Hartley: Smid and Byron Not Practicing ‘Til After Monday

There wasn’t any big news in Calgary today, as the Calgary Flames continued to prepare for the 2015-16 season with a scrimmage and a few practices.

But following today’s on-ice activities, Flames head coach Bob Hartley shared some information about Ladislav Smid and Paul Byron in regards to their progression. Basically: they won’t be on-ice with the three practice groups until after Monday’s pre-season openers in Calgary and Edmonton.

“You might see them once after the Edmonton double-header,” said Hartley after Saturday’s practice sessions. “Not right now. We want this to be competitive, they understand it. We can’t put a yellow jersey to a player. We tell the guys that we want a competitive camp and if we put those two guys with jerseys on the ice that can’t get hit, it defeats the purpose. So I sat with both of them and they understand that it’s for four days, and after this we’re going to figure out a way where… they can skate good, they can play, but they just can’t get hit right now. So that’s the problem.”

Smid had neck surgery late last season, while Byron had wrist surgery in the off-season after suffering what Hartley jokingly referred to as an “all-over-body injury” in the later stages of last season.

In other news: Jonas Hiller and Garnet Hathaway returned to the ice today after missing yesterday with a bug that’s going around. Mason Raymond was not on the ice today for the same reason. Jon Gillies (concussion protocol) remains off the ice, though he’s doing “much better,” per Hartley.

  • mk

    If nothing else, I appreciate Hartley for his quotes. He seems to understand that a bit of humour can diffuse a potentially boring situation (rather than the stock answer). That, or he doesn’t realize how funny he is.

  • Train#97

    Just this one comment then please reply .at the end of this year you have to resign RFAs’ Monahan, gaudreau,,Colbourne , jooris, Granlund,Ortio, along with about 5 or 6 more RFA’s.
    You have Hudler to resign as a ufa.Jones,Byron ,and Russell . Both Hillier and Ramo too.
    Hudler , Monahan, and gaudreau are all 3 going to be in the 6 ml range. That is 18 million just for those three and that’s not touching any of the other guys that I mentioned.
    Wiedman is going to make an extra 750,000 and an extra 2.75 million to Gio.also an extra 1 million to Brodie.
    There are no big contracts coming off the books at the end of the year.
    So I’d like to know how the Flames will manage getting around this? Seems like a lot of hurdles to overcome! You’re pretty much up against the cap now, how’s this gonna play out? Oilers cap situation is nowhere near as dire as the Flames.

    • OKG

      Nothing’s perfect, but there really is no issue

      Jones – 4M expiring, no way he gets that much in free agency. Even if he returns it’ll be for half of that, like 1.8M AAV. So there’s 2.2M in savings. But bringing him back isn’t crucial as Jooris, Poirier, Hathaway are all making him expendable.

      Russell is good, but we’ve got guys pushing for spots and he will probably walk as a UFA. Wotherspoon, Kulak, Culkin, Hickey… no shortage of quality LHD prospects who will be another year older and wiser. So there’s 2.6M in cap savings. This is a #5D we’re talking about, at best a #4D. Not the end of the world when you have Brodie, Hamilton, Gio as your core D.

      Colborne won’t get the biggest raise. If he wants one, he can walk, NBD, but realistically if he’s making 1.275M now I have no problem with bumping him up to 2M as long as the term is reasonable.

      Granlund will spend most of next year in the AHL, he shouldn’t expect anything better than a bridge deal.

      2016 Buyout: Raymond + Engelland + Smid for 6.6 in cap savings. Out of that take 2M and add it to Hudler’s 4M expiring for 6M AAV. Take the other 4.6M and add it to the 2.2 above for Jones and that’s 5M in cap space to resign Gaudreau (plus his own expiring .925) and still have 1.8M in cap space. Now take Hiller’s expiring 4.5 along with the current 1.3M in cap space and Russell’s expiring and that’s how much cap space? 10.2M – I think we can retain Monahan with that much money and probably squeeze in those deserved small raises for guys like Colborne, Byron, Ortio, and Jooris and with another year we’ll have a better read on how much money Karri Ramo is worth, which I doubt is 3.8M like he’s making this year.

      Potential 2016 offseason trades:

      Brandon Bollig 1.25M @ 1Y will be a cinch to move.

      Stajan for picks frees up 3.25M @ 2Y. Arnold and Jankowski replace him easily, in fact are probably already better players minus the locker room value of the veteran.

      Wideman for picks frees up 5.25M @ 1Y though I’d prefer to let him just expire as it lines perfectly with Bennett’s second contract. Not easy to replace him but he’s a depth defenseman at this point. Hawks had to give up Wisniewski too. He’s got high value as he’s a right-handed PP QB. Betcha the Oilers give up a 2nd for a guy like that easily.

      This is why prospect depth matters, because in two years Rasmus Andersson will be 21 and ripe for a #5 PP specialist role on an NHL team.

      And If Hudler does walk, still NBD as Granlund and Klimchuk, while not as good, do fill his skillset pretty well with room in spades to grow.

          • Train#97

            Your nightmare is coming. For the life of me why Klefblom couldn’t of warranted a 2 year bridge at around 2.5mill like Brodie did is beyond me. Then give him a 5 year deal if he is a bonafide 2nd pairing guy. If Nurse & Reinhart are as good as Oil hope, this contract will set a pretty steep standard for unproven blue liners. Those two could quite easily outperform Klefblom, so now you suddenly have to pay those guys at least that or more. If Talbot is the real deal, he will be in for another 5.5 mill long term deal. By the time these sort out Yakapov & Draisaltl will want Klefblom type of money or more & the year after that, you have McDavid & Hall with Eberle on the cusp. There are some big tickets coming up that make the Flames cap woes look like Miami beach.

          • Train#97

            Edmonton has 9 ml coming off the books at the end of the year.Nurse ,Draisaitl not for 3years Hall ,Eberle,NUGE not for a few years yet.Oilers are not even close to being in cap hell. It may happen but it’s years away.

          • Train#97

            Where are you getting that Brodie and Wideman’s cap hits will increase? Wideman’s current deal runs for another two years (5.25 per) and Brodie’s goes till 2020 (4.65 per). Cap hits don’t change year-to-year.

          • Train#97

            You just outlined a scenario where every player becomes elite and deserves huge contracts. That sure would be a problem! Sort of like when my wallet was too small for all by cash.

      • Train#97

        Couple things I would tweak on your analysis. I don’t see Flames resigning Jones, we have young guys that will fill his role on ELC’s. Unless Colborne steps up in a bigger way, he probably will get a pretty comparable contract to what he is getting.

        Many players coming up will need to show something this year for that new contract. My hope is Russell will step up this year & prove that #4 should be his & then I can see a Wideman trade at the deadline. In fact I would wager anyone that based on performance, one of Wideman or Russell will be moved at the TDL as long as our top 3 D are healthy. I have no idea about Smid, I honestly don’t know if he is going to be a fixture on the LTIR or if he is going to force BT to move one or 2 of these higher paid bottom pairing guys. Again, TDL move.

        For sure only one of Ramo or Hiller is going to be retained, so that’s 8.0 mill right there for Jones & a Goalie. If things get too tight, you can let them both walk & find cheaper options in net. Buyouts would be my last resort option.

    • Train#97

      Most of the players you mention will be resigned for less than $1m. There are 4 significant players who are coming off the books: Hudler, Jones, Hiller, and Ramo at about $4m each. Of these 4 the plan seems to be to replace them from within; the goalies Ortio and Gilles although it might be likely from the UFA market. Jones will be replaced by Poirier and this is hopefully an upgrade there is some hope he will be a replacement for HUdler. If we resign none of these guys then there will be enough money. If either of Monahan or Johnny accept a bridge deal for one year then there will no issue. As far as the Oilers cap issue your fans will be happy when some of your extra salaries are gone.

      • Train#97

        I don’t believe Johnny and Monahan will make much less than 6 ml each in a new contract. I don’t believe either one would sign a bridge deal. Why would they? They are gonna get paid if they duplicate last years stats,

        • Train#97

          Did you not read the word “IF. Stranger things have happened and BT so far has been able to get players to sign some team friendly deals. “If” in this cse might be based upon doing something good for the team until the other big contracts disappear (Smid, Eng, Wides). Some people are not just about the money. One never knows unless you are close to situation; I suspect neither of us knows these two that well.

          • Train#97

            Might happen but if you’re asking someone to take a lesser salary for the betterment of the team doesn’t that suggest that the cap may be a little tight?

      • Train#97

        What I posted about the salary cap are just facts . They are not trying to poke holes in the Flames in any form!
        You are not able to explain to me how they will get out of it , although other Flames fans at least made an educated attempt. Fact is the Flames will lose some players it’s just a matter of which ones . it is going to happen to all teams that are up against the cap. Just don’t try and deny that it won’t happen to your team!
        It’s gonna happen in Edmonton as well but it won’t be till Hall NUGE and Eberles contracts are up, but that’s not for 4 years.

        • Train#97

          I’m not denying anything, and what’s to explain??

          OF course they will lose players. You lose players every year. The difference is we won’t lose anyone we can’t replace. The core will stay so if you are licking your chops at signing a Monahan or Gaudreau you can file that one right there alongside your dream of 2 months ago of signing Hamilton. LMAO

          We’re good down here in God’s Country

          • Train#97

            So you do acknowledge that you are in cap trouble. That’s good we agree. Not saying you can’t be successful you just have to be prepared that you will lose players and you can’t keep a bunch of guys together but you can still keep your core

      • Train#97

        Yes, while Chia-pet will get the Oilers at Max Cap in no time like he did in Boston, with contracts like Klefbomb’s.

        Klefbomb go boom, FIZZLE, FIZZLE, FIZZLE, FIZZLE, FIZZLE, FIZZLE on his 7 year contract!

  • Train#97

    Are you still here?

    There is no trouble with Treliving in charge..now run along back to your basement dwelling team about to enter your own cap hell. When is the last time a team in 30th was in cap hell . hahahaha The Coilers..the gift that keeps on giving.

    Nice signing of Klefbom for 7 years at 4 mill+, that should help alleviate some cap pressure. Chiarelli never saw a cap situation he couldn’t make worse

    • Train#97

      There is no cap hell in Edmonton.Go look at the salary cap. You can spin it however you want but you are balls to the wall against the cap and a huge hill to climb at the end of the year. Teams know that and when it comes to trying to trade you’re gonna get raped!!

      • Train#97

        Only huge hill we’ll be climbing at the end of the year is Playoff Hill with the Stanley Cup at the top

        Now will our watchdogs punt this guy or is rape talk fair game now as well?