Flames Summon Markus Granlund from Stockton

Fresh off a three-point night in the first game ever for the Stockton Heat, Markus Granlund is headed back to the National Hockey League. The Finnish-born center was recalled today by the Calgary Flames, taking the roster spot of the injured Lance Bouma.

It’s a pretty big opportunity for Granlund. He’s 22-years-old and waiver exempt, but he’s also played nearly as many NHL games to-date (55) as he has AHL contests (74). He’s just failed to really gain a foot-hold in the Flames roster full-time; in part because the Flames have had tons of center depth, and in part because Granlund hasn’t been amazing at face-offs. He’s been nearly a point-per-game player in the AHL, with 66 points in 74 games with Abbotsford, Adirondack and Stockton.

With Bouma out for three months, Granlund gets the first crack at full-time NHL employment. If he falters, he can easily be swapped out with another AHL body due to being waiver exempt. Let’s see how he responds to this test.

The Flames play next on Friday night in Winnipeg. With Bouma being placed on injured reserve and Granlund taking his spot, the Flames remain at 22 players on their active roster.

  • RedMan

    Personally I’ll take Granlund over Bouma, but I am hoping they aren’t pulling him up for 4th line duty while benching Backlund; then when Granlund doesn’t perform next to Bollig he gets sent down again as a disappointment.

    • everton fc

      Does anyone have evidence Granlund’s ever been on the wing? Not as a Flame. Or in Addy…

      This may mean Bennett on LW. Or one more call up to go w/Granlund, as Jooris is generally on the right side. We shall see…

    • RedMan

      Hope so! Needs to be much better on Faceoffs to be a good centre.

      Maybe the Flames are trying to showcase him for a possible trade.

      I would have preferred a call-up of a guy with more sandpaper in his game….but would love to see Granlund play well enough to stay the entire time Boums is off!

  • Peplinski's Thunderbird

    Good call IMO.. I hope Bennett gets put back on the wing with Backlund and Frolk, while Granlund can play center on a sheltered 3rd line with Ferland and Jooris.

    I was hoping Hartley would revisit the opening night lineup with Jooris taking faceoffs on the 3rd line instead of Bennett. Hopefully he experiments this with Granlund as well

  • FeyWest

    MBC I never understood the whole “I hope they don’t play X with Y because when X doesn’t perform next to Y he will just get sent down…” Just because he may not put up the points won’t necessarily make or break his chances, Bollig doesn’t impact his Defensive Zone Play, Faceoffs, Forechecking, Back Checking, Positioning, willingness to learn, etc… If he outperforms guys like Bollig then the appropriate moves will happen.

    Regardless of who he plays with I’m hoping and expecting some smart plays and good 2-way play, consistency will be key!

    • RedMan

      Bollig is probably a bad example. He does affect every person on the ice with him. A center has to be doubly defensive to avoid Bollig losing his assignment. The opposite winger has to watch for errant passes.

      I am really hoping that both Granlund and Jooris play. Bollig isn’t adding anything right now. Winnipaeg is a heavy team, but their speed will kill you. Engelland struggled against them, but can provide his own heaviness. Ferland can provide the forchecking and hits. The top 2 lines can provide the speed.

      Bollig is really only marginally better than Big Ern, so you may see his usage dwindle as the Flames improve.

      • FeyWest

        I’m not disputing that Bollig is a marginal player at best or that there are better options, I just don’t believe in blaming one players performance (or potential lack thereof) on another.

        Sure I agree that it may affect goals and/or assists, but Granlund will have assignments and goals to reach if he wants to stick. It’s his job to stick out from guys like Bollig in showing their composure, consistency, and play away from the puck as much as if not more so than with the puck.

        Plus the fact Granlund has no Waiver eligibility yet makes him the easy fillin guy right now so until he forces managements hand he’s going to be moving back and forth. But I’m not too worried Granlund has been playing well so I’m sure he will show well with his callup.

        • RedMan

          There are certain players that can disrupt the line they are on. Sven had the Gooch.

          That said, they don’t take the skills away from the player, they just mask some of them, as the need to cover for said player gives less chance to shine.

          Players trying not to make mistakes make that player look ineffective. Last year Hartley said he would rather the team “crash the Ferrari” than return it unscratched. That is how Johnny became effective and how Spoon was passed on the depth chart.

          Rambling a bit here.

          Go Flames Go.

          Look, a squirrel.

    • RedMan

      there have been a few that have struggled – I’d add Gio to the list as well. I don’t worry though – these guys will come together and start clicking.