t imagin advertisers are targeting the village idiots trolls on all the nation sites.