Karri Ramo Starts Against Vancouver

With the demotion of Markus Granlund and the waiving of Paul Byron and Mason Raymond earlier today, it’s basically officially that the Calgary Flames will have a three-headed goaltending monster – or “Crease Kraken” – for the beginning of the 2015-16 season.

Flames head coach Bob Hartley shared some intel with the assembled media masses earlier today in regards to his starting netminder for Wednesday’s opener against the Vancouver Canucks.

That leaves Joni Ortio in the press box for Wednesday night’s game.

Ramo played the most of the three Flames goalies during training camp, suiting up four times and putting up arguably the worst numbers of the three goalies – although he played with a mixed bag of experienced and inexperienced defenders during his games.

It’s yet to be seen how long the Flames keep trucking along with three goalies.

  • Again, those of us realists that looked at the goalie situation said Ramo is the guy go-forward with Ortio backing him up, he was re-signed for a reason and all moves made since then (trying to trade Hiller all summer, keeping Ortio up after the waiver claim eligibility period commenced) indicated this. Yet some still couldn’t get off their obsession with stats and admit/realize it. Hiller is on the outs and at age 33 (going on 34) is not in the organization’s plans go-forward.

    This should come as no surprise to those being logical in their thought process. Great move again by management and the hockey op’s groups today…they are absolutely killing it today.

    Great work BT and co.

  • mk

    Haha Hiller and that massive ego of his are surely butt hurt on news of this.

    Well deserved tho for Ramo, great team guy, no attitude or sense of entitlement ever, all about the team and is more than capable of doing the job. Should be a good boost to his confidence as well.

    I like running with the two Finns go-forward, a great scenario for the mentorship of Ortio as he develops into a solid NHL’er.

      • ClayBort

        Yes…see exhibit 1, his dismissal in Anaheim after losing the starters job.

        See exhibit 2…his attitude soured after losing the starters job last year in the playoffs.

        You been living under a rock my friend?

        • SickFloBro

          Okay, well neither of those points actually prove he has an ego.

          To point 1: All athletes have pride, and I’d think it’s reasonable to assume that anyone who doesn’t play up to their own expectations or those of the people around them would be upset about it.

          To point 2: how do you know his attitude soured after losing the starters job? You haven’t proven he has an ego…you’ve just pointed out that he’s been replaced twice. I’d be upset too…see point 1.

          Not trying to be a jerk. If there’s an article somewhere written by a credible source about his attitude issues, please link me, my friend.

  • mk

    But, what about pad-corsi-for and ego-per-60 ratings? Losing Hiller will kill the Flames in that department…

    I jest. Hiller seems the best option for the present, but probably not the future. Probably, this move has more to do with the future goalie plans than with who the best ‘tender is today.

  • ClayBort

    If the people that watch and evaluate these goalies every single day, Hartley and even moreso Sigalet (goalie coach) feel without a doubt Ramo is the guy then none of us are even remotely qualified to question that decision. They see every single thing going on with these goalies, none of which we’re privy too.

    The decision has been made, lets get behind Ramo and support the guys that actually will be in the lineup come Wednesday.

    Go Flames!!!

      • ClayBort

        Are you more of an authority on the Flames goalie scenario than the folks involved directly with over-seeing it every day?

        Loosen your sphincter Dave, Hiller isn’t the guy. Get over it. Or, alternatively you can always cheer for the Oilers if you do not like the direction this team is going.

        No one is forcing you to cheer for the Flames.

  • Brent G.

    I’m not going to argue Ramo vs. Hiller. It’s pointless as the difference is minimal at best.

    What I am curious about is why it seems the organization has soured on Hiller. He’s an average tender who put up slightly better results than Ramo. Why is everyone getting so heated about this on here and slandering Hiller when there is no evidence that I’ve seen that suggests he is a cancer or has a bad attitude?

  • ClayBort

    I love watching the stats nerds that have no clue about hockey go 0 for 3 in 24 hours (Wilson, Byron and now Hiller). Especially after telling us how much smarter they are than everyone else.

    I have a box of tissues if anyone needs one.

  • Ramo starting Wednesday doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. Who wins out over the next month will be much more telling.

    Just want to address this:
    “Again, those of us realists that looked at the goalie situation said Ramo is the guy go-forward with Ortio backing him up, he was re-signed for a reason and all moves made since then (trying to trade Hiller all summer, keeping Ortio up after the waiver claim eligibility period commenced) indicated this. Yet some still couldn’t get off their obsession with stats and admit/realize it. Hiller is on the outs and at age 33 (going on 34) is not in the organization’s plans go-forward.”

    My take on the goaltending was never a take on what the Flames are doing (it’s clear they tabbed Ramo and Orito as part of the team), but what they should do given the reams and reams of evidence we have on the two veterans in question. Hiller was better than Ramo last year. He’s been better than him throughout the course of his career. Full stop.

    Now maybe the Flames have a legitimate reason that is invisible to us for preferring Ramo over Hiller. I don’t really know. We’ll see what happens over the next month as each guy gets into the rotation.

      • That’s what people aren’t getting about advanced stats. We can’t get into the mind of a player. All we can do is track their playing habits. I always cut the coach slack because he’s in the locker room. He knows who isn’t buying in, whose body language is lacking, who is defeating themselves between the ears, blaming other players, etc., etc.

        But all we see is performance. So, wouldn’t you want the part we see to have as many intangibles and be as detailed as possible? I don’t get why there is this massive resistance. Additional information has been nice for me as a fan. It has certainly changed my perspective about players that have turned out to be, surprise-surprise, less ‘good’ than I thought.

        Is it fool-proof? No. But what some of you fans are suggesting is comparable to hanging the guy that suggested gravity was a thing.

        Okay, now back to me not existing. Later, gators.

    • Christian Roatis

      Statistically over the course of the season, slightly, yes. In key games during the playoffs, no, not at all. Team going with youth and the later….

        • Nighteyes

          I agree Hartley could have given Hiller more chances at redemption in that case. But I think its precarious to blame losses on goaltenders in situations like that one. After all, there’s only so much a goalie can do. If your teammates are having trouble scoring goals in front of you, then your impact on the game will always be limited. Imo, from what I saw in Ramo’s playoff performances, he gave it his all, was extremely clutch, and kept a supremely overmatched Flames team in it against Anaheim.

  • Now the signing of Ramo finally makes sense. Why sign Ramo if you have Ortio and Hiller under contract…. unless Hiller is totally not in your future plans.

    Not going to speculate too much about why Hiller is not in plans going forward as many others already have. But the obvious thing is age.

    While some have noted that Hiller may not be super happy riding the bench… if this created a distraction for the team in the room then it is an issue.

  • ClayBort

    This is a mistake.

    Hiller won’t be a flame by December, and that is problematic because he will be traded for much less value than he is worth. Flames have no leverage

    Ramo is a backup always has been and likely always will be. Hiller OTOH has been one of the most elite goalies in the NHL since he entered the league. He’s getting older, may be trending down, but very slightly by his statistics.

    He has provided excellent goaltending and should have continued that until A. the deadline, or B. his contract expiration.

    Now, he’ll be traded for next to nothing, which is a shame for a .927evsv% career goalie – which is not so far from Carey Price territory (.928evsv% career).

    Asset mismanagement in the first degree.

    • piscera.infada

      Yes and no.

      I will agree that Hiller is the Flames best goalie by a non-trivial degree. I also agree that trading the best goalie on your roster is a definite gamble–and one that I’m not sure the Flames should take.

      That all said, I understand; a) why the organization might, with an eye to the future make a decision favouring Ramo and Ortio over Hiller, and b) that Hiller would not return any significant assets in a trade–not because the Flames have no leverage, but simply because a 33 (soon to be 34) year old goaltender on the final year of his contract is not worth anything to begin with.

      Sure, the Flames could have decided not to re-up Ramo (which is what I would have chose), however you’re then in a situation where if Ortio doesn’t prove to be NHL ready, you have to either re-sign Hiller, or look at RFA options–for the record, the best UFA goalies in 2016 are Hiller, Scrivens, Ward, and Reimer. One could argue that at least in this scenario you’ve kept all your options open.

      I agree though. Re-signing Ramo and trading Hiller was mismanagement. But it’s no where near as dire you’re making it sound.

      • piscera.infada

        Have to disagree about asset mismanagement. Hiller was signed as a UFA, cost was only $$$ & cap space. Flames made the playoffs & he had a big part in that. That sounds like a hell of a return on investment.

        Even if we get only a 3rd round pick for Hiller, that is still gaining an an asset. More importantly, we gain cap space. That too is an asset. Hiller will not be resigning at the end of this year. Move on & use this cap space on a rental at the TDL.