Post-Game: Flames School Dinos 5-1

The prospect portion of the 2015 Calgary Flames training camp ended quietly earlier tonight at Winsport, by way of a 5-1 victory for your Flames against the University of Calgary Dinos men’s hockey team.

It was a game you’d hope the Flames team would win, what with them being full of first round draft picks and players with NHL aspirations. And win they did.


The Flames opened the scoring just 95 seconds in, with Kenney Morrison beating Dinos netminder Steven Stanford. The rest of the first was relatively close, but a trio of quick goals late in the period – by Morgan Klimchuk, Pavel Karnaukhov and Tyson Baillie – put the Flames up 4-0 through the first. Shots were 13-6 for the Flames.

Nobody scored in the second, though the Flames had a commanding 10-3 shot edge. In the final frame, former Flames pick Coda Gordon finally beat a Flames netminder, putting one past Nick Schneider to draw the Dinos to within three. (Jon Gillies allowed zero goals through two periods.) But then Karnaukhov added another goal to ice it at 5-1.


Let’s go with Pavel Karnaukhov, the Hitmen product who had three points. Oliver Kylington was also good, with two assists and a plus-4 rating. On the flip side, in a game against the local university hockey team, the following players were minuses: Austin Carroll, Taylor Burke and Julien Proulx.

Not good signs.


Training camp kicks off tomorrow with physicals and Friday on the ice! We’re back with game action on Monday night, as there are simultaneous split-squad games (in Calgary and Edmonton) between the Flames and the Oilers!

  • Mezzo

    Went to the game and watched it live (there were not many people at the game). Got to sit right behind the penalty boxes. Figure I’ll give my thoughts again:

    1. Andersson and Morrison are by and large our best defensemen. They looked in a class of their own: poised, smart, and mature. What is more amazing about this is the age of Andersson. I liked the pick when we made it sure, but after watching him over the past few days I’ve been incredibly impressed. Like really, really impressed.

    2. Despite what Ryan said I am increasingly wary of Kylington the more I watch him. He skates beautifully don’t get me wrong, but he does a great deal of head scratchers. He often passed the puck into groups of covered people, or panicked with the puck when pressured. He can certainly skate the puck into the zone, and has strong offensive instincts, but defensively he is really not good, and even in the offensive zone he seems to panic and try to force pucks into bad positions. I believe he can be an amazing player, but certainly after watching him this week I would prefer he play a year in the WHL. There is no need to rush him, and why not let him play big minutes and have success. I don’t want a Shultz, I want a Karlsson (a guy can dream anyway).

    All that being said he did put up points tonight, and his ability to rush the ice and create chances is undeniable. Perhaps he really is what the scouting reports have all said, I just figured he would stand out more [in a positive manner] than he has (especially with the way Andersson has stood out).

    3. Mangiapane and Arnold were so impressive tonight again. Like they were so clearly better than any player on the opposing team it was ridiculous. Both really shone when they played, albeit they got reduced minutes as the game was blown open at the end of the first.

    4. Gillies is unreal. I know the competition hasn’t been amazing and its a small sample size, but he’s just so dominant and controlled. With him and Ortio in the minors (probably) this year, I’m really nervous. He is too good to not start, but it also means pushing Ortio to the back burner if that’s the case. It is too bad we couldn’t move one of Ramo/Hiller.

    5. Karnaukhov was really really good tonight. He is so fast, and his positioning is quite sound. We had a really good draft this year.

    6. Marchment (or Marchmant?) for such a big guy had really great hands. Quite a few slick dangles. I didn’t find him overly impressive but He did have a few noticeable plays.

    7. Lomberg (the USHL guy) again was good. Him and Fram are the only guys I liked that are on PTO’s. He is scrappy, has a nose for the net, and works his ass off. Fits the Flames style, only thing is that his “style” and size might be redundant on an AHL team full of those players.

    8. Kanzig was better tonight. He can skate fast, but as someone said in the past his edgework and ability to transition with the play is lagging. I was more optimistic with him after this game but again he has a long way to go.

    9. This was, without a doubt the worst I’ve ever seen Hunter Smith play. He was always behind the play (because he was trying to make big checks that often failed), the play died on his stick, and he got knocked around a lot. He took a pretty hard check late in the third and decided for the rest of the shift to go head hunting, was out of position gave up a chance then took a roughing penalty as he went after a U of C player that was leaving the ice on a change. Very disappointed with his goon style of play. All reports of him prior had led me to believe he offered much more. I have yet to see that.

    10. Klimchuk was better, albeit I think it was a product of playing with Arnold. His goal was nice (really solid short side goal). I was impressed with his penalty killing ability. Still lacks that “wow” measure for me to consider him a candidate for a [potential] top 6 player.

    Again just what I saw. Honestly, the Dino’s were lucky the score wasn’t worse than it was. It looked like the Flames kinda coasted after the first and started playing the PTO and younger guys more to see which ones they wanted to keep. Anyways, comparing my notes over the last four games the only real constant I can say is that Gilles, Arnold, Mangiapane, Andersson and Agostino are good. Where the last one noted was the best(?) surprise for me. Excited for these kids and for main camp.

    • 2) Playing against inferior competition will only reinforce the weaker aspects of his game. He needs to play against a level of competition where he can’t just out-skate his deficiencies. No doubt he dominates offensively in junior, but IMO, the way he improves most is in the minors.

      4) Probably the one Treliving move I didn’t care for: re-signing Ramo while also keeping Hiller.

      10) I think Klimchuk will be like Frolik or a more offensive Backlund. He won’t stand out, but will do the little things all game long that helps the team win.

      • T&A4Flames

        (2) I’m still on the fence about where he should be.

        (4) why does it matter? They could wave Hiller or Ramo. If they get picked up, no big deal, they were both signed as FA’s. Also, CGY could sent Ortio back 12days prior to the start of the season without having to pass through waivers.

        (10) Klimchuk reminds me of Stempniak.

        • Slowmo

          I think what he meant is that by signing Ramo, it created a trickle effect. 1st off, you don’t press box or waive 4.0million dollar goalies you just signed. You basically have shut the door on Ortio, who at this point could probably benefit from playing 20 games this year & backing up 1 of Ramo or Hiller. That would have left the reins of Stockton to Gilles, which I think consensus on this site is what everyone wants to see. So with Ortio down in Stocton, that slows the development of Gilles. Personally, I am not opposed to seeing Ramo back. I think this kid has another level he can reach. I am also concerned the dynamics of Hiller not playing in the Anaheim series. Hiller will not be a Flame after this year, where Ramo could be.

          Kylington should be in Stocton this year so the Flames can work on this kids deficiencies & mold him into how they want him to develop. I won’t lose any sleep if he winds up going to Brandon, just my preference.

          I don’t know why, but I just don’t get excited about Klimchuk. Nothing in particular, just many little things. There is still shine on this 1st rounder that I think packaged with Wideman can get us a pretty good return.Whether it’s a 1st round pick or a top 6 forward, personally I’d like to see a pick if we can’t scoop a Tatar type of return from that package.
          I wonder if a Klimchuk, Ortio, Wideman(at 3.6mill) & our2016 1st could pry Drouin & we take Ohlund off of them to make the cap work. Yeah I know dream on. Just call me Walter 🙂

        • RedMan

          As I recall, Ramo was part of a trade from Montreal originally but I suppose it doesn’t matter much as he ended up going to free agency. Still, people wouldn’t have been happy to see an asset go for nothing.

          • Burnward

            On January 12, 2012, Rämö, along with Mike Cammalleri and a fifth-round draft pick in 2012, was traded to the Calgary Flames in exchange for Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland and a second-round draft pick in 2013.

      • T&A4Flames

        I see and agree with your argument about Kylington’s skating, but at the same time he’s 18. One year in the WHL isn’t going to break him.

        The way I see it, the WHL offers two benefits:

        1. Guaranteed stability (assignment is final; he won’t bounce between leagues and he probably won’t be traded from a contender)
        2. Confidence. Injuries, inability to find a niche, and bouncing between leagues last season undoubtedly shook him up some, and excelling for a year among peers could do him some good.

        The question comes down to whether all of that outweighs the good the AHL will do (and whether there’s a risk of damaging him there). I think the injury to Culkin raises an opportunity for Kylington, and outplaying Morrison, Sieloff, Kanzig et al. in the Prospects Camp certainly didn’t hurt him any.

    • RedMan

      In my opinion this sums up the entire prospects tourney as well. Especially about Kyllington – he has some incredible tools, and also some pretty glaring holes.

      I am hoping the holes are fixable, like his reads under pressure. he really made some gaffs.

  • Thanks for sharing your observations, Mezzo.

    I think they’ll use Kylington a ton during camp just to get a sense of where his gaps are and where the best spot for him is.

    I’d put him in Brandon and let him dominate for a year with Provorov.

  • Slowmo

    Pike clearly didn’t watch the game because anyone suggesting Kylington was one of the better players based on a flattering plus minus stat needs to re-think their analytic and evaluative skills. Same as suggesting that the players that had a minus were the inferior players, very short sighted thinking strictly looking at a score sheet and speaking as if that alone is a pre-cursor to individual performance.

    He was scary in his own end, made a number or terrible reads and definitely needs a lot of work in the defensive zone, the kid has tonnes of skills and potential but he is definitely a project.

    It will be very interesting whether they send him to Brandon or Stockton, my guess based on what we’ve seen of him thus far is the AHL may be a bit of a reach for him this year, especially given the log jam on Defence there already, by default I think he’ll spend this year in Brandon, next year he’ll start his North American pro career in the AHL

  • I suppose Ramo may have been signed by BT because he had a deal in the works for Hiller which fell through at the last minute…(He was signed at 11:11 am on July 1st). I still think Hiller will be on the move some time during the year, for sure if another team loses a number one due to injury…

  • PrairieStew

    I also think that Gilles should get the bulk of the starts in Stockton. The Flames need to know what they have in Ortio as well since his contract is up at the end of this year. If he is sharing the net with Gilles, his stats may take a backward step (wins and minutes at least ) and call in to question his value going forward, especially if Gilles passes him. I would prefer to see Ortio back up in Calgary and get 25 games.

    I hold out hope that as training camps unfold someone will need a veteran goalie and Hiller at half price could be a very valuable trade chip , though probably only for a future draft pick.

    Given Gilles performance I would also consider keeping Hiller and trading Ortio as part of a package for a top 6 winger.

  • Slowmo

    It’s funny how a player who has never played NA Hockey can be analyzed like you would a NA Kid who is so use to the small ice give the kid a break give him a season on our ice and he will become another Anderson perhaps with more offensive power but much better defensively don’t forget Anderson didn’t do to well in the first 3 months then became there go to guy put Kyl in the WHL let him find his way