Flames Cut McDonald & Stevenson; Roster/Injury Update

The Calgary Flames made a couple roster moves today as they continue to trim down their camp numbers as the season approaches.

The club announced earlier today that defender Dustin Stevenson, in camp with an AHL contract, has been assigned to that league’s Stockton Heat. Mason McDonald has also been sent home, as he’ll return to the QMJHL’s Charlottetown Islanders to kick off their season.

Roster numbers and an injury update after the jump!

The roster moves trim things back to 47 bodies in camp: 4 goalies, 17 defensemen and 26 forwards.


  • The four goalies are Hiller, Ramo, Ortio and Gillies. They’ll keep two to start the season.
  • The 17 defenders include four injury/hurt bodies (see below) and 13 healthy bodies. The healthy players vying for opening-night spots are Andersson, Engelland, Giordano, Hamilton, Kanzig, Kulak, Kylington, Morrison, Russell, Sieloff, Wideman, Wilson and Wotherspoon.
  • The 26 forwards are all more or less healthy. There are 14 opening-night spots. In camp are Agostino, Arnold, Backlund, Bennett, Bollig, Bouma, Byron, Colborne, Elson, Ferland, Frolik, Gaudreau, Granlund, Grant, Hathaway, Hudler, Jones, Jooris, Klimchuk, Monahan, Poirier, Raymond, Riley, Shore, Stajan and van Brabant.


  • D Ladislav Smid is recovering from neck surgery and is not expected to play in the pre-season. Presumably he’ll be fully cleared in the next couple weeks, but since he’s not yet cleared for contact he’s not doing full practices right now.
  • D Ryan Culkin suffered a shoulder injury in Penticton and is expected to be out 6-8 weeks from the time of the injury.
  • D T.J. Brodie suffered a broken right hand in the pre-season opener against Edmonton and is expected to miss between 3-6 weeks from the time of injury.
  • G Jon Gillies has been skating, but has yet to suit up for a pre-season game. He was under the concussion protocol after a collision with a Dinos player on September 16.
  • F Mikael Backlund missed the on-ice component of practice earlier this week, but participated in full practice today (per the Sun’s Randy Sportak).
  • D Jakub Nakladal skated today in a yellow caution jersey after taking a tumble against the Colorado Avalanche two nights ago (again per Randy Sportak).
  • F Bill Arnold may or may not play tonight. He missed last night due to some…dental issues.


Presuming that Smid, Culkin and Brodie won’t be ready to start the regular season, the Flames have 44 bodies in camp and 21 cuts left to make. The Stockton Heat begin their training camp on Monday, so expect more cuts on that date.

  • RedMan

    Hartley said a bunch of cuts will be coming tomorrow (Sunday) morning. My guess is the following five guys are locks to get sent down to Stockton tomorrow morning:

    Kanzig (D)
    Elson (F)
    Grant (F)
    Riley (F)
    Van Brabant (F)

    Then you’ve got a number of other guys that are almost certainly going down at some point, but I don’t know if they’ll get sent down tomorrow, management might want a few more looks yet…

    Arnold, Agostino, Hathaway, Klimchuk, Sieloff, Morrison and likely Kulak & Kylington (WHL is an option for him).

    I don’t think Fat Ras is going to make the team but they will give him every opportunity and keep him around til the end, maybe that’s how they’ll handle Kylington as well. Either way its great have depth and tough decisions to make.

    • everton fc

      Sieloff’s certainly better than Kanzig, though. That said, he and the others Johnny D mentioned will all be reassigned.

      Hathaway deserves a longer look. Kulak will also get a long look to the end, based on his play, mounting injuries and Hartley’s comments.

      I wonder if anyone gets waived?

  • everton fc

    The goalie scenario is gonna be real interesting, I think they really want Ortio with the big club this year, if that was not the case they would have sent him down to the AHL yesterday before waiver claim eligibility kicked in today.

    So which of Ramo or Hiller goes, I would lean towards Hiller, he’s 33 or 34 years old and not in the long term plans so it only makes sense that he is the one made expendable.

    Hopefully an injury to a goalie on an opposing team creates a trade opportunity to move one of the two vet goalies, even if it means retaining some salary…if you can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for either Hiller or Ramo you would think Brad would do that deal at this point.

    It’ll be interesting for sure…

    • Dan the Drunk

      You never want to cheer for an opposing team’s goalie to get hurt, but I think you are dead on in saying it may very well take that to happen to create a market for one of our goalies.

      BT should be jumping all over a 2nd or 3rd round pick at this point to move Hiller, its fairly clear that the market has not been there to date, but a desperate team needing a goalie come Oct 7th may very well move a potential trade within that range of a return coming back our way.

      Here’s to hoping

      • Dan the Drunk

        Arizona could be a target, if Smith comes up lame in preseason. They have lots of cap space & Flames could eat a couple Mill just to make attractive & get a 2nd. We don’t need the $$$ space this year, so eating cap would be no biggee

        • Dan the Drunk

          Exactly…and BT should be using that as leverage to entice a team to deal a reasonable draft pick (2nd or 3rd round) back our way.

          If one of our goalies goes down to injury before the season starts it buys BT some time on having to move one of them, I’d much rather that scenario never occur though.

          Maybe if Kent and Ari are actually nice to Bollig for a change he’d consider taking a run at Hiller in practice and knock him outta the lineup for awhile to buy management some time!

  • Dan the Drunk

    I suspect Ramo will be exposed. His salary is more likely to protect him.

    Sending Hiller down will make Hiller less valuable in trade… and I think everyone wants to trade Hiller.

    • everton fc

      Two things;

      1. They will not “send down” Hiller. Madness.

      2. If they went mad, he’d never clear waivers.

      One of Ramo/Hiller will be traded, or Ortio will be sent down Sunday. If Ortio is around Monday morning, one of Hiller or Ramo will be moved.

      Of course, they may run with three keepers, but that seems a waste of a young defenceman. Perhaps.

      • everton fc

        If Ortio wasn’t part of the plan at the NHL level this year he would have been sent down to the AHL yesterday prior to the waiver claim eligibility starting today.

        The fact he’s still here means one of the other two are gone…and yes, Hiller could very well pass through waivers, which team has $4.5M available for a marginal goalie on waivers…not too many teams. The odds of Hiller (33 yrs old and his $4.5M salary) passing through waivers is a hell of alot higher than Ortio (24yrs old and his $600k salary) passing through waivers.

  • Dan the Drunk

    Flames are playing tonight and still no pre-game thread on here at 3pm?

    Pike – Are you still hungover from going on a dirty bender last night or what…


  • prendrefeu

    Never, ever, ever, ever wish any person to be injured. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your favourite team, your team’s competition, a person you know personally or someone you encountered at some point in your life.

    Never, ever, ever wish harm to another person. It’s just immature and pathetic behaviour, and frankly I am disappointed that there are people who call themselves “adults” who would even consider such a thing, let alone post about it.

    • everton fc

      Thanks Dad for the lecture…you took that a little more serious than everyone else on here, lighten up.

      Guess those of us that thought about an injury elsewhere opening up the door for a trade are going straight to hell…

  • everton fc

    ^^^^^ hiller at 2.25 is much more palpable than 4.5

    Is it just me, or can he not hold onto a glove save to save his life?
    In general, his rebound control is sub par.