Flames Recall Morrison and Sieloff

Only a few days after re-assigning them to the farm, Calgary has recalled defenders Kenny Morrison and Pat Sieloff. It’s a somewhat curious reversal, so the question is…what’s up?

There’s 3 possibilities: more injuries, a pending trade or they just want to rest some vets.

The last option is the most likely, although one wonders why the org wouldn’t have thought of that before sending the kids down to the farm. The second most likely possibility is there’s a minor injury or two amongst the vets and the decision makers want to give them time to heal before the season starts. 

Finally, it could be that Brad Treliving has a trade in place for one of the incumbents. That seems extremely unlikely, but it’s fun to speculate. 

We’ll update this article if something goes down. 

  • everton fc

    A trade..

    Who would these two replace? I can see Sieloff perhaps replacing Engelland! Or, perhaps Nakladal is more hurt than we know…

    Or, perhaps Wideman’s on the move??……

    Morrison could replace Wideman, perhaps… ??

    But maybe they’ll rest some vets (Russell/Wideman) for the game in Winnpegand put these two in their place. That’s how I see it.

    Good for Sieloff to be getting another look so soon. Unless they are moving one of the two just recalled??

    Like you said, “Fun to speculate!”

    • SmellOfVictory

      I really doubt Wideman is going anywhere while Brodie is injured. Minus Brodie and Wideman, the Flames’ defensive depth goes from really good to awful.

      • Greg

        That’s the thing with trading any of the top 5 guys though. If you do that even when everyone is healthy, you are never more than 1 injury away from having a big hole in your top 4.

        It really sucks having two really bad $3M dmen taking up roster spots.

        • SmellOfVictory

          I think once Brodie is back, it’s an acceptable risk to trade Wideman if the return is good; especially if they happen to find that one of the young guys is a capable NHLer.

  • Rockmorton65

    Speculation is fun. Pittsburgh, Boston & Buffalo are all looking for quality NHL defensemen. Plus BT has some tough decisions to make before next week.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Islanders lost Hickey also. My gut says there are some minor injury issues… my heart hopes there is a trade in the works for one of Dennis Wideman or Deryk Engelland.

  • RedMan

    the Flames play Winnipeg, a big bruising team, and they have a top 4 that does not need to get banged around to prove anything… I think they are just giving the vets a pass and making sure there are no injuries against the big Jets forwards in a meaningless preseason tilt

    or they are trading a vet. either or. 🙂

  • everton fc

    Wow can we have fun talking about this for a day or so. I think we will know if there is an injury and/or resting vets by tomorrow’s game. Perhaps if there is a trade too the team may want to get a new player(s) before the season starts.

    I am sorry my option and thoughts say any or all of the above. I can only look forward to reading everyone’s comments so guys fire away.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    You have to think that Hiller is going to be part of a trade before the season starts…maybe along with a spare D.

    Not sure who is looking for a goalie, but we should get something decent back.


  • mk

    *Treliving dresses in shiny jacket and puts on fake Rollex – become used car (player) salesman*

    “Welcome to the Flames used player lot!

    You sir, you look like you need some help on your back end. How would this shiny Dennis Wideman interest you? Perhaps a slightly used Deryk Engellend?

    You need more firepower, you say? Buy one Engelland and I’ll throw in a Mason Raymond too. This is a speedy model – fast as you’ll find. Finish? Oh…I wouldn’t worry about that. He finished well enough 25 times with the Canucks.

    We have a bargain available here! If you want toughness – we’ll double your grit!!! Engelland and Bollig will fill your face-punch needs. Given the data on fights from this past year’s playoffs against the Canucks – combined they should be able to fight an entire line-up by themselves! 5 on 2 and they’ll Hanson their way out of it. If you a referral on toughness, ask Tortorella what he thinks of their toughness.”

    😀 My mind is strange place.

    Edit: Who trashed this? Torts – is that you? 🙂

  • SmellOfVictory

    Just wondering if we are show casing these two to be part of a bigger deal that takes one of the contracts we are trying to move. Who knows, but something has to give soon & it’s exciting to speculate. We also are a little crowded on the farm as well & Seiloff & Morrison probably have pretty good secondary value in a trade that includes Raymond or Wideman or Hiller. After the draft, the Flames have a sudden wealth of decent D prospects.

  • Greg

    Would not surprise me to see: Nakladal/Wilson, Kulak/Spoon and Morrison/Sieloff tomorrow night as a precaution(it might be Nakladal/Engs as one cannot forget that Wilson has played more preseason games this year than NHL games last year)

    • SmellOfVictory

      What was the point of sending them down in the first place if they were concerned all along as you infer about playing vets on the road?

      Makes zero sense

      • SmellOfVictory

        Disagree completely it makes great sense. 1: Allows the Stockton coach to assess them without the NHL distraction(allows Hartley and company to focus on spoon and Kulak for a few days), does not hurt their development at all especially if they play as a tandem tonight. For an organization like the Flames the cost of 2 return tickets is pretty insignificant.

        • SmellOfVictory

          Was Ryan Huska not assessing them every day for the prior two weeks?

          According to Sieloff they literally got to Stockton, skated Monday morning and then got pulled aside on Tuesday while in the gym before they even skated and got flown right back to Calgary, hardly any value in sending them down in the 1st place.

  • RedMan

    Wideman takes up too much cap space for someone that is mediocre second pairing, good third pairing – excellent offensively but average defensively. That being said, Flames success is generated by a defensive core that can and will join the offense at every opportunity – a strategy that can be hard to defend and seemingly can spread the other team out. If we start to replace these guys with stay at home types, our entire system needs to be redesigned to reflect this. I don’t see the Flames getting rid of Wideman unless they can replace him with a defender that has strong offensive tendencies and is at least as strong defensively.

    Yes, Wides makes more money then his position in the lineup would dictate, but he is a strong contributor to the team. And, with the team giving him a letter, i don’t see him going anywhere without a legit replacement, not a prospect with potential. one of the kids in the minors will have to prove he is the man, then and only then will they replace Wides.