Flames Make Cuts: 5 to Stockton, 1 To Waivers

The Calgary Flames have reportedly made six roster moves today in preparation for trimming down their roster to 23 players by Tuesday afternoon.

Per a press release by the team, forward Garnet Hathaway and defenders Patrick Sieloff, Jakub Nakladal, Tyler Wotherspoon and Kenney Morrison have been sent to the AHL’s Stockton Heat. (None of the five require waivers.) Also on his way out is forward Drew Shore, placed on waivers this morning (with the intention of going to the AHL should he clear).

The moves leave the Flames with 28 players on their active roster: 3 goalies, 9 defensemen and 16 forwards. They have 5 moves to make – including demotions or declaring players injured – before 3pm MT on Tuesday.

The scuttlebutt is T.J. Brodie and Ladislav Smid are likely to begin the season on the injured list, while it’s possible that Joe Colborne could as well. In that case, that leaves just a pair of cuts. For what it’s worth Brett Kulak and Markus Granlund remain on the roster but don’t need waivers to be demoted, while Ryan Wilson has no contract and would need to be signed to stay past Tuesday.

But it sure seems like the defensive group has been finalized, and that Brett Kulak and Ryan Wilson will be here on October 7.

    • The Fall

      Bob really likes these type of players (Kulak) who get knocked down and work hard to improve their game. He will be given an extra long look.

      Seems like the complete opposite for Shore: had a good long look and just never stepped up.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    If Shore clears, he’s gong to have a tough time getting a call up. Partly because both Granlund and Hathaway have showed well, and partly because Shore will need to be waived again, if it’s not a permanent call up.

  • Big Ell

    I really hope Kulak ends up a decent player especially as a 4th rounder. We haven’t gotten lucky in the draft since the 80s. Another draft asset in the mid to late rounds would be great for the long term success of the Flames.

  • Always remembered an acquaintance from Stony Plain telling me years ago Kulak would make the team guaranteed one day.
    I remember thinking Hm that’s odd, this is maybe a year after he got drafted. And lo and BEHOLD!!!!

  • SmellOfVictory

    I think if Wilson get’s inked, that tells me Smid will be out long term, or that they will move on from him when he does.

    I think Kulak deserves to make the team IMO.

    As for T spoon..

    People need to relax a bit on him, basically he hasn’t made the team because Engelland is in his roster spot, it’s depressing to think about but would you rather have T spoon play top 4 minutes in Stockton, or 7th man minutes in the NHL?

  • everton fc

    Sorts out the defencive situation.

    Now we are down to Byron and Raymond and he goalies. I don’t include Granlund, because he may stay if they use Bennett as a LW just to give Granlund a longer look.

    Could happen.

    If it does, Ferland or Bouma move to 2nd line LW and Raymond goes on waivers. Can’t see Bennett on the wing, though.

    Even with his struggles in the faceoff circle, Granlund deserves to be here. And the coaches love Byron.

    Raymond’s days appeared numbered….

  • The GREAT Walter White

    I wonder why we don’t have Schlemco around instead of Wilson. Schlemco is just a better all round player IMO, and he played great for us last year.

    • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

      He was a late signing by NJ, IIRC.

      Diaz was just waived by NY Rangers.

      Wilson has the tools to be better than Schlemko, Diaz, Kulak, Spoon or Nakladal.

  • Burnward

    As unconventional as it is, the Flames may end up keeping all 3 goalies to start the season and instead run with 6 Dman instead.

    If so I hope they don’t sign Wilson to a contract, we don’t need him, with strong depth from Kulak, Nakladal and Wotherspoon and Brodie and Smid coming back relatively soon there is no need to sign Wilson. Take into account we’re already at 47 or 48 contracts it makes signing him even more questionable.

    Let the kids (Kulak, Wotherspoon, Nakladal) play and hold the fort down until TJ is back and Smid after that…zero need for Wilson IMO.

      • T&A4Flames

        Your missing the point…the non-waiver eligible players were all on Defense…rather than at forward, hence that’s where the logial position “of sacrifice” would be to keep 3 goalies on the roster.

        All the remaining forwards require waivers (except Granlund)…to get to 13 you would have to risk losing an asset that you would not if you simply demote a Dman to get down to 6 Dmen left.

        I agree though, Wilson is not needed, we have a tonne of depth on the blue line and don’t need to waste another contract where its not a dire need..we have depth at that position.

  • T&A4Flames

    On Shore: I expected a bit more from him… but now is a strategic time with Bickell and Greening on waivers maybe he slips under the radar.

    On Nakladal: I can understand why many fans want to see him stick.. but with the depth we have we have the luxury of giving him good minutes in the A and getting him accustomed to NA life before putting him in a situation with lots of raised expectations.

  • everton fc

    Remaining roster questions to answer:

    How many goalies are kept? If two, which goalie is moved?

    Which remaining lone forward is demoted, assuming Colborne is placed on the IR. If Colborne is not placed on the IR which two forwards are demoted?

    Is the Defence set? Or if they keep three goalies and decide to start the season with 6 Dman, which remaining Dman is off the roster (Wilson or Kulak)?

    • Nick24

      If be surprised if he got claimed. Most teams are still busy evaluating their own players like Drew Shore, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to add another to the mix, especially this late in preseason.