Puck Daddy Predicts Playoffs For Flames

In case you missed it during the whirlwind of excitement that is the National Hockey League’s pre-season, the fine folks at Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog have (finally) released their preview for the 2015-16 Calgary Flames.

What’s the gist of it, you may ask? The Flames are headed to the post-season once again, albeit in a wild-card spot.

The thrust of the whole Puck Daddy preview series as it relates to the Calgary Flames is this: Los Angeles and San Jose had bad years last season at the right time for the Flames, who made good moves in the off-season to compensate.

In other words: they saw the same season we did.

The Puck Daddy preview is pretty in-depth and on the mark (Greg Wyshinski wrote it), so check it out. It’s worth a read.

For the curious, Puck Daddy joins a chorus of prognosticators that include The Sports Forecaster and The Hockey News in predicting the Flames will return to the playoffs in 2015-16 (though the other two publications predict Calgary gets a divisional playoff spot).

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    If we get into the playoffs its going to be as one of the top 3 in the Pacific.

    The Central division is the best in hockey, five teams from that group will make the playoffs (just like last year), including the two wild card spots:

    St. Louis

    Yup…we aren’t stealing a wild card spot, our chances are much better having to fend off the weak Pacific Division, outside of Anaheim who is the only lock to grab one of the 3 spots.