Montreal Claims Byron

Word came down this morning that the Montreal Canadiens have claimed forward Paul Byron from waivers. The 26 year old RW/C was set to earn just $900k this season.

It’s a minor blow to the Flames depth to lose Byron. Though he’s well known for getting – and missing – break aways, Byron was the ideal bottom-six player in many ways: he could play multiple positions, he was an excellent penalty killer and he could drive possession, even bad circumstances. 

Byron was probably never going to be a big scorer in the league (though I suspect his SH% is going to rebound at some point), but he was a handy swiss army knife type player to have in the arsenal. It’s especially relevant to the Flames because Byron was perhaps the only above average possession guy in the bottom-6 last year aside from Matt Stajan. 

My guess is if Byron was 6′ tall, he’d wouldn’t be considered quite so expendable. Unfortunately for small players, not being able to score at an above average rate usually relegates you to the bottom end of the rotation, no matter how effective you might be otherwise. 

That said, Byron isn’t a cornerstone player either and the team has a lot of depth bubbling from underneath. His loss won’t be insurmountable for the club, but I will personally miss his blend of speed and tenacity – even if he could never bury those break-aways.

Good luck in Montreal Paul. 

  • OKG

    If it was Jooris: Major bad move, Colborne: major bad move, Stajan, Ferland, Jones: major bad move.

    I love Pauly but you have to make some tough choices sometimes. Losing a 12/13th forward is not anything to worry about extensively.

  • OKG

    Holy f@*@!!! I can’t believe what Im reading! My my, it’s like we should just get the TNT &blow this up & start a rebuild again. We’re sunk, we lost Byron on waivers, that’s it, we’re doomed. Can we start getting articles on top draft prospects for next year?

    I liked Bryon’s determination & work ethic. Personally, I want to see what one of several depth, bottom 6 players we have chomping at the bit can do. Maybe Hathaway will make many on here forget about Byron. Maybe Arnold or Agostino may fill the role even better. Imagine that.

    I think we have one of the best depth in bottom 6 players in the league, so it doesn’t surprise me Byron was snapped up. Glad he did, he’ll have a way easier time cracking the Canadians bottom 6 than ours.Good luck Paul.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    This comment is directed at Johnny Goooooooaldreau. Disagreeing is perfectly fine. In fact, it creates a healthy conversation. However, ou don’t need to be rude, disrespectful, and condecesnding in your disagreement. It’s really annoying reading you disrespecting the other readers.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    Just watched Paul’s interview of the Flames website. He’s actively trying to hold back tears throughout it. It’s too bad he had to leave like this. I hate seeing guys that genuinely love the city leave.

  • RKD

    Well so long Byron. It’s too bad as I didn’t mind you bUT when you miss almost a whole season with “all over body injuries” and add that into a smaller fragile frame that can’t finish? Well sorry pal but you picked a bad year to come to camp with injury troubles and size concerns.

    What is everyone so upset about? Everyone said we were too small vs the Ducks. You can’t have 14 forwards all pint sized.. We have enough. Good luck in Montreal

  • RKD

    Sucks to see Paulie go, he gave everything he had on the ice every night. His speed may him really dangerous short-handed. Not sure what role or where the Habs will place him, but I am sure they are thrilled to have him.

  • RKD

    Gonna watch me a few Habs games now; it was easy to root for Byron before, now it’s going to be thrilling to see the guy notch a few breakaway goals (cuz he’s due).

    Sorry to see him go. Remember when he took out a Sedin?